Top Five Moments from MTV’s ‘Scream’ Season One


The freshman season of MTV’s Scream, inspired by the iconic film series of the same name, was divisive among fans – to say the least. For every shocking kill and nail-biting scene came more high school relationship drama than a season of Degrassi.

While the acting was at times subpar and the characters frustratingly stupid, I was one of the few who, perhaps because of my love of the film series, enjoyed the first season of Scream. With Scream set to return for its sophomore run on May 30, 2016, let’s take a look back at the best moments from season one.

***Warning: Spoilers abound***


Riley’s Death

One of the most memorable deaths – hell, one of the most memorable scenes – of the entire series came with Riley’s death in episode three. Shocking, gruesome, & heartbreaking, this was the kind of content I expected to see from a Scream TV series. From Brianne Tju’s (Riley) tear-jerking line of “I can see our stars” to the absolutely brutal way the killer takes her out, this was a high point of the first season for me. Given that so many characters lived to see a second season, here’s hoping more kills of this nature await.

“Did You Just Lock Me in or Out?”


The end of episode two brought with it one of the tensest, frightening moments of the series so far. After posing as a support tech for a security system company, the killer tricks Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) into spilling the alarm code to her home. Once the killer plays with her a bit (“What do you like to watch?”) the cat-and-mouse phone ends with Emma finally wising up and locking her door, only to be met with one blood-curdling question: “Did you just lock me in or out?” It’s a spine-tingling scenario that really begins to show just how ruthless this mysterious figure can be.

So long, Will!


I admit it: I wasn’t the biggest fan of Will Belmont, Emma’s ex-boyfriend. Throughout the first season the character was made increasingly unlikable as the series set the stage for Emma and Kieran’s burgeoning love story. However, that didn’t mean my jaw didn’t drop at the end of the seventh episode when Will is dispatched via a saw through the head. Having Emma be the unwilling cause and tripping over a wire that sets his death in motion is as horrible to witness as it is gruesome.

The Killer Reveal


If there’s one thing I loved about the original Scream films, it’s the guessing game of Ghostface’s identity. There’s something fun about trying to decipher the clues and dismiss the red herrings, followed by the shocking reveal where the killer (or killers) reveal their master plan. While obvious from the start, MTV Scream’s killer reveal was as exciting as ever. Once Piper, a podcaster who shows up to uncover the mystery of the Lakewood Slasher, outs herself as the one causing the deaths in town and reveals herself as Brandon James’ daughter, a struggle ensues. Just before Piper can murder half-sister Emma, she is shot just in time by Emma’s BFF Audrey. Which brings me to my final favorite moment from season one…

Audrey, What Have You Done?

Audrey Episode 110

Like any good body of work in the horror genre, there is always a find twist to provide one last, well, scream.  MTV’s Scream ends with one final shocker: Audrey Jensen (Bex Taylor-Klaus) is seen burning letters from Piper, appearing to have worked with the Lakewood Slasher in some capacity during the madwoman’s reign of terror. Just how involved Audrey was in these murders remains to be seen, but needless to say that’s a main part of the intrigue as we head into Scream’s second season.

The season two premiere of Scream: The TV Series airs on May 30 on MTV at 11:00pm/ET. Season One is available on DVD beginning May 10.

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