Gays of our Lives: Losing A Neighbour



General Hospital  (U.S.)

God this show dropped so many hints that Brad and Lucas’ wedding would never happen and there would be a disaster. Not subtle at all.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 4.33.23 AMSo the hospital has a serial killer? Obviously it’s not Finn because the show is being so heavy handed about it. I have a bad feeling Lucas isn’t going to get out of that coma. At some point the show is going to have to kill off regular characters to add real danger to the story. You know, like Days did with Will. I bet they chose Lucas. Gays as cannon fodder never gets old.

I hate that this show dragged Lucas and Brad out just to get rid of one and probably both of them.  We won’t see much of Brad if Lucas is gone. Hope I’m wrong about that though. Daytime doesn’t need to lose another gay character.

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

Man, that John Paul is a slut. I ain’t mad at him though. Sure James is a sleazy jerk, but he’s fun and sexy and I like him. I think JP and James have way more chemistry than JP and Scott. I know the show is playing this as an against all odds type of romance of two very different people, and it would work if Scott and JP were actually compatible and had chemistry. But since they don’t, I just want it over.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 11.55.31 PM

I’m not happy about the show’s decision to kill Trevor, who I loved, but with Warren back, I can see why they did it. Trevor and Warren are pretty much the same character type. Show doesn’t need them both. And I’ve always loved Warren’s antics, especially his war with Brendan. But I doubt if we’ll be revisiting that.

I like James being Warren’s lawyer as it gives James more to do and I’m interesting in seeing who Warren is planning on taking revenge on. There’s very few people left from his last stint on the show so I’m wondering just what they’re going to do with him this time around.

People of The City (Wales)

picture_00023Tyler and Iolo are so cute together. They have a nice, easy chemistry. I do like how Tyler is so considerate of Iolo. But I’m wondering if they see the relationship differently.

Iolo said he and Tyler are just having fun, but Tyler seems to be more serious about Iolo than I thought he might. I wonder the real reason Tyler dropped out of the boxing event. Seemed like there was something going on that Tyler wasn’t saying. I’m glad that Sion is supportive of the relationship and isn’t going to try and break them up like he’s done with Iolo’s other boyfriends. That plot point was tired.

So it was Chester who turned Sion in to the police. Like I said before, that boy is a nasty piece of work. That said, Sion did need to get caught after all this time. I’m still wondering if the entire truth about the robbery and how William was involved is finally going to come out.

I did not expect Sheryl to return from Africa with a baby. That was a surprise. But is it really that easy to adopt a foreign child? She wasn’t gone that long.


Anthony D. Langford
I watch a lot of television, probably too much. But can you really watch too much TV? I've yet to find out. Anyway, I especially love TV when they give us positive portrayals of gays, something that has gotten better but we're still fighting for. I've written about gays in television for many years first at the much missed After Elton, then New Now Next and now at TV Source. It's kind of a passion of mine and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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  1. All soaps repeat stories over and over. It gives Moira something to do beyond reacting to Cain’s latest dumb scheme, and Natalie Robb is one of the best actors on the show, so it doesn’t really bother me. I’d rather watch it than more of the creepy story with Belle and the doctor.

  2. You lost all credibility with “I don’t think Holly is that bad.” I speak without hyperbole when I say she is the worst character that has ever appeared on TV ever. Her voice manages to be eardrum-piercing, nauseating and coma-inducing all at once. Her expressionless face and dead doe-eyes are equally toxic to look at. She is the dramatic equivalent of radioactive roadkill. We have seen her OD before and we didn’t care that she survived it years ago. What you feel is Emmerdale rehashing very old storylines because it is completely out of ideas. Same with this Patrick-is-straight-curious nonsense on River City.

  3. but Sonny (Freddie Smith) is coming back and on contract! could be an interesting triangle…

  4. I’d LOVE to be pleased with the amount of lgbt characters on Eastenders, but the thankfully outgoing producer continually tells the same damn story with them. It’s an absolute joke that after they just ended a story with a self-hating, mentally unstable gay man using a woman as a beard while flirting with men or sleeping with men on the side, we are now getting another story that is exactly the same. I have a feeling someone thinks this is incredibly clever because the women in question are sisters, but it just makes the whole thing even more derivative. It doesn’t help that Steven’s presence, like Ben’s, has all the drama of a wet fart. No one in Walford cares about Steven, just as pretty much no one cares about Ben. When Ben came out, nobody except bigot Phil cared. Nobody will care, aside from the caterwauling Carters, when Steven inevitably sleeps with Johnny. Indeed for all the “twists” and “surprises,” the show is bizarrely lacking in actual drama. As you said, the Bobby reveal has been a huge anticlimax, because it was all about stalling the story as long as possible – likely because they had no idea how to end it.

    I kind of wish Emmerdale would just put Lawrence and Ronnie together and see where it goes. They work well together (John Bowe always has chemistry with everyone, even if he sometimes seems confused about his character), and Ronnie seems like a decent person who is still fairly strong – rare on Emmerdale these days.

    I don’t think Sophie Powles (Holly) is that bad. She’s weaker at day-to-day stuff but the addiction material works for me. I thought she was really really good in the recent overdose episodes. This past Monday with the focus on her overdose and the reactions of her family was some of the strongest drama on the show in a good long while.

    So what do you think of Patrick on River City?

  5. Chrissie is a needy idiot. The show is consistent in that – her first husband was a loser, Robert was a loser, and part of that is because she is so messy and needs a man to be a replacement for her father. And then once they get tired of this role it always ends badly. It’s happening again with Andy. Both she and Andy are idiots. I will never believe they are in love, but I’m starting to feel like the show is not actually trying to convince us they are and it’s more about Chrissie needing and Andy going along for the ride.

  6. They already have a gay character they do nothing with.

  7. I could see Chrissie having a fling with Andy. He’s totally hot and it would piss Robert off, but them falling in love and him moving into her house, especially so quickly is hard to believe. I think the writers didn’t know what to do with Andy in particular, so they did that.

  8. EastEnders has had some major stories lately so last week was the first time I thought “They aren’t using Johnny at all. No wonder Sam Strike left!” And then – voila – there was that thing between him and Steven last night. Once Peggy’s funeral is over and Who Killed Lucy gets resolved, Johnny deserves a front-burner story.

    That pillow boxing fight between Iolo and Tyler – especially the smile on Iolo’s face – gave me a serious case of the feels. It’s so refreshing to have a relationship that blossoms without murder (attempted or actual), abuse, kidnapping, angsty coming out drama or a pregnant female involved.

    I don’t buy that Lawrence would be such a mess over all this. Conflicted yes, but not a bawling mess. But I guess it’s about as believable as Chrissie pairing up with Andy.

  9. if GH is getting rid of Lucas, do you think we can get Days to bring him over? especially if Sonny is coming back! wouldn’t that be hot? I’m moist just thinking about it!!!

  10. On “General Hospital”, I changed my mind and don’t think they’re going to kill Lucas anymore, but I do think Lucas is gonna be in that coma for a good long while, at least until Dr. Michael Easton clears his name. #whatever

  11. People getting mad at the police arresting someone who just confessed to killing one person and almost killing another is ridiculous.

    Lawrence is topping Aaron for not coming out well.

    I had the same problem. I had thought that Aaron and Robert had broken up and was surprised when they were planning on a day out with Liv. They’re beginning to remind me of Ste and John Paul. After enough fights and reconciliations in a row, they stop having any meaning. Their current status doesn’t matter because the writers can easily switch it the next time they are on screen if the next plot requires it.

    They really need to establish something that Scott brings for John Paul. Right now, John Paul just seems to find him exhausting but stays with him because Sally messed with his head and makes him feel guilty for not liking Scott.

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