Emmerdale Week in Review: Finn is Arrested; Tracey Learns about David’s Cancer


Eric spills the beans to Tracey about David’s cancer. He tries to push the two together and it works! David ends up kissing her and they hook up. After David finds out that she knows about the cancer though, he gets angry and thinks she just slept with him out of pity. He spirals into a depression over the cancer and refuses to go ahead with the operation. Eric manages to talk him around in the end, and he heads off to the hospital.

Megan finally gives in and lets somebody help her look after Elisa. Unfortunately for Jai it’s not him, it’s Jimmy! He spends the day looking after her and manages to convince Megan that she should let Jai help out some more. This creates a new bond and friendship for Jai and Jimmy and the pair grow close. After Megan opens up to Jai a little more, he sees an opportunity and suggests that they get back together and become a family! This upsets Megan and she makes it clear that nothing will ever happen between them and she wants the divorce. Is this the end for the couple? I don’t think so…

Belle gets her job back at the factory after Joanie talks Rishi around. Things continue to heat up for Belle in the love department, unfortunately her date with Doctor Bailey gets cut short when he gets an urgent house call. Things take an awkward twist when it turns out the house call is to Lisa, Belle’s mum! While at the house he notices all the family pictures of Belle and realizes that she’s only 17. Belle is confused as to why he’s ignoring her text messages and confronts him, where he calls things off between them. While at Megan’s fundraiser event, Belle gets to meet the guest of honor, who turns out to be Doctor Baileys wife! Things get very awkward for the Doctor as Belle continues to tease him and almost spills the beans. She confides in Charity asking what she can do to get back at him, they come up with a plan to plant her lipstick in his car. The plan works and his wife finds the lipstick, this pushes Doctor Bailey back into Belle’s arms and he claims he loves her and they carry on their affair! Oh no, what are you doing Belle?

After Finn gets given a bunch of comic book figures from Charity he decides to organize an event and posts it online, so he can sell the action figures. Of course, he doesn’t realize they’re all stolen and the police are looking for them! Unfortunately, he soon finds out when the police turn up and arrest him for handling stolen goods. He’s furious with Charity and his brother Ross for setting him up like that. He’s fed up with his life at the moment and wants to quit his job, he decides to come up with the idea to start his own business. Although things aren’t looking good when his idea to start a cab firm quickly fizzles out when he realizes he can’t start it with a criminal record.

Holly continues to grow feelings for Cain, after covering for him when he forgets it’s Moira’s birthday. Rhona gets jealous when everyone starts to lust over Pierce. Ashley’s confidence gets knocked when he fails to help Harriet with the church accounts.

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