Gays of Our Lives: The Eyes Have It


A Place To Call Home:  While James may not remember his past with Harry, the Bligh family sure does and they want Harry gone before James sees him again and his memory starts to return.  James being with a man is bad enough, but James being with a poor man is something they can’t tolerate.  With the family lining up against her, Sarah stands her ground and refuses to let Harry be run off.  Eventually though Harry, not wanting to cause trouble for James, decides to leave on his own.  But will James’ memories return before Harry can go?


Days of Our Lives:  Paul and Gabi work to reunite Chad and Sonny following the breakdown of their friendship in the wake of the DiMera takeover of the Kiriakis shipping business.  Later, Sonny, Gabi and Lucas recognize the anniversary of Will’s death.  But Sonny might have to face another loss after Paul is attacked by Orpheus and his band of villains.  Sonny finds a bloody and unconscious Paul and rushes him to the hospital.  But is it too late?  Or if Paul survives, will this be a turning point in Paul and Sonny’s relationship?


EastEnders:  Les and Pam are leaving town and Ben helps them to say goodbye.  They pack Paul’s things up to donate to the homeless.  As that painful task is done, Ben realizes he has to make a big decision about his future as he moves on without Paul.  Also, Ben has a candid talk with Abi about their past and the mistakes they both made.


Emmerdale:  Robert gets an ally in his war against Chrissie when Rebecca, Chrissie’s sister comes to town.  Robert wants Rebecca’s help in proving that Lawrence isn’t Chrissie’s father.  Rebecca gets a DNA sample and they send it off.  Always having had a thing for Robert, Rebecca is intrigued by the closeness of Robert and Aaron, who are having a bit of uneasiness when the talk of marriage pops up.  Later, Rebecca makes a play for Robert, promising him half of Home Farm.  Robert can’t help but be tempted.


Hollyoaks:  At Leah’s first commercial shoot, Ste is upset and jealous when Ryan shows up to show his support, leading to an ugly fight between Ste and Ryan that enrages Amy.  Later, Ste goes to the hospital about his blackouts and is stunned to find out what is wrong with him.  As Ste is absorbing that news, Amy arrives to tell him she’s going for full custody of the kids.


Neighbours:  Aaron sets Amy and David up on a date.  But Aaron is shocked to make a realization about David that makes him question if David might be gay.  Aaron is getting mixed messages from David and he wonders if he should warn Amy.


Days of Our Lives:  Paul and Sonny are about to get it together, when Derrick reenters the picture.

Emmerdale:  Robert and Aaron face a terrible tragedy.

Neighbours: David is put in an uncomfortable position.

People of the Valley:  Chester threatens to ruin Tyler and Iolo’s wedding day.

That’s it for this edition of Gays of Our Lives.   Please share your comments on the thoughts and opinions expressed in this week’s column below.  See you next week!



  1. Ste’s brain damage doesn’t make his case for custody any stronger. If he can take his kids out of school or punch somebody while blacking out, why would people trust him to take care of his kids. It reminds me of Ashley on Emmerdale.

  2. Derrick’s returning to Days of our Lives? Yes, please! That’s one way to get me to watch more regularly.

    I’m liking the Emmerdale spoilers for Robert & Aaron – except for the marriage bit. I don’t see either of them as the marrying kind.

    It was only 6 months ago that Tyler was hooking up with guys off Volcano right under Iolo’s nose, so I agree with you this is a confusing rush on People of the Valley. I thought it was sweet how Iolo consoled Tyler on his lack of family by saying “You’re about to be related to me” but wasn’t prepared for their chat about having kids that immediately followed.

    EastEnders has been really good the last few weeks overall. It was a nice bit of character development that the End Hate Crimes t-shirt idea was Linda’s.

  3. Øyevitne is Norwegian :) the original can be found on YouTube with English subtitles. It says actually that the subtitles are in Swedish but it is English, not perfect English but you can follow the story!

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