‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Sick Puppies

House Broken

Recently GH has decided to do some chemistry testing across the canvas which has included a new flirtation between Kiki and Dillon. I was happy to see that the potential pairing spark. Hayley Erin has done a good job of giving Kiki purpose outside of being “the girl” the Corinthos brothers fight over. The character has remained edgy but she has become more of the well-meaning screw-up, a generally good person caught up in the mistakes of those around her. While that would make her pairing with Morgan seem good on paper, it just hasn’t been working. Considering their families, Kiki and Dillon can still have the star-crossed vibe that Kiki and Morgan had but the romance itself won’t be painful.

Dillon finds himself in Kiki’s orbit again thanks to a drunken Nina.
Dillon finds himself in Kiki’s orbit again thanks to a drunken Nina.

This last week Dillon and Kiki met once again when he brought a drunk and randy Nina home from the bar. Kiki saw that Dillon was just being a friend and a gentleman. This is not only good for their romantic possibilities but good for Dillon because he may need someone to back up his story later. Nina doesn’t seem to remember much from that night but she remembers kissing Dillon. I got the impression that Nina thinks she had sex with Dillon. Seeing how things are already on the rocks between Franco and her, thinking she cheated will just complicate things more.

Franco was happy when he found Nina passed out in their bed, thinking she’s decided to stay and work things out with him. Then he gave her a puppy named Daisy. I’m sure she was onto his ploy from the get go by her initial reaction, “What the hell is this?” But I think the situation could have been salvaged had Franco not referred to Nina as Daisy’s mother. That got him into the doghouse. Nina seems to be dealing with her own pain by lashing out at Franco. She also still has a naive view on relationships and is having trouble understanding why she can’t have what she wants. Franco doesn’t really know what to do with that. Nina left to go to Nathan’s engagement party, telling him that if the dog isn’t gone when she gets back then he’s gone too. I wonder if part of the reason Nina got so agitated is because she feels guilty about crossing the line with Dillon.

Mad World *Spoiler Alert*

I going to jump a little bit ahead of the story and talk about a spoiler that has gotten social media buzzing. I won’t discuss anything that hasn’t happened yet but if you’re particular about not being spoiled you may want to skip this section.

There has been a lot of conversation about the revival of the feud between Jason and Franco. Even though it hasn’t fully reignited yet, the writers began laying the ground work in 2015. I even wrote about it in a Week In Review back in January. I understand why viewers may be a little leery about the resurgence of a Jason and Franco rivalry. James Franco’s weird experiment didn’t garner many accolades from critics or fans. But times have changed. The original players are gone which will make for a fresh perspective on the story. Unlike their predecessors, Billy Miller and Roger Howarth have the right chemistry to play adversaries. And Jean Passasante and Shelly Altman have a different writing style than Bob Guza did. I expect that this revisit of an old story will probably feel like a completely new tale.

I’m really looking forward to this story for a number of reasons. For starters, the Jason and Nik rivalry has fallen a little flat for me. It feels very manufactured and is lacking the oomph that I expect a soap rivalry to have. I don’t really see the point of Jason constantly beating up Nik. Jason and Franco’s distaste for each other actually has some legs to it. What Franco did to Jason and his loved ones was awful and now Jason can destroy the new life Franco has worked hard to gain. It’s not a fight over money, power or territories so much as a fight to protect what each holds as dear to them. It’s going to give these characters a lot of opportunity to make choices that will help develop their new personas. Will Jason murder Franco just like Carly and Sam have warned that he would? Or will he take a good look at who he wants to be now and decide to take a different approach? Will Franco go dark and fall back into his old ways of terrorizing others? Or will he decide to continue on his path as model citizen? And how will this rivalry effect their current relationships? The possibilities could be endless but most importantly it won’t be boring.

Couples of the week: Anna and Scotty, Dillon and Kiki, Kevin and Laura, Julian and Alexis, Ned and Olivia

Quotes of the week: “Are you sleeping with him?”-Scotty “Oh god no!”-Anna “Damn. I could have used that against him.”-Scotty

“Nina’s not mentally ill.”-Franco “My mistake.”-Liesl

“So where are your fancy ethics now?”-Sonny “The same place they were when I defended your guilty ass!”-Alexis

“Thank you for your input Mrs. Corinthos and offspring.”-Dr. O

“We’re at an impasse.”-Franco

“You and yours will never know happiness in this life or any other.”-Helena

“Okay no offensive but the more I know you the more obvious it is that you were raised by a mob boss.”-Felix

Scene stealer of the week: Daisy the puppy

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