Days of our Lives Week in Review: (Another) New Era Begins, Outlook TBD

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We’ve finally made it to the other side on Days of our Lives, reaching that point where all of those promises made over the last few months can finally start to be seen. Will they come true or will we be let down again?

Another reboot is on its way to Days of Our Lives and I’m sure it’s not only fans but actors and other staff members are hoping that this one will stick. Only time will tell as Ken Corday has been excited about making changes to his parents’ show every few years now, thinking the problem cured in the beginning only to watch the show sicken again and again; he’s praising DAYS’ new direction set to kick off next week which meant most of this last week was to tie up the last regime’s stories and tease new ones. Surprisingly, it was a pretty enjoyable week, effectively piquing interest for what might be coming down the line for our favorite Salemites (unlike that cliffhanger before the Olympics this year).

But even with that hope that the show will make better changes that will hold strong, there will always be a great amount of doubt tied in together. Dena Higley has a decade long history of what she knows how to do in Salem but the real wild card, the most exciting part about these new stories is Ryan Quan. Soaps in the US have been in dire need of fresh blood at the helm for years now and could this new outlook be the cure for what ails DAYS? Only time will tell. But until then, onto the highlights of this last week in Salem!

Week in Review for Days of Our Lives episodes airing August 29th – September 2nd.

A Woman Scorned

Give it up for Kate Roberts, finally the longtime femme fatale has been showing more and more of the character that’s made her so infamous yet beloved. Kate is at her best when misbehaving not chasing after men to mistreat her and belittle her, the Kate that DAYS fans are familiar with has long since risen above that yet it’s all we’ve seen for months now. With new writers taking up the reins of the show, is there hope for life to finally be breathed back into Kate?

Even after making a big stink of it with a celebratory gala, Julie Olson decided to give up on her bed and breakfast venture with Doug, choosing instead to take care of Jennifer Horton full time. Her cousin had a lot on her plate and handling it alone was clearly becoming a major issue. The buyer looking into the place is interestingly Kate, always looking for a new business to lead but after falling out with Deimos Kiriakis (how dare he evict her over attempted murder?), she also needed a place to live! Julie was believable as the loving granny bouncing from room to room ensuring every guest’s pillows were well fluffed, but can anyone imagine Kate doing the same? Not likely. I almost wished the viewers could have seen Julie’s reaction to what Kate’s vision for the B&B was to be instead but instead her call is interrupted by the arrival of youngest son, Phillip Kiriakis and Chloe Lane. It’s apparent to everyone in the room that they’re on a mission. This time, it was to announce that Chloe was carrying his child – for real this time! Kate’s idea was for a paternity test, weighing Chloe’s past history against this sudden announcement which of course did not go over well with the “couple”. For some reason, Phillip believed his mother bought their rushed story when she left Club TBD, not at all suspecting that her gears were still whirring, crafting up a way to settle this matter. What a rookie mistake, Phillip.

All it took was a phone call to set these flimsy lies aflame. Kate knew too much, much more than Phillip probably knew she knew and it all centered on Deimos. There was something between Deimos and Chloe, Kate remembered questioning the younger Kiriakis brother about it and decided to play a bit of a trick. In a sly, classic Kate move she phoned Deimos pretending to be Chloe’s OB-GYN. Deimos proved to be confused so Kate ended the call, claiming she’d get in touch with Chloe another way thus setting the wheel in motion. Now it was Deimos’ gears whirring in his head, putting the pieces together about their time spent after his accident which would surely poke major holes in Chloe and Phillip’s already faulty plan. Though it was a light scheme, it felt almost like a light version of a crazy scheme she’d pull against Sami Brady back in the day – except without disguises and drawn out set ups.

Had Julie known that Kate was teaming up with Andre Dimera for a grand revenge plot on top of kicking out every single tenant from the Martin house, I’m sure she would have rethought selling the house to her. That argument would have been hilarious to watch but it was still pretty funny how nonchalant Kate was when she let Phillip know she’d done the later, leaving the house all to herself now. But Phillip was not there for chit-chat, instead he was on the hunt for a check, still eager to buy Belle Black out of his record company so he could settle his feelings for her. Yawn. Kate felt the same way but agreed to give him the money only if he admitted to not fathering Chloe’s baby to which he stormed off. Of course he got the money in the end though, Phillip is Kate’s baby, the child she coddles the most.

But will the money come with stipulations? Chloe seemed to think it might just be a bribe and she’s probably right. Kate seems to be thinking two steps ahead of everyone lately and I’m excited to see what comes next. If you’ve read spoilers then you know and what a twist that was! How long has it been since DAYS pulled off a twist? I wished the spoilers could have kept it quiet until the episodes aired, or at least only slightly teased it but it will be exciting to get into the plot this coming week. I have a feeling this is just the beginning of what Kate has in store for Salem.

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