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Gays of Our Lives: Your Man Is Gay, Girl

Emmerdale (U.K.)

I’m glad Ross, Finn and Pete made peace. I hope it lasts and I also hope that Finn gets a story of his own soon. That’s probably wishful thinking though.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 11.44.41 PMAs I’ve said before Isobel Steele is a great young actress and she’s perfect as Aaron’s sister. However, I don’t like how so much of the drama is centered on her. Not only that the character is starting to become unlikeable, mostly because she never suffers any consequences of her actions. So many times she should be punished for what she’s done, but everyone just helplessly shrugs their shoulders. I can see why she wanted to stay with Aaron. She can do what she wants and there’ll never be any penalty. A kid’s dream.


I don’t blame Robert for being angry that Aaron not only lied to him about what Liv did, but he (again) chose Liv over him. Thing is, Robert better get used it it. Aaron will always choose Liv over him.  I think what I like less about is that Robert has just accepted his second place status. And I don’t think Liv was all that sorry for what she did to Robert. Her apology was lame at best. It still baffles me that this show stuck Robert and Aaron with a teenage girl. Just don’t get it.

I knew Chas would start dating the cop. I hope it goes somewhere.

So Noah was the stalker? I admit I didn’t suspect him.

General Hospital (US)

No lies, I thought for sure that Lucas was either going to die or not come out of the coma for a long time. But I’m glad he lived. Let’s just hope we get an on screen wedding for the guys very soon. And since this serial killer in the hospital is going to be on an ongoing storyline, I hope they play a big part it. They should, since Lucas was nearly a victim. I just don’t want them disappear.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 8.46.04 PM

Besides, Lisel is a one note character and having her and Finn bickering all the time is boring already. I have the feeling though that Lisel is going to find the real killer (not Finn) and become a victim. The show has to kill some regulars for this to mean anything.

I did like the Brad/Lucas scenes and I’m glad that Brad got the expected crying by the bedside scenes. Though it would have helped if Parry Shen could actually shed a tear. And except for Carly and briefly Julian, where was Lucas’ family? He’s related to half the town. We should’ve seen many more of them there.

Holby City (U.K.)

This show is really dragging out Arthur’s fight with cancer, which we know won’t have a happy ending. Such a sad story, especially since we love Arthur so much. The acting is good though and I love how we can see how much Dom has changed. So many shows don’t show character growth, but we’ve seen it with Dom and we’ve seen his relationship with Arthur grow.  Dom is devastated at the prospect losing Arthur. I can only imagine how he’ll react when the end finally comes.


I never thought we’d revisit the Lee storyline, so having his pregnant girlfriend return needing Dom’s help was a surprise. Dom revealing he is still trying to get over Lee was odd since we haven’t really gotten any hints about it since Lee’s last appearance. And what about Dom’s decision to visit Lee in the recovery center with Allison? Will we see this visit or just hear about it? I’m okay with seeing that gorgeous Lee again.


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