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Gays of Our Lives: The Eyes Have It


EastEnders  (U.K.)

Those scenes between Pam and Simon’s mother were strong and wonderfully acted. Seeing Paul and hearing Pam talk about him made realize how much I liked the character. Had me misting over to be honest.  Solid, powerful drama.  And I loved Kathy using Ben’s history there.  Perfect.

But I honestly don’t see how Pam talking to Simon’s mother could jeopardize the case in any way.  The show doesn’t seem to explain it either.  They just state it as fact with nothing to back it up.


I’m gonna guess the only reason the show had the guys plead guilty was because they wanted to end the story and move on (that and the actors playing Pam and Les have been fired). Usually you’d get a long, ugly soapy trial, but I presume the show has other things in mind for Ben.

Everybody being there for Ben, Pam and Les wearing ‘End Hate Crime’ shirts was a nice touch.

I’m glad the show is promising a story for Johnny because so far his return has been a bust.  The actor is cute and talented.  He should be more than a backdrop.  But do not rush him into a romance with Ben.  Connect him with bad boy Steven first and then bring Ben around for a triangle.

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

I’m really not up for watching another ‘Ste suffers and cries’ storyline.  I’ve seen enough of them and got bored with them long ago.  Besides, there’s a lot of overacting so far and that’s not a good thing.

Of course, Hollyoaks had these memory loss symptoms happen all at once and out of nowhere rather than taking a slow approach and have things occur over time, which is how something like this would actually take place.


As for the rest Amy had every reason to be pissed about Ste putting Leah in that contest without asking her.  And Ste’s ‘I’m her dad so I can do what I want’ is not good parenting.  But then Ste has always been an awful dad.  I agree with Ryan that joint custody should be out of the question until Ste gets his act together.  Like Ryan said, Ste can say he’s changed, but he needs to prove it and he hasn’t done that yet.  Amy is being more generous than I would.

But the show is clearly going to portray Ryan as the bad guy in all this (and they’re making Amy come off as shrill and unreasonable) to make Ste look good rather than actually have Ste become a better and more responsible person.

In other words, Ste suffers and cries, terrible things happen, he acts out and does stupid things.   But the viewers should somehow feel sorry for him and everybody else is either bad or evil.  Then the crisis is resolved until the show comes up with a new and even more ludicrous calamity for Ste.

No thanks.

Neighbours (Australia)

Well, at least they didn’t have Aaron chasing after Leo for too long.  This whole thing is boring though.  I’m just not that interested in a coming out story, especially with such dull characters.   And I suspect Aaron and David will have zero chemistry.   I am curious who the guys’ dad is though.  But that curiosity is mild at best.  Hopefully this will all get better.  But this isn’t a good start.

People of the Valley  (Wales)

Why is the show rushing everything with Iolo and Tyler?  They rushed through dating, rushed through getting married and before they get down the aisle they are talking about having kids already?  They just broke up last week (for about the thousandth time) and shouldn’t even be getting married yet, but they think they are ready to start a family?  

How about some marital drama and stuff before bringing kids into it.  It just seems like a lazy idea when there are lots of other stories for them first.  Don’t get me wrong, I love these guys so much.  They are sweet and charming and the actor’s chemistry is off the charts.  I just want the show to take their time with them and not rush from plot beat to plot beat.   


But I just suspect their next story will revolve around them having kids.  And that’s just not that interesting.  Besides, didn’t they just do a long storyline about Sheryl and Hywel having a baby and then the baby died and they ended up adopting that African child and all that drama?   You’d think the show would delay any baby talk between Iolo and Tyler for that reason alone.

I do think there will be some drama surrounding Tyler’s estrangement from his mother.  The show telegraphed that one.  That might be interesting.

The only thing I do agree with is them asking Colin to move out.  Iolo and Tyler are young and getting married.  They should have their own home. 

Rownd A Rownd (Wales)

Well, having seen this story a thousand times it’s pretty obvious where it’s headed.  Rhys and David will have a secret affair and fall in love.  Closeted David will struggle with his sexuality and deny his feelings.  


It’ll all come out in the worst possible way and then Rhys and David will get together and try to make it work between them.  We might even see David’s girlfriend get pregnant along the way to add some spice.  Been there, done that.

David’s cute though.  That’s something, I guess.

This Life  (Canada)

I enjoyed this strange little series last season and was glad to hear it had been renewed.   I liked Oliver and his story, but I wished the show had used him more.  So I wasn’t thrilled when upon the show’s return, we only saw him in two scenes and they had little to do with him.  


Fortunately, the producers have said that Oliver will have a much bigger part in this new season than last.  I hope so.  Oliver’s an interesting character and the actor charming and talented.  I’d hate to see him go to waste.

But I do not want his storyline to be his parenting Romy.  No, no, no, no.


Anthony D. Langford
I watch a lot of television, probably too much. But can you really watch too much TV? I've yet to find out. Anyway, I especially love TV when they give us positive portrayals of gays, something that has gotten better but we're still fighting for. I've written about gays in television for many years first at the much missed After Elton, then New Now Next and now at TV Source. It's kind of a passion of mine and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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  1. Ste’s brain damage doesn’t make his case for custody any stronger. If he can take his kids out of school or punch somebody while blacking out, why would people trust him to take care of his kids. It reminds me of Ashley on Emmerdale.

  2. Derrick’s returning to Days of our Lives? Yes, please! That’s one way to get me to watch more regularly.

    I’m liking the Emmerdale spoilers for Robert & Aaron – except for the marriage bit. I don’t see either of them as the marrying kind.

    It was only 6 months ago that Tyler was hooking up with guys off Volcano right under Iolo’s nose, so I agree with you this is a confusing rush on People of the Valley. I thought it was sweet how Iolo consoled Tyler on his lack of family by saying “You’re about to be related to me” but wasn’t prepared for their chat about having kids that immediately followed.

    EastEnders has been really good the last few weeks overall. It was a nice bit of character development that the End Hate Crimes t-shirt idea was Linda’s.

  3. Øyevitne is Norwegian :) the original can be found on YouTube with English subtitles. It says actually that the subtitles are in Swedish but it is English, not perfect English but you can follow the story!

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