‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: You’re Dead To Me

Carlos’ twin brother Joe comes to Port Charles.
Carlos’ twin brother Joe comes to Port Charles.

The Parent Trap

Naomi has a strong reaction to the mention of Heather Webber.

Naomi has a strong reaction to the mention of Heather Webber.

Last week we were given the not-surprising-but-still-pretty-good reveal that Liz and Hayden are indeed sisters. Naomi was back in town after Hayden contacted her to help get Finn’s drugs. She wasn’t much help in that department other than implying to her daughter that her new BFF could in fact really be an addict. But things got interesting when she stopped by the Metro Court bar to have a high end martini.

Scott and Lucy spied Mrs. Berlin and decided to give her some grief regarding the money they were swindled out of. Franco appeared, inviting his pop and Lucy to dine and telling them that he got some money from mom. After a continued repetition of the name “Heather”, Naomi passed out. Later at the hospital, Hayden was at her bedside while Liz was her nurse. After Hayden left the room to reach out to her father, Naomi stated, “Your father won’t care about me. Not the father you know or the father you don’t know.” So Hayden is also Jeff Webber’s daughter.

Popular theory had Naomi as Liz’s real mother. Maybe she still could be. The fact that Liz and Hayden are sisters isn’t much of a shock because it had already been pretty blatantly teased. The real impact of the story will be in the fallout when the truth is revealed to all.

You’re Killon Me Smalls

Kiki and Morgan had a steamy, panty-dropping love scene complete with a sweet love song as background music. I don’t know about the folks at home but the social media fans weren’t having it! We want Kiki with Dillon dang it! I get why Kiki had sex with Morgan; it was just another thing she did to take care of Morgan. I feel sorry for Kiki because she has been convinced that she needs to be responsible for Morgan’s well-being. It was a really heavy thing for Carly to put that on her. Maybe Nina can talk some sense into Carly now that they are becoming pals. Or better yet sic Tracy on her. While Kiki was giving Morgan pity sex, Dillon was having a fling with Darby. He can try forget about Kiki but as Tracy pointed out to him, “Friendship will never be enough for you and that girl.”

Dillon, Kiki and a cupcake.

Dillon, Kiki and a cupcake.

Dillon and Kiki decided to be just friends though and when some sexist frat boys give Kiki a hard time, Dillon came to her rescue. The pair taught the jerks a lesson and were all sparkly. They both clearly long for each other and would be together if Kiki didn’t feel so pressured to be with Morgan. I have to give props to Hayley Erin. She’s really sinking her teeth into this material. She’s very effective in showing the subtle differences between how Morgan makes Kiki feel and how Dillon makes Kiki feel. You can see it in her smile.

Couples of the week: Kiki and Dillon, Ava and Valentin, Laura and Kevin, Lucy and Scotty, Parker and Krissy

Lines of the week: “Total girl’s night cliche is in full force!”-Molly

“He’s a Cassadine.”-Lulu “There are more of them?”-Ava

“And legitimate is really pushing it considering Stavros was barking mad, kidnapped your mother and forced her to marry him.”-Valentin

“I’m not pregnant.”-Alexis “Oh thank God!”-Diane

“When the perp is apprehended, I’ll probably have to find out on social media.”-Val

“Can I help it if I’m unfailingly virtuous?”-Curtis

“This is me checking with you. This represents growth.”-Franco

“Heather does as Heather does.”-Franco

“If what I did was so terrible, why’d you turn around and do the same thing to Jason?”-Ric

“I’ve already got one dad. I don’t need another.”-Liz

“Last night was the best night of my life.”-Krissy

“You’re a young man. I expect you to have conquests.”-Tracy “Well how Victorian of you.”-Dillon

“Don’t you believe in the sanctity of marriage?”-Julian “In this case, I imagine God is on your wife’s side.”-Griffin

“I understand vendettas. Google me.”-Ava

“Kristina, you can’t embrace “no labels” if you’re still avoiding answering the question for yourself.”-Parker

Best dressed: Diane’s cape/suit outfit

Best hair: Ric Lansing

Video of the week: How will Sonny react to Kristina’s secret?

For a look at what’s ahead, check out our General Hospital Spoilers.

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  1. I just don’t understand why Carly and Valerie aren’t having scenes together. I know a couple of fans of Valerie who want to know the same thing. Plus shouldn’t Valerie having scenes with Michael and Morgan too. Valerie is related to them.

  2. Aren’t Morgan and Valerie related.

  3. You’re so right, I forgot they’re related. I think you’re right that val and carly need more story together, perhaps they’ll pull val into the kidney story since she’s a cop. I so like the actress. Should chem test her with morgan, I’m already a jordan and curtis fan, val and morgan might have potential.

  4. I’m all for Jeffrey as a doctor and I LOVE the haircut. Now get roger and devry to the same stylist ASAP. Devry’s haircut is so bad I thought it was a clue about his personality change. I now think it’s just a terrible haircut.

    Finn’s story that the drug is both saving his life and very addictive makes tons of sense lots, so common in prescription drugs especially on the pain side and people us pot/canabis for MS and epilepsy, so I like the story and of course finn, tracy and hayden are great together. Really nice side story I enjoy when sonny’s not around it.

  5. yes, they were everything. truly reminded me why I haven’t given up on GH, though I have taken many breaks lately.

    Also, Valentin is a terrific actor for the new villain, he popped in his scenes immediately and his reaction to both genie and maura’s performances were interesting and layered. If only we had tyler, would have been some epic scenes. I like NuNik, I want him to come on board as a long lost casadine cousin, but I could have had tyler, maura and genie, and frankly the show would have had a good episode for emmy nomination time.

  6. I was kind of annoyed with the MorKiki love scene at first but then I loved Friday’s episode with Killon. Morgan is the angst! Scott & Lucy were a nice surprise. We need a lot more of them.

  7. Val doesn’t interact with her family at all. It’s weird. Laura and Ava were everything.

  8. Too bad we don’t get any Carly and Valerie scenes. Awesome Laura and Ava scene.

  9. Dillon and Kiki have more chemistry in 4 min. scene than anything Morgan/Kiki. I miss them. This week was really painful with Morgan. Not sure the direction but hopefully it moves along. It was pretty sad for Kiki to say to Dillon that she needed at least one optimistic friend. Ava really needs to come back. I know their relationship is still being rebuilt but you can see that she would not take kindly the pressure from Carly/Morgan.

    I’m really hating that they added Darby into this. She’s not needed at all. I’ve been reading on some boards….Please no surprise pregnancies.

    I agree that Hayley Erin has been really good with the material and that’s not easy because the writing sometimes it is all over the place.

    And I love Dillon/Tracy scenes. JE and RPW have great mother/son chemistry.

    Curious about Liz and her connection to Naomie. Loved Liz/Franco and Kevin/Laura. More Scott/Lucy please. Enjoyed those scenes with Franco. This is what I want to see more on GH.

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