Gays of Our Lives: Worth The Wait?



Coronation Street:  Todd gets a call from Jason, who tells him that Phelan has a business opportunity he wants Jason to invest in.  Todd advises Jason not to get involved, which infuriates Phelan.  Meanwhile, Phelan looks to take advantage of Sally in another shady business deal, but Todd warns Sally to be careful of Phelan.  When she makes it clear to Phelan that everything has to be above board, he0 knows Todd is sticking his oar in again.  Phelan decides he has to find a way to get Todd out of the picture.


EastEnders:  Ben struggles with whether to see Paul’s body. With Jay’s support, he decides to do so. Despite his anguish, Ben tells his family he won’t go after Paul’s killers. However, Ben and Jay are secretly planning something.

Here’s hoping Amy stays that person who calls Ste out on his never ending BS.

Hollyoaks:   Ste is stunned when Amy makes a surprise move back to the village.  Amy is barely back before she hears about Ste’s meth addiction.  Ste swears to Amy he’s fine, but he later is tempted to buy some drugs.  Later, Ste meets Amy’s new boyfriend Duncan.  The two of them don’t exactly hit it off.

Elsewhere, James decide he wants John Paul while Joanne sets her sights on Joe.  As JP is with Scott and Joe with Mercedes, James and Joanne bet that they can get the man they want before the other does. This should be fun.

The Haves and the Have Nots:   Veronica has a warning for Jeffery, but is Jeffery someone to be messed with anymore? Meanwhile, what will revealed when Jeffrey visits Wyatt in the hospital?


People of the Valley:   Iolo’s gay bashing comes back to haunt him.

That’s it for this edition of Gays of Our Lives.   Please share your comments on the thoughts and opinions expressed in this week’s column below.  See you next week!



  1. I agree with you Anthony about Todd & Billy, they’re definitely my favorite gay tv couple these days. I have never actually seen something quite like it. The portrayal is so good, not perfect, but pretty damn close. The way they’re so affectionate with each other, touch each other. It’s just so obvious that they’re very much in love, and they’re treated just as the straight couples. It’s amazing and wonderful to see. It’s in stark contrast to Robron (Robert & Aaron) who barely manage a short peck on the lips. Robert & Aaron never touch, never show affection or PDA. They seem more like friends than boyfriends. They don’t even stand close when they talk! The problem is that everything about Robron seem to happen off screen, while with todd & Billy it’s different. Corrie actually shows them being affectionate, in love and all giddy. Is very sweet :)

  2. Sonny abandoned his daughter and everyone glosses over it. Gabi is now pimping for Sonny and Paul to hook up with the lie it’s what Will would have wanted which is untrue. The show has ruined Sonny and many of its characters with terrible and destructive writing. That scene with Sonny and Paul standing over Will’s grave was insulting, offensive and outright disgusting. Sonny who wanted to make his own way now wants to work for great uncle Victor who engages in illegal criminal activities yet couldn’t be bothered to see about his daughter and still slut shames her now dead dad but completely forgives Paul of everything he’s done to her daddy.

  3. So Sonny returns because of the trouble with his Uncle Vic but couldn’t be bothered to hang around and help out with his daughter when Will died. His parents are thrilled to see him but couldn’t be bothered to attend their son-in-law’s funeral. The same funeral where Sonny was seated on the SECOND row. The show has already tarnished the character, and there was no reason to bring him back unless Freddie Smith just really needed the work. His scenes last week were big bags of nothing much like when Johnny returned to EastEnders. And we’re supposed to believe that a newly out, former pro baseball player with Paul’s looks is sitting around waiting for Sonny when in reality he would be inundated with offers to circuit parties and requests for personal appearances at every gay pride event in the country.

    Billy & Todd are now my second favorite soap couple. Like you, Anthony, I’ve never been a Sean fan but the scenes with Eileen and then with Billy in the church were really well done and made me feel Sean’s pain. It humanized him in a way that we rarely see. I didn’t even mind his bitching because I thought he did have cause, and I even laughed at the bit about the Bette Midler doll.

    I have no idea where EastEnders plans to take Ben now, but I’ve grown to like him and am happy to go along for the ride. I’ve always thought Babe was superfluous but the show needed a villain and pulled her name out of the hat. I’m going to enjoy her comeuppance. I’m sorry to see Andy go because he was nice eye candy though I have to admit I quite fancy Martin Fowler.

  4. I definitely agree with your comments regarding Sonny Kiriakas abandoning Arianna immediately after her father, Will Horton, was MURDERED. At a time she needed him the most, he decides he cannot bear to be reminded of memories of Will so he leaves the day after burying Will. Of course, before he leaves he sees Paul one last time (at Will’s grave no less) to make sure Paul sticks around Salem if and when he decides to return to Salem after the “appropriate grieving time.” Which of course Paul is more than willing to promise his BFF. I lost respect for both characters on that spectacle alone.

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