Days of our Lives Spoilers: July 11-15, 2016 Edition (Photos)

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This week on Days of our Lives, Chad is devastating by “news” about Abigail; Hope and Aiden’s reunion is halted when she learns what he’s done to Rafe; Jennifer and Chad’s custody battle continues. Get the latest DAYS scoop in our Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of July 11, 2016.

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Days of our Lives Spoilers: Hanging By a Moment

Claire admonishes Ciara for her feelings for Chad; Chad receives news of Abigail’s fate; Theo and Claire share a warm moment; Andre orchestrates a secret plan.

Chad spirals out of control; Chad and Jennifer butt heads over Thomas’ well-being; Hope and Aiden slowly find their way back to each other; Jennifer seeks advice from Doug and Julie.

Dario accepts his father’s job offer; Kate and Deimos set the record “straight” with authorities. Philip considers signing Chloe to his record label; Summer continues her shady dealings.

Chad and Jennifer’s custody battle continues; Ciara confronts Chase; Chase has an epic meltdown.

Theresa lashes out at Brady; Doug, Julie and Claire catch up; Summer goes on the run.

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Days of our Lives Spoilers Episodic Gallery (© JPI Studios)

Source Sneak Peek: Week of July 18, 2016

A frantic Shawn desperately searches for Hope and Rafe in the aftermath of the explosion; Brady and Theresa are at odds; Maggie has an emotional breakdown with Julie; Victor is a suspect.


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