Gays of Our Lives: Is He Or Isn’t He?



Emmerdale: Aaron is worried about Lachlan and Liv hanging out together.  Aaron forbids his sister to spend time with him, but Liv sneaks out and sees Lachlan anyway.  Aaron and Robert come up with a plan to help clear Andy of attempted murder, but will it work? Elsewhere, Lawrence is upset when Ronnie drops out of the business deal he had with Chrissie and demands to know why Ronnie is quitting.


Hollyoaks:   After Ste’s assault, Ryan lands in the hospital and Amy is furious.  Ste later learns that Ryan is one of the new village cops.   While everyone thinks Ryan is a good guy, Ste isn’t so sure, especially after he spies a bruise on Leah’s arm.  When it’s revealed that it was an accident and Ryan did nothing wrong, Ste has to apologize.  Later, Ste gets a new apartment and promises a skeptical Amy that he’ll clean up his act.

Elsewhere, Scott suggests that he and John Paul move into together.  Scott has found a place for them: Diego’s camper.  JP moves in, but it’s not long before he’s unhappy with the the situation.   Meanwhile, James decides to step up his plan to steal JP away from Scott and asks JP for a favor at the same time Scott makes plans for the evening for them.  Which man will JP spend the evening with?p0414pk6

People of the Valley:   Iolo and Tyler return from their vacation in London to make wedding plans, but an incident forces Iolo to have to relive the homophobic attack upon him.  Will he have an emotional setback?


Emmerdale:  Lawrence confronts Ronnie.

Hollyoaks:   John Paul is caught in the middle of a war between his parents.

People of the Valley:  Iolo and Tyler have trouble finding a venue for their wedding.

That’s it for this edition of Gays of Our Lives.   Please share your comments on the thoughts and opinions expressed in this week’s column below.  See you next week!



  1. My main issue with Corrie right now is the fact that Todd & Billy haven’t been on for weeks. Their storyline in itself is almost perfect. However, they are not getting enough screen time. It irks me that Sean of all people got screen time in yesterday’s episode, but no Todd or Billy! Do people really want to see more of Sean after his self pitying for the past few weeks? Ugh, he was insufferable. I’d much rather see more of Tilly (Todd & Billy), even individually I much prefer to see Todd or Billy over Sean. The Todd & Phelan feud is interesting, but again, it needs more screen time.

    I want to see more of James and John Paul on Hollyoaks, as I think James Nightingale is a very interesting character, call me crazy but I’m easily drawn to bad guys :) I also think JP and James have lots of chemistry and they would make a great couple! My main issue though, again, is much the same as with Corrie. They are simply not getting enough screen time. After James’ bet last week I was expecting something to happen on the John Paul front, yet nothing?! And there’s nothing in the spoilers either?! I’m just a bit confused as to why they would have James make that bet and then wait weeks for the actual storyline to start? Wouldn’t it have made more sense for the storyline to start with James’ bet? Oh well, I digress.

    I haven’t watched much Shortland Street, but I will definitely check it out now with this new arrival. Maybe he’s gay. I agree though that no matter what it’s definitely time for Jack to get a boyfriend, whether it’s Cam or someone else.

  2. On one Emmerdale episode early last week, Chrissie’s eye makeup was ridiculously over-the-top. I liked the twist that Andy may just go on the run until Chrissie’s scheme is exposed. I also like that Lachlan is showing a conscience over what Chrissie is doing to Andy. I dread any involvement with Liv, though, because I hate her character and want her to disappear. If the show pairs them, it will destroy Lachlan much like Ross was destroyed when he got paired with that intolerable Debbie. More Lawrence/Ronnie interaction? Yes, please.

    Glad to see Ben & Jay sharing a storyline again even if I’m uneasy about the path it looks like it will go down.

    To compensate for the absence of Iolo & Tyler, I found some old episodes and could swear there was a reference somewhere that Gethin & Dani are siblings. If so, wouldn’t that make Tyler Gethin’s brother? It’s never been mentioned since Tyler’s arrival. Also watched an episode with a gratuitous shirtless Iolo scene and…well…it turns out Tyler isn’t the only who’s built. Speaking of Tyler, the actor’s Instagram is heavy on shirtless men in Ibiza and very light on women.

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