Gays of our Lives: Getting It Straight

Emmerdale  (U.K.)

screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-9-48-28-pmI never cared for Holly Barton.  I thought the character was terrible and the actress horrendous and I never understood why the show brought her back.  But I see she returned for this drug storyline just so they could kill her off and I think that was a wise decision.

Showing that not everybody recovers from drug addiction and some people don’t get past it is a powerful statement.   Usually on soaps drug users get over it and have a relapse when the writers get lazy can run out of ideas for the character.

But this sends a chilling message to the viewer that sometimes drug users end up killing themselves, leaving nothing but sadness and regret and devastation in their wake.  Kudos to the show for telling this story and keeping Holly’s death a complete secret to the viewers. US soaps would have spoiled it to get audience attention.  Then again, they wouldn’t have told the story to begin with.

Holby City  (U.K.)

I do think Dom and Issac are moving awfully fast so there’s undoubtedly drama ahead when they realize that.  Their chemistry is terrific though so I’m delighted things are moving forward with them.   I liked that final scene between Zosia and Dom.  With Arthur gone and them moving on, it really is the end of an era.

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

Poor Mercedes.  I really liked she and Joe together. I hope they can work it out.  I think they’re a good match.  It’s nice to see John Paul with his family.  He’s usually MIA for a lot of their drama.  I wonder what’s up with Diego?  Like everyone else, I figured he had a secret.

Neighbours (Australia)

snapshot-4I did like Amy shading Aaron about flirting with Leo.  That was funny.

The show is being very heavy handed that Brad is David and Leo’s secret dad, but Brad seems kind of young.  Plus, Brad has already had a couple of secret kids pop up over the last two years so doing it again with twins would be overkill.

I do like that David and Leo are so close.  Their bond is sweet.

I’m not seeing much chemistry between David and Aaron, but they haven’t interacted much yet.  And I still think for a straight guy Leo is awfully flirty with Aaron.

Honestly though David seems kind of meh as a character and I think he and Aaron would make another boring gay couple.  Hope I’m wrong.


People of the Valley  (Wales)

screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-9-01-13-amSo that’s it? What a lame way to wrap up this story.  I’m glad the guys are back together and they are very sweet together as always, but the conclusion to this story was poorly handled. First of all, it’s great that Iolo testified, but I thought the trial was sloppy and I’m not even a lawyer.  Iolo’s testimony was weak and all over the place.

He admitted he barely saw anything and it happened very fast.  He actually didn’t even identify Mel as his attacker.  So why in the world would she confess?   Moreover, why would her attorney let her confess before cross-examining Iolo?  Not that I wanted Mel to get away with her crimes, but any good defense attorney could have shredded Iolo apart on the stand. Mel could have walked.

Did she testify because she felt guilty?   Is that why she then went on to turn in her boyfriend.  Is it what the show wants us to believe?  Yet that goes against the character who spent weeks manipulating Iolo into feeling sorry for her so he wouldn’t testify.  So much of this story made little sense and took great leaps in plot and emotional logic to get where it wanted to be. This wrap up only adds to that.

I also think after all the drama and shouting and breaking their engagement, Iolo and Tyler got back together far too quickly and didn’t really address why they split to begin with.  That said, since they are reunited and the story is over, I do hope they show lets the guys get married now and have a little happiness before the next drama.


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I watch a lot of television, probably too much. But can you really watch too much TV? I've yet to find out. Anyway, I especially love TV when they give us positive portrayals of gays, something that has gotten better but we're still fighting for. I've written about gays in television for many years first at the much missed After Elton, then New Now Next and now at TV Source. It's kind of a passion of mine and I look forward to sharing it with you.


  1. I watched the scenes with them so far. We’ve seen this story a million times before so I expect it’s a coming out story/romance with David and Rhys.

  2. There’s a Welsh soap opera (Rownd A Rownd on S4C with English subtitles on the BBC’s iPlayer if you can access that) and currently Rhys (a mechanic) is attracted to David (a businessman) who has a hairdresser girlfriend (Dani). David’s been innocuous with Rhys so far (about four scenes together) but I’m assuming they’re going to have an affair. (I might be wrong.) The show’s on twice a week: Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  3. I was so mad at Regina getting indignant about how George treated her after she raped him. It made seeing her torn down at the end so much sweeter.

    I can’t want Ste to get custody when he is already putting his current responsibilities onto Harry. When Ste can take care of himself without needing his teenage boyfriend to do everything for him, I might consider him ready to take care of other people.

    I was surprised by Holly’s death. They didn’t even tease that someone was going to die (like they are with the next few weeks). She was actually tolerable recently (and Jai as well). For most of her return, she was doing horrible drug related things and then acting confusing and hurt when people got mad at her about it. I’m still not sad to see her go since tolerable isn’t the same as enjoyable. I did like seeing Aaron rushing back to England to comfort Adam. It’s a shame that they don’t have more scenes together.

    I’m confused about how the legal system works in EastEnders. How does what Pam did or Ben before her risk the case? I could see it getting them into some trouble, but would a judge throw out a murder charge because the victim’s mother talked to the murderer’s mother?

  4. Meanwhile, on “General Hospital”, Lucas (and mother Bobbie) being attacked by the hospital serial killer was completely retconned away when Paul ridiculously explained his motive. Apparently, it just never happened. I hate this show so much.

  5. Emmerdale has been pretty good in the few weeks that Aaron was off the canvas. I hope the actress who plays Moira gets recognized at the soap awards next year.

    On Hollyoaks, Mercedes is one of those characters who has had so many dramatic storylines and is so abrasive that I get character fatigue – kind of like with Sammy Brady on DOOL. Speaking of MIA, when John Paul came down the stairs holding that little girl (I think it’s Mercedes’ kid but am not sure), I wondered where the hell his own son is. John Paul being a dad to Matthew should be a big factor in his stories rather than an afterthought. And I felt bad for Jesse and cheered when he knocked Celine back even if I thought he should have been more upset than he was.

    I hated the Mel story on People of the Valley and will accept a clumsy, illogical ending if it means we are done with it.

  6. Is this the final season of A Place to Call Home? I remember they renewed for two seasons after they de-canceled the show in season 2. Also, the actor who do James was casted on another show (Outland).

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