‘Arrow’ to Introduce Artemis in Season 5

Madison McLaughlin

Green Arrow sidekick Artemis will be introduced during the fifth season of The CW’s Arrow. Madison McLaughlin will reprise her role as Evelyn Sharp, introduced in Season 4 as the Black Canary impersonator, and will eventually take on the mantle as Artemis.

McLaughlin will recur in several episodes beginning with episode 502. Variety was the first to report news of the casting.

Evelyn appeared in the nineteenth episode “Canary Cry,” masquerading as the recently deceased Black Canary and was hell-bent on murdering the Darhks and making The Arrow suffer for abandoning her family rather than rescuing them. After a come-to-Jesus moment, she abandoned her plan for revenge.

In the comics, Artemis (who also goes by the name Tigress) is a villain who joins the Injustice Society. The character was reimagined in the popular DC animated series Young Justice. Artemis becomes the Green Arrow’s sidekick after the departure of Roy Harper.

Arrow returns October 5, 2016 on The CW.