Days of our Lives Week in Review: (Another) New Era Begins, Outlook TBD

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Pot and Kettle

Photo Credit: © XJ Johnson/JPI Studios
Photo Credit: © XJ Johnson/JPI Studios

The custody battle was fun to watch at first with two of DAYS’ best actors pitted against one another in emotionally charged scenes. But now I just want it to end, to never be talked about again so everyone including the viewers can just move on. The tension it provided was top notch but towards the middle, the storyline really lost the plot. The crusade to save Thomas from Chad Dimera was baseless and that should have been brought up, as should the fact that both Chad and Jennifer Horton were fueled by the grief of their loss. But it had to fall right back into a being another “Dimera means evil” paint by numbers story, and everyone involved in said story deserved better.

Chad and Jennifer began their week butting heads once again. I had been so excited to see where this little war could have gone, but the same arguments continued to arise even after one participant had a major relapse and another’s depression sank deeper. Situations have changed yet the argument remained the same. Jennifer wanted Thomas away from Chad because he was too sad and Chad did not want his son to be raised by an addict. Then, as if it was the end all to everything, Jennifer threw in the fact that her grandson had to be protected from all things Dimera. Did she forget when she too almost carried the same last name? Compared to that time when Dimeras were rising from the dead, cloning and brainwashing, the petty schemes they’ve sadly become known for in recent years aren’t much to be afraid of. Yet Jennifer could not seem to move on from her fear of the last name itself. That’s a little childish if you ask me.

In the definite highlight of the week, Chad broke down once again reminiscing about the love of his life, Abigail Dimera. He’d always had hope that maybe she hadn’t really died but it’s apparent that bit by bit, day by day that hope has been dying. He literally sat down and talked to a photo of her about the life they were supposed to share. Then in a fit of rage, Chad remembered the renovations he’d promised to do for her and began to smash everything in his sight. Good thing Jennifer had already left by then! At her house, most of her family had congregated to offer support to the grieving mother. To Adrienne Johnson and Lucas Horton, Jennifer confided her feelings about Thomas perhaps not being safe in Chad’s care. Then in a total applause worthy move, Lucas noted how Chad was always kind to Will Horton (and outside of a few mind games, his track record compared to other Dimeras is sparkling clean) but Jennifer did not want to hear any of it. She didn’t even want to begin planning her daughter’s memorial service. If that isn’t a clear sign of an aversion to the truth then I don’t know what is. DAYS viewers need more Lucas to dole out this truth to these poor deluded people of Salem.

Through in more Lucas with a healthy dose of Belle and everyone in town might be a little happier and probably more stable too. It’s Belle that came across Chad in the aftermath of his violent redecorating and after a little worry, the two new friends laugh the situation off as Chad seemed to have come to the other side. Destroying priceless furniture is not my form of therapy but to Chad it proved to be cathartic. Later, Belle and Chad run into Jennifer, Adrienne and Lucas at lunch and of course yet another confrontation set off. But this time, there finally seemed to be a conclusion to the constant back and forth when Jennifer suggests that maybe Adrienne and Lucas should care for Thomas in the meantime. Although I do not like the allusion that a widower cannot take care of a child on his own, Chad’s drinking has seemed to become an issue; although I don’t like what seems to be the notion that women can only be tough or fragile, nowhere in between, I do not think Jennifer should be with Thomas either. Maybe this could be work?

Photo Credit: © XJ Johnson/JPI Studios

Laura Horton later arrived on Jennifer’s doorstep, announcing that she had something to tell her daughter about Abigail. Did the presumed dead young woman visit her grandmother before boarding that “doomed” plane? Maybe she sought some guidance about her mental issues, the same issues that Laura shared as did Laura’s mother? I’m curious to see just how this arrival will turn this story but I hope it will be into something new. Focus on the hunt for Abigail as Thomas will now be in safe hands. Someone clearly has taken the young mother as we saw just a glimpse of her distraught and captive – but where? And just who was her captor? Abigail will be back to our screens in the very near future with a different face but undoubtedly with some of the same issues, if not more now!

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