Teresa Castillo Out at ‘General Hospital’

Teresa Castillo
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Teresa Castillo’s four-year run on ABC’s General Hospital has come to an end. The fan favorite’s alter ego, Sabrina Santiago, was brutally murdered by serial-killing district attorney Paul Hornsby in the September 14, 2016 episode.

In the new issue of Soap Opera Digest (on sale this Friday), the actress recounts how she learned of her character’s fate. “Frank Valentini called me into his office about two-and-a-half months ago. It was at the end of the day and he said, ‘They’ve decided to kill Sabrina.'”

The actress says it was a bittersweet moment due to her love for the character and the show, but “you learn to not get too attached to jobs as an actor, you know?” She had kind words for her executive producer, who informed her about her exit well before he had to and complimented him on his hard work and dedication to the show.

Castillo joined the cast in 2012 as the shy, meek Nurse Santiago. The love struck caregiver was head over heels for the grieving Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson), who was involved with villainous bully Dr. Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud). Sabrina spearheaded the return of the famed Nurses’ Ball, teaming up with best friend Felix and the returning Lucy Coe to bring resurrect the event. Sabrina’s “ugly duckling” became a swan and she soon hooked her man!

Sabrina and Michael during happier times. Photo Credit: © Howard Wise/JPI Studios

Sabrina and Michael during happier times. Photo Credit: © Howard Wise/JPI Studios

Sabrina’s happiness with Patrick was short-lived as not only did Patrick leave her for his not-so-dead-wife, but she later lost their child in a tragic accident. Sabrina spiraled into darkness, which led to her losing her job. On the other side of that darkness she found love with Michael Corinthos Quartermaine, but the reappearance of her problematic ex-lover caused problems, and after trying to pass her second pregnancy off as Michael’s, she fled town with her ex after the truth was revealed. In recent months, Sabrina and Michael have been working to rebuild their relationship as she raises her baby.

How will Michael deal with the news of Sabrina’s death? Who will raise her son?

Share your thoughts on the surprise exit below.

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  1. I have watched GH for 30 years and was loyal, until last week I watched in horror as my favorite character and actress murdered when Paul chocked her to death!..Sabrina Costello was dead, and this was a TERRIBLE MISTAKE!..Sabrina was the heart of this soap! Sabrina had so much storyline left, with the man she loved Michael , and baby Teddy!..Why do this to this to her fans at a time when GH is dying!
    Teresa is a wonderful actress, and she was the only reason I watched this soap!..There are millions of us Sabrina fans who are doing everything we can to bring Sabrina and Teresa back!..We are signing pettions, writing letters, sending e-mails,and calling everyone at ABC!
    I will fight back and never give up, because GH is dead without Sabrina and Teresa!..I hope we won’t have to stop watching, but I will if !

  2. This was a terrible mistake. I like Sabrina and Michael together. The writing staff is not making good decisions as of late. You need to quit bringing in new people and play the actors they have. It is too overcrowded

  3. I agree with you 100%.
    The writers are making the actors look stupid no wonder some are leaving.

  4. So not happy with GH will you ever let Michael be happy!!!! You always seem to get rid of the good ones. Now let’s do one thing right and have Elizabeth help Hayden and let them get closer and be a family. Leave Sam and Jason alone let’s see them happy like Luke and Laura were for so many years they need this baby and some joy on both sides of the family

  5. I feel it is stupid and wrong…I’m NOT happy with GH at all..she is a GREAT TALENT that GH NEEDS…BAD decision on the producers, writers etc…part…rethink and BRING HER BACK…LET HER AND MICHAEL BE HAPPY

  6. Hi, Teresa.

  7. Bring back Sabrina please. I can’t believe you killed off such a talented actress. The story line won’t be the same. Poor Michael, what will he do without her. I wish you would reconsider and bring her back.

  8. SO upset!! What BS!! Why get rid of one of the good ones? 😡😡😡

  9. Felicia should be mayor since she really won the election.

  10. He has actually been 5 characters including two on Port Charles.

  11. Why did they kill her off ?

  12. This sucks. I was always rooting for Sabrina. I haven’t seen GH in almost 2 months, after being an avid watcher since ’82. Just something about the soap has turned me off….and now this. Oh well…34 yrs…it was a good run.

  13. I am very upset that Sabrina was murdered. Please don’t do this !!! If you can bring back Michael Easton 3 different times in 3 different characters certainly you can bring back Sabrina

  14. She never really had a storyline since Patrick. I think the right decision was made. She was expendable. Michael had no chemistry with her. Next they need to get rid of Parker and Christina. GH has a lot of non- essential cast members. They need a new Mayor and police commissioner. When a mob lord can walk into an unattended jail cell and a prisoner is forced to spend the night sitting in a chair, they need to clean house and bring the PCPD up to where they protect their citizens. It’s a joke

  15. Another big let down from GH. They seem to be real good at that lately. GHhas done a complete 180 in downward spiral. All’s u read now is how boring it is, how disappointed people are, how disrespectful and rude Frank and some writers are to fans, definitely have proven they don’t care about fans and how they feel, a lot of people not wanting to even watch anymore. I hope something changes. Sabrina should of never been killed off. And now Nick gone, Took amazing S/L of Kristina/Parker and sunk that. GH needs changes somewhere before they loose it all!

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