‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: July 25-29, 2016 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Sonny discovers what Kristina has been hiding. Also: Julian tries to escape; Claudette continues her plot to win Nathan back; Lulu finds something disturbing; Someone takes a bullet. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of July 25, 2016.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Lovers and Haters

As if things weren’t complicated enough for Kristina and Parker, look for Sonny and Alexis to make things even messier. When Sonny sees Kristina leaving Parker’s room, he puts two and two together. Kristina’s confession leaves him shocked. How will Sonny react when he learns that his daughter is attracted to a woman? Meanwhile, Parker gets an earful from Alexis. Should Alexis be judging anyone though when her own love life is in shambles? Julian attempts to escape but his plan doesn’t work out as expected. After a nasty encounter with Sonny, Julian concocts a new scheme. Sonny has strong words for Alexis.

Claudette has a few surprises – an apology for Nathan and an odd gift for Maxie. After receiving high praise from Nina, Maxie feels troubled. Claudette puts together a scheme. Will her plan to get Nathan back work? Nathan finds his feeling towards his ex-wife softening. Meanwhile, Griffin calms Maxie when she freaks out.

Meanwhile In Greece…

The situation in Greece becomes even more dangerous. Needless to say, Laura is not taking the news of Nikolas’ apparent second demise well much to Valentin’s annoyance. A bullet meant for Laura hits someone else instead. Meanwhile, Lulu is horrified by the sight of charred remains. Whose remains are they? Look for this grim discovery to hit home. Things get even stranger with the arrival of mysterious woman on Cassadine Island. Dante and Ava are ready to pounce on some unexpected visitors. What frightening truth do Sam and Jason unearth?

Also this week:

Who is killing patients at General Hospital? Franco may find himself the number one suspect when Valerie catches him where he shouldn’t be. Later, Franco takes Liz somewhere foreboding. Will she regret her decision to go on a date with him?

    • FBI subpoenas are served.
    • A concerned Hayden gets the cold shoulder from Finn.
    • Naomi reacts to the mention of a name.
    • Carly and Nina plan to take the next step in the search for Josslyn’s donor.
    • Jordan and Curtis’ relationship further thaws.

Source Sneak Peek: August 1st-August 5th

Morgan doesn’t understand why Kiki is so upset by his wonderful gesture.

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  1. So sick of morgan trying to get kiki to feel sorry for him when ever he see’s her gun shot scar he keeps saying its all his fault then she feels sorry for him it is all his fault & omg he needs to shave his back & shoulders for love scenes he is so disgusting hairy needs a waxing big time i so want kiki with dillon she is only staying with morgan out of kiki because she thinks he will flio out again if she leaves him kiki needs to get away from morgan fast and i have been fast 4warding the scenes with parker & kristina they are so mismatched age & personailities & kristina is a slut she slept with aaron then a couple days later sleeps with parker behind aarons back thats a slut sick of her character alexis has enough to worry about without kristina slutting around not knowing if she is gay or not not even worried about her mom after the 1st day she showed alexis sympathy then its all about her sex life kristina is a lil brat and i hope kevin doesn’t die he actually took a bullet for laura he must be falling in love with her too bad laura hasn’t notice it yet they would be a cute couple gh writers are bringing back so many characters like carlos as his twin brother why not bring brit back love her friendship with brad she can get to know her brother nathan & she loves spencer cassidine like a son

  2. Love Sonny & Carly. Can’t wait to see them working together to find the kidney donor. Really hope Jaxass doesn’t mess them up. Seriously, unless they’re going to knock Jax off and give Jocelyn one of his kidneys, what’s the point of him coming back? He didn’t care enough to be there the first time around.

  3. I guess my starting point for Krissy/Parker are Lena and Bianca(AMC) and Olivia (GL). Those were great stories with depth and development. So for me Krissy/Parker are definitely lacking. :)

    The writers are really testing me with Dillon/Kiki and Morgan/Darby. Today, even though it was a bit silly, Killon were so much fun. But then Kiki/Morgan’s interaction is just weird. I’m really not sure where they’re going with them.

  4. I’m enjoying the majority of GH but I agree that the pacing is a bit of an issue. I actually like how mismatched Krissy and Parker look. There’s something kind of realistic about that for me. And yes, we need more Kiki and Dillon. Thanks for reading!

  5. The pacing is awful.

    I have to ask, where is the development for Parker/Kristina? They look so mismatched.

    My beautiful Dillon&Kiki are really going at snail pace. I miss them. Wish they could have had more than half a date before a stupid triangle. Morgan is really painful. He’s all about me me me. *sigh* Please let it be some movement soon.

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