‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Angels and Demons

A Kiss With A Fist

Jason and Sam shared a night of passion together.
Jason and Sam shared a night of passion together.

#Jasam fans had a lot to be happy about when Jason and Sam finally made love. The love scenes were sexy and well written, aided by the extremely attractive Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller. The afterglow was cute and playful like every afterglow should be. Jason and Sam decided they aren’t looking backwards but beginning with a fresh start. The love scene was clearly put together with this couple’s large fanbase in mind and, judging from the social media activity, GH succeeded in making the fans very happy. Big kudos to everyone who made it worth the wait.

The story that surrounded Jason and Sam’s big moment left a lot to be desired in my opinion. There was a lack of intimacy that lead up to the bedroom stuff. I was really disappointed that such a loving moment was bookended with poorly executed violence. Why would Sam go all the way to Windermere to tell Nik she was going to call the police? She didn’t need to leave her home to do that. I guess Jason rescuing her was suppose to be romantic but the fight came off cheesy. I wish an editor would have cut out the entire scene seeing how Sam and Jason getting hot afterwords felt a bit bizarre. It made me think of Buffy and Riley from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It probably looked good on paper but I wish that Sam and Jason would have gotten something else leading up to their night of passion. Sam could have told Jason about their past together, leading to feelings stirring up for both of them while giving their long time fans a walk down memory lane. I also found Carly showing up to ask Jason to talk Sonny out of doing something Sonny-like and Jason obliging her request fast forward worthy. Been there, done that and Jason should have stood in bed with Sam instead.

Hayden and Nik’s War of the Roses style marriage served as a better example for love amongst a battlefield. I’m really liking the twisted direction in which this story is going and the kiss/kill vibe between the newlyweds. After Hayden tenderly cared for Nik’s wounds from his fight with Jason, they climbed into bed together with weapons on their nightstands. I didn’t think I was going to like this couple. Nik did have Hayden shot after all so I should be totally disgusted. What is making the story work is the extreme awareness that this is fiction used in the story-telling. So far it hasn’t fallen into trying to reform itself by diving into psychological reasoning or by whitewashing anyone’s actions. This story needs to be careful not to get too dark at the same time. Liz and Spencer should be present to keep Nik grounded and Curtis should do the same for Hayden.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

Nina had an eventful week that began with her finding out that Julian was the one trying to sabotage Crimson. The scenes where she tore up her office in a fit, throwing everything she could get her hands on at Julian were hilarious. Nina is more firecracker than cray now so even though she flipped out at Julian she showed enough restraint to not stab him with her high heel. Her threatening to turn Julian in for fraud worked in her favor with him relinquishing control of Crimson. I think Nina may have surprised herself a little with the outcome. “I just stole Crimson out from under Julian.”

Franco attempts to comfort Nina after she gets some bad news.
Franco attempts to comfort Nina after she gets some bad news.

Perhaps conquering that obstacle gave her enough of a confidence boost to think she could get her other baby too. Feeling sure that the universe was on her side, she had sex with Franco all over her living room and then told him afterward that she was trying to make a baby. Things didn’t work out in Nina’s favor this time and to her disappointment Franco angrily repeated that he did not want to have any children. Nina’s dreams were crushed even further when Dr. Lee called her with the news that she can’t get pregnant. Nina was upset and Franco’s attempt to console her only escalated her further. I’m not sure she’ll be able to get past the fact that he doesn’t love her enough to want to have kids with her (this is how she sees the situation anyways). Is it the end of Nina and Franco? Maybe but I feel like it may be more likely just the end for now.

Soaps seem stuck in the creative rut of either keeping a couple together and boring or giving the viewers whiplash from all the quick break-ups and make-ups. All either of those options do is result in characters getting lost in their perspective pairing with limited individual point of view. That’s not really what I want to see happen with Nina and Franco. If one looks at classic super couples, they all had moments apart and in other relationships. The option was always left open for them to reunite later. I could see this being the case with Nina and Franco if their relationship reaches a breaking point. GH has teased other romantic pairings for Franco but I haven’t really seen any chemistry testing for Nina yet. She could just pursue motherhood on her own, doing it as a single chick. I also think it would be great for Nina to go into therapy thus bringing her into the hospital stories. She could start seeing either Andre or Kevin to help her deal with her loss and maybe an attraction could develop. A therapist falling in love with a patient and vice versa isn’t uncommon and it could be interesting to see that explored.

Couples of the week: Finn and Monica, Hayden and Nik, Franco and Nina, Jason and Sam

Lines of the week: “Never prouder to be a real woman.”-Curtis

“I think people find their strength when things are at there worst.”-Griffin

“In order to help us see eye to eye, Curtis is going to be staying with us.”-Hayden

“Do you think people out there really care what happened in this room?”-Jason

“Everything I say just runs smack into the wall of your expectations.”-Kristina

“I thought maybe you got distracted by a tennis ball or maybe a chew toy.”-Ava

“I need protecting from no one.”-Anna

“I love you.”-Tracy

“Good for you. You got what you wanted. And you have the gall to comfort me. How dare you!”-Nina

Scene of the week: Anna drops the mic

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  1. thanks for your weekly posts, I FF so much of GH on hulu, keeps the me updated on what’s going on.

  2. Andre and Anna have a nice chemistry. I would dig that pairing. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Completely agree with the ‘mixed bag’ of GH, but I truly can’t stand hayden/nik. I mostly FF it on hulu, but I watch ALL curtis scenes, so I saw those pieces. The actors are great, the chemistry is genuine, but it’s not the 80’s, once you shoot or rape a woman, no one’s buying the romance. frankly, it’s sad soap writers ever sent that twisted message to female viewers in the past.

    So agree, quirky finn with carly, I kind of like a lot. Creepy finn, I just don’t. Andre and Anna are SOOOO good, the sonny stuff is simply getting in the way of really good stuff.

  4. Thanks for commenting Mel! I’m really enjoying Franco and Nina’s relationship complications too. Michelle Stafford and Roger Howarth are soap stars for a reason and I love what they are doing with this material. Looking forward to seeing what NiCo does next on their journey. If there is a breakup I expect to those scenes to be heart wrenching.

  5. With Liz off the canvas, Franco and Nina are my sole reason for watching but they haven’t been communicating properly for months now – another organic way couples fall apart sometimes. Seeing Nina break down like that was heartbreaking and, still, I can’t fault Franco completely because since the baby issue’s come up he’s maintained (for the most part), he’s not ready. I don’t know what to wish for with these two. Their ups and downs have made for great TV, and I like that the writers aren’t afraid to break them up the same way they are with other pairings, who just aren’t as interesting, imo (Naxie, Lante, Carson). Like you said, this is a soap, what great soap couple hasn’t had obstacles to work through?! Even if that means they might be apart for a while, I’m enjoying the ride.

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