‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: First Dates and Wicked Fates

Nina is charmed by “Theo”.


Jax returned to Port Charles.

Jax returned to Port Charles.

Jax was back last week and it was great to see the hunky Aussie again. Ingo Rachmacher and Laura Wright still have excellent chemistry and this kidney mystery really needed Jax’s presence. I’m not sure how I feel about the hint that Jax did something really bad to save Joss. Loving parents will usually go the extra mile for their kids but ill-gotten body parts is a whole other ballpark. That would also mean that Jax was aware that Jake’s kidney couldn’t be used. I think it’s more likely that Jax is protecting Jerry. Jerry was in cahoots with Helena and got the kidney for little Joss.

Despite the addition of Jax, I’m still a bit bored with this story line. I just don’t really care who Joss’ kidney used to belong to. There are a lot (and I mean a lot) of other unanswered questions in Port Charles right now that I would rather have given this amount of attention. Maybe this week will change my mind.

Art Of Darkness

Franco and Liz talked art over dinner.

Franco and Liz talked art over dinner.

I love the pairing of Franco and Liz a.k.a. Friz, as I’m sure you all know, but I going to be a little critical of the set up for their date. What works for this pairing and has managed to gain them a cult following is that they are quirky and sweet. We got to see a lot of that aspect on their date – the painting of Liz, finding a connection in their love of art, Franco cooking dinner and the flower in the smily face mug. It was pretty adorable. It would have been more adorable though if it had a better beginning. Liz being so timid and Franco being a creepier was done for the benefit of the serial killer plot not the pairing. Liz isn’t afraid of Franco. She’s let her son see him for art therapy, invited him into her home and ogled him in the locker room. The audience already knows that Franco isn’t the killer so this was all unnecessary.

Outside of the bad beginning, Franco and Liz’s date was exactly what their fans wanted. I thought Franco’s portrait of Liz was romantic and I loved seeing them talk about art. She’s bringing out a new artistic side in him and he’s tapping into a part of Liz that she thought was gone. We got a glimpse of what their relationship could be and I liked it. I also liked that Liz, unbeknownst to him, saved Franco. Franco’s assumption that she didn’t believe in him provided some nice angst. I’d like to see GH show how Liz’s past mistakes, along with Franco’s history, effects their relationship. Liz defended Ric only to later find out about his panic room, financially supported Lucky while he became an addict, etc. Considering her bad track record it’s not hard to see why she was hesitant to put her faith in Franco when the cops first accused him of killing patients. I’m looking forward to seeing them work through things.

Couples of the week: Liz and Franco, Nina and Valentin, Scotty and Lucy

Lines of the week: “Look at me. Always on fleek.”-Darby

“I’d buy what you’re selling.”-Scotty

“There’s a string of unsolved murders because the police suck at their job.”-Franco

“Not everything I do is sinister.”-Claudette

“There’s always more to the story behind that stupid smile.”-Sonny

“I think I’m offended.”-Calry “And I think you’re deflecting.”-Jax

“You’re going to be the first to know seeing how you’re so good at keeping a secret.”-Finn

For a look at what’s ahead, checkout our General Hospital Spoilers.

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  1. Thanks for commenting Toya! Sam is one of my favorite characters when she’s given a good story. Hoping her pregnancy leads to a lot of good Davis girl scenes. Would be nice if this was a happy, trouble-free pregnancy too but this is GH LOL
    The actor who plays Valentin is sexy and talented but I would like the character to get a little bit more villainous.
    Completely understand what you’re saying about Franco & Friz. I love the chemistry between Becky and Roger and love the sweet moments they get to play. The writers really need to keep it on track though and be very careful with their choices.

  2. I enjoyed the article. I agreed with just about everything. I’m not happy about this pregnancy for Sam because I loathe baby stories, but I’m happy this new story focuses on Sam and maybe it’ll give her the chance to get more family scenes with Danny and Davis Girls. I hope that they allow her to have a POV and no make it all about Jason’s man pain.

    I’m disappointed so far with Valentin. He’s not what was expected hoping for a plot twist.

    I’m on neutral standing with Friz. So the writing is gonna sway how I feel about this couple. I hate the character of Franco for past crimes against my Queen Sam lol but I love RoHo and his spin on the character. I also love Liz. I love the artistic aspect of their relationship and Franco’s drawing was romantic and sweet. Something Liz need… But it’s Franco you get my dilimma right? 😅😅😅

    I hate how they’re writing Jax. I hope it’s a good reason he’s being so shady about the kidney business.

    Overall GH is lacking in depth, and family and friend connections. The writers and script rewriters keep missing important emotional beats. Plus GH is boring and the SL don’t flow well together.

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