Gays of Our Lives: The Verdict

Shadowhunters (U.S.)

7dfadaf1-f120-429b-bfec-690a011f6476.pngWell that’s it for the season. And what a lackluster way it was to close things out. No major cliffhangers or characters left in serious jeopardy or dealing with major revelations. These writers know nothing about the art of the season finale. And frankly, I think this whole Jace plot point we did leave things on is kind of stupid.  Unless he’s actually playing double agent with his ‘father’, his turn to the dark side might be one of the most nonsensical plot turns this show has had. It doesn’t make a lot of sense and has little emotional heft. His motivation is weak or at least needs more exploration. Jace comes off as a whiny brat more than anything else. I think a lot of that might come from the acting though.

One thing I hope that changes in the new year is that this show finds some consistency. It’s veered wildly from one episode to the next, being entertaining in one episode then the next being painful to watch, riddled with poor performances and spotty writing.

This can be a fun, mindless guilty pleasure if they can find the proper footing. They could start by removing Jace and Clary as the show’s primary couple and not have so much of the action revolve around them and their chemistry free romance. As that is unlikely to happen, they could at least work on making both characters, especially Clary not be so irritating and annoying. Unfortunately, that’s probably unlikely as well.

I am looking forward to plenty of drama and angst from Magnus and Alec. It looks like the fact that Magnus lives forever and Alec doesn’t might be gist for emotional conflict, though Magnus seems to accept that eventually he’ll lose his lovers and tends to live in the moment. Interesting that Alec’s parents primary issue with Magnus isn’t that he’s a man (though that clearly bothers his mother), but that he’s not of their class i.e. a warlock. I think it might be fun if next season, Alec’s parents attempt to hook him up with a guy more of their own choosing.

Overall, even though I still find Matthew Daddario to be stiff in his performances, he and Magnus’s romance (along with just about anything Simon does) to be the most compelling parts of this show. That is what will bring me back for season two.

Spangas (Dutch)

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 11.00.03 PMOkay, I just discovered this show and only watched the last two episodes so you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t know everything. I’m only going to comment on what I watched. I plan to watch the entire love story and comment more fully next week.

I really liked these scenes. The boys are cute together and they do have a sweet chemistry.  I loved the scene where they admitted their feelings for each other and shared their first kiss. It had me smiling.

They’re relationship is very innocent, much like first love would be. It was nice that their friends were happy for them. This is 2016 after all. Teens would not be shocked to have gay friends or know gay people dating and what not.

However, with them kissing at every chance they got, I don’t see how they expected to keep their relationship a secret amongst the entire school. And with Tinco’s father a teacher at the school, surely he had to know his dad would find out at some point. Kids gossip and one teacher already knows. It was only a matter of time before his father found out. His father was clearly bothered by seeing his son kissing another boy. Is he upset at having gay son or was he just surprised? It’ll be interesting to see how it develops from here.

But are these kids supposed to be in high school? Seriously? It’s like 90210 where the students have receding hairlines and look like they’re pushing 30. LOL…

Still, it’s all very adorable.


(18) Tinco and Francis | 31st March & 1st April 2016 | SpangaS

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  1. The Aaron crap was simply one of the most ridiculously dumb storylines ever. A guy with cancer comes back to reconcile with his mental son and terrible ex-wife only to be railroaded by his self-loathing, manipulative, spiteful, insecure, whiny, rat-faced, putrid children with no evidence of the crime but plenty of shenanigans on the part of the accuser, his podunk family and his murderous sleazeball “boyfriend”. No wonder the rosy resolution was him becoming a full-blown Dingle. Yeah because that’s a badge of honor.

    And just as I called it, Aaron fully admitted after the verdict that he won’t ever be forgetting these long-repressed “memories” of this
    supposed abuse because IT IS NOT AND NEVER WAS THE TRUE CAUSE OF HIS CHARACTER’S PROBLEMS. So yes, Miller yet again gets his way about being a non-practicing messed-up “gay” – now with a brand new perpetual fear of intimacy! Anyone who praises this character in any way is out of their medicine. I really hope they kill him off or recast the role.

  2. Shadowhunters will always be hampered to varying degrees by the source materials. In my opinion, the further the show strays from the books the better it gets. The whole Malec arc was completely reshaped by the show producer and writers (to the horror of the purist book fans). They were supposed to be dating on the down low (and barely mentioned) in the earlier books. Also, Alec weren’t supposed to come out by kissing Malec in public until much later (no wedding involved) and the father was homophobic in the books. The show has updated the materials to be more poignant and refreshing for the fans. While the rest of the show often lacked finesse, the way it handled the same-sex relationship as a front-burner story deserves praise.

  3. Thanks for sharing my interest in Lawrence. I find him one of the more interesting characters in Emmerdale, especially with his backstory. He has so much potential that the writers either can’t see or don’t want to acknowledge. I hope these letters are the start of a prominent story line for him. Apparently there is a funeral planned for Edna in the near future (the actress who played her passed away recently), and this could be a catalyst for more Lawrence development.
    Add me to the list of viewers excited to see Johnny return to EastEnders. He could pair nicely with Paul as they have a similar temperament and are both out, leading to a nice soapy love triangle with Ben.

  4. I enjoyed the Abi and Louise fight. Abi’s more interesting when she drops the self-pity and acknowledges what she wants. I’m also glad that the baby drama is almost done. I’m glad to see Johnny come back. It’s no surprise that his relationship with Luca lasted as long as Aaron and Ed’s. It will be interesting seeing him react to the drama that has happened since he left. Finally, do you mean a public relationship rather than open relationship?

    I didn’t have a problem with a softer Robert showing up for a while. He doesn’t need to twirl his moustache 24/7. However, I was glad to see his ruthless side show up again. Anyone who thought that he had changed was fooling themselves. I’m looking forward to seeing the trial. I expect a lot of good acting.

    I’m not sure whether Shadowhunters can fix its Clary problem because a lot of the problem is in the writing. The show doesn’t seem to see Clary’s self-absorbed recklessness as a bad thing. Without that, they can’t fix her character either by pushing her to the side as a character who messes up the rest of the main’s plans or by having her character develop and learn that she needs to consider the needs and desires of others.

  5. I hadn’t realized you continued here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and spoilers for the gays in soaps!

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