Gays of our Lives: The Water Runs Deep


Days of Our Lives –   As the three villains continue to terrorize Salem, Sonny tells Paul a secret to help capture them.  Later, John and Paul get bad news when the bad guys kidnap someone close to them both.


EastEnders:  Paul’s killers are about to go on trial and Ben worries they won’t plead guilty.  Pam wants to confront the killers to convince them to be honest, but Les and Ben think it’s a bad idea.  Despite that, Pam tries to see them anyway, but it told she can’t.  Pam refuses to give up and comes up with a plan to get her in touch with the men who killed her grandson.

Holby City:   Issac asks Dom to move in with him. Dom agrees, but telling his current roommate Zosia about his plans causes problems when Dom hesitates to do so.


Neighbours:  Aaron sets up a double date with Leo and Leo’s twin brother David, whom Aaron’s friend Amy is interested in.  But are Aaron and Amy interested in the wrong brother?  Meanwhile, David and Leo are being secretive about the real reason they’ve come to town, but Karl is on the verge of exposing them.


People of the Valley:    Iolo and Tyler are still angry with each other after Iolo discovered that Tyler was the one who called the cops on Meleri.  But things get worse when Meleri’s court date arrives and Iolo disappears, leaving Tyler to wonder if Iolo will testify against his attacker.  Or is there a more sinister reason why Iolo hasn’t showed up?


A Place To Call Home –  James and Henry share their love just as Harry re-enters the picture.

Days Of Our Lives –   Paul, John, Roman, JJ and Steve work together to rescue the kidnap victims.

EastEnders – Pam’s actions could result in Paul’s killers going free.

Hollyoaks:  Ste fights to spend more time with his kids.

Neighbours  –  Aaron realizes that David is not interested in him..

People of the Valley –   Iolo is reluctant to give Colin bad news.

That’s it for this edition of Gays of Our Lives.   Please share your comments on the thoughts and opinions expressed in this week’s column below.  See you next week!



  1. Quite frankly I think it was a mistake to have Todd go bad. It undercuts all the progress he has made the last 6 months or so as a character. It wasn’t even well done. In the blink of an eye he changed from the caring and unselfish to selfish and manipulative. I wish they’d shown this progression over time. I just don’t buy Todd going bad overnight, his motivations don’t make sense. I guess we are supposed to assume he has always been that guy deep down. But again.. it really looked like he had changed, so I find it hard to accept. Not only that, but I’m sick of the “evil gay” trope you sometimes see on soaps. It was bad enough with Robert on Emmerdale, don’t need Todd on Corrie too. I actually preferred good Todd. I prefer to see characters grow, evolve.. change into a better being. Having him revert back to his old self is boring and repetitive. It happens far too often. In this case he clearly just called the bishop so the producer would have a reason for him to go bad again. It was a means to an end, a plot point. I’d rather see good characterization and character development than stupid plot driven drama.

    Don’t even get me started on Todd showing no remorse, I completely agree with you Anthony. Having him show no remorse for what he did doesn’t sit well with me. I truly believe, or at least hope, that Todd despite his flaws would be able to realize what he did was wrong, admit it, and apologize, but he didn’t. He will never admit to being wrong. He won’t even look at it from Billy’s point of view. Even if Billy now questions his place in the church, what he did was still wrong. What Billy decides to do with his life is Billy’s choice and his alone. I wish he would realize that, but I guess he never will. Would have been nice to see some growth from Todd though, but the producer obviously doesn’t think so, oh well.

  2. The Ste/Harry relationship is not only unpleasant, it’s also relentlessly dull. I saw someone using them as an example of believable m/m couples on soaps and I wondered what I’ve been missing.

    The main reason Robert gets more sympathetic writing now is because of Robron becoming popular and Ryan Hawley being so charismatic and handsome (and a decent actor). Last year the characters were more than happy to repeatedly call him abusive and a murderer. He never should have been written that way, given that he was born on the show and has spent 30 years on it, off and on.

    Pierce is a plot device. I wish he was more, as Jonathan Wrather is very good and makes Pierce interesting, and Pierce and Rhona are far more believable and compelling than Rhona and Paddy have ever been, but he’s a plot device. Similar to the lovely Ronnie Hale (I’ll be shocked if he makes it out of the year alive), and Belle’s boyfriend Jermaine.

  3. I love they brought Harry back in A Place to Call Home, but it would be a most interesting thing to bring Will, Olivia’s brother, into his life again. We never met him in the present time.

  4. I consider it another one of Robert’s murder attempts. Maybe he would prefer that she merely be seriously injured, but he at the very least considered her death to be an acceptable risk. I’m annoyed that Robert isn’t treated like a proper villain. Compare the way the show treats him and Pierce. Robert has repeatedly tried to kill people (and did kill one person), verbally attacked Aaron in the most vicious way, and even kidnapped Aaron and held him at gunpoint. Despite all of this, he is treated like a good brother and boyfriend when he returns home from his schemes. Pierce has shown a few signs of dangerous anger issues, and the show treats his scenes with Rhona ominously.

    Frankly, I’m surprised that Ste made it through his grand opening. His last two first days involved sending his boyfriend to fill in for him and getting sick because he was taking drugs. I agree that we shouldn’t be sympathetic to Ste’s custody demands. I could sympathize with him wanting to work something out with Amy to see them more regularly, but he has no right to make demands when Amy rightly should worry that the first time it’s his day to take them he’ll ask her to take them or dump them on Harry so that he can get high.

    I’m also wondering a lot about what Harry gets out of the relationship. He’s constantly doing things for Ste, often at a personal cost, but I can’t remember the last time Ste did anything special for him or to help him out.

  5. Hollyoaks would never do this, but the most realistic story for Ste would be him overdosing and dying in a gutter somewhere. The aftermath would be lots of characters expressing relief that he is gone and saying he is in a better place. I like saucy Leah telling him what’s what.

    Emmerdale is giving Victoria something to do other than whinging on about how Robert and Andy hate each other, and I like that she’s in the know about what happened. She and Robert make a good team.

    Even if Tyler and Iolo were not engaged, Iolo was sheltering his attacker in the house that he shares with Tyler – which completely justifies Tyler’s call to the police. Iolo is adorable but can be hard work, and I like that Tyler told him his patience had run out and walked away. But I also still hope they manage to reunite.

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