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Gays of Our Lives: The Verdict

Welcome to an all new edition of Gays of Our Lives. Aaron’s rape trial begins — and it’s full of drama and romance. Will Aaron get justice? Is it a new start for Aaron and Robert? Find out on Emmerdale.

Plus, it’s the season finale of Shadowhunters and we’ll see if Magnus and Alec find themselves in a happy place or in jeopardy.  Also, Ben finally finds out about Abi’s lies and Johnny Carter returns to EastEnders And we take our first look at the teen gay romance in Dutch drama Spangas.

All this – and more!


EastEnders (U.K.)

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 4.06.33 PMIt was a lot of fun watching Abi and Louise scrap, even if it was strange having these two teenage girls go after each other like a couple of old school soap divas. That was much more entertaining than Ben and Louise fawning all over Phil after all the horrible things he did to them just last week.

I think this could be an terrific ongoing rivalry. Abi is always more interesting when she’s playing the bitch. I suspect when Abi and Ben are done, Louise and Abi are going to be romantic rivals over the new guy in town.

I also love the sibling war between Ben and Louise, even if Phil isn’t deserving of the competition for his affection. I do agree with Louise, however, that Phil and Ben truly don’t like each other very much, but cling to a wholly unhealthy and dysfunctional relationship.

For that reason, I have a hard time believing that Ben would up and leave town. He just forgave his father for ‘killing’ his unborn child, I just don’t see him going away now that Phil is, for the moment, getting help. It just seems awfully contrived to fit the plot.

Meanwhile, I see the show is building up for Johnny’s return. He should have been recast a long time ago.

Emmerdale (U.K.)

I don’t know about a lot of folks, but I’m glad that evil Robert is still out there. I haven’t been a fan of the soppy, lovestruck guy who has been tagging after Aaron for the past few months. I never want to lose the character’s darkness. That should always be there, a source of conflict between he and Aaron.

gallery-1458831973-07-04-emmerdale-1st-ep-07-2As for Robert’s reaction to finding out about Chrissie and Andy, I don’t think Robert is interested in her or wants her back. Robert didn’t want Chrissie when he was with her, he certainly wouldn’t now. I just think it was more about his rivalry with his brother. I do want to see Robert back in a position of power so I hope he gets back in the business world again. He can’t sit around and hold Aaron’s hand and stay interesting.

In regards to those letters that Lawrence found I know the show wants us to believe that they are love letters from his wife’s secret beau and he’s actually Chrissie’s dad, but that’s too obvious. There’s no reason for Lawrence to keep those letters from another man to his wife. And given Lawrence’s reaction to them, I’m guessing this man is a secret ex of Lawrence’s. Or let’s hope so. The show needs to deal with Lawrence being gay after all this time.

As for the rest of the week, I’m anxious for the rape trial to be done and over with. It seems like this story has been dragging on forever. Furthermore, Aaron’s attachment to his sister and how she makes him oh so happy seems like a bit much and way too soon for that kind of bond, but I do like their relationship. I’m sure they’ll work it out when it’s all said and done.

I’m becoming more convinced the show is going to hook up Chas and the cop investigating Aaron’s case. There’s definitely something there.


(495) Aaron & Robert 4th April 2016 Part 3 of 3 Aaron Only

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