Gays of Our Lives: Will Iolo Survive His Wedding Day on ‘People of the Valley’?

Eyewitness (U.S.)

vlcsnap-2016-10-31-09h55m53s711I figured that Ryan would have to murder Bella.   Not exactly a shocker, even though the show wanted it to be.

I’m enjoying the prickly, professional relationship between Helen and Kamiliah.  Their scenes together are fun.  Nice chemistry.

I found it interesting, but not shocking that despite the intense feelings they share, Lukas and Philip don’t know each other very well.  It’s hard to get to know someone when you only have stolen moments.   Makes you wonder if they had a regular relationship, would their feelings for each other change?

This episode kind of dragged.  Not much happened.  I feared that would be the case when the show was extended another 4 episodes past what the original series was.  It wasn’t bad though.  Just slow.

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

snapshot-4James and John Paul haven’t been on in so long I forgot they were sort of dating.

James had reason to be mad.  JP had no business telling Nathan anything, especially since it was told in confidence.  But JP always does this kind of stuff and then is hurt when the person who’s business he blabbed gets upset.

‘Chico, you know your name is Kevin.’  LOL!

JP says he’s a parent (wow, he remembered) so he can’t take the risk of being with James?  He never thought that when he was with Ste, who was far more volatile and dangerous as a boyfriend than James could ever be.

I still like James and JP together.  I hope they work it out.

Nathan gets prettier every time I see him.

People of the Valley  (Wales)

This show seems determined to annoy me.  This whole thing about the stag party was just stupid.  First, Iolo and Tyler all know the same people and have the same friends.  They didn’t discuss who would be attending each stag party and where it would be until the last minute?   They live together!  

Worse, was Iolo being such an unreasonable brat.  His attitude simply made no sense and was designed simply to create drama.  It’s just more of the show having them fight about dumb things.  I don’t mind some pre-wedding issues, but have it make sense.  This does not.  So contrived.

snapshot-6And again, Tyler is apologizing to Iolo, even though Iolo is completely in the wrong.  Just stop.

I liked Iolo asking Britt to stand up for him during the wedding.  She has been a mother to him for years.

What is Gwyneth’s issue with Sion being a plumber?  If it pays the bills, I don’t see what the problem is.  I do hope the truth come out soon.  And why isn’t Iolo, who screams at the rooftops at any perceived injustice, telling his father the truth about his suspicions.  He whines and bitches about things that don’t matter, but lets this slide?  Bad, out of character writing.

I don’t think the show is being subtle at all about there being an explosive event at Iolo and Tyler’s wedding and those space heaters.  Nope.

Rownd a Rownd (Wales)

So, he’s picking fights with his girlfriend because she teased him about hanging out with Rhys and now he’s avoiding Rhys?  And LOL in that scene with Rhys snapshot-7and David where the background music lyrics are ‘The Choice Is Yours But You Don’t See Because The Truth Hurts’.

Heavyhanded, much? This story is so paint by numbers.  It hasn’t missed a trick in the Coming Out 101 drama.  Next he and Rhys have a fight that ends up in a kiss.


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I watch a lot of television, probably too much. But can you really watch too much TV? I've yet to find out. Anyway, I especially love TV when they give us positive portrayals of gays, something that has gotten better but we're still fighting for. I've written about gays in television for many years first at the much missed After Elton, then New Now Next and now at TV Source. It's kind of a passion of mine and I look forward to sharing it with you.


  1. The clips seem to be very inconsistent in posting. I tried to check out the last few, but there seems to be gaps in what’s available. It’s really hard for me to cover a show when that is the case.

  2. I’m sad you’re not covering Skam. The show is quite good. The boys were making out and then decided to get together, before Even got cold feet. It might have something to do with what Isak said about his mom having a mental illness.

  3. The thing with Aaron is he will do pretty dangerous things if he feels they are morally right. It’s not that far off from Robert’s worldview. Robert can be nasty and petty, but the worst things he does are in the guise of thinking he’s in the right. The only time that isn’t true is when they have absolute garbage like the cheap Kim Tate ripoff where he left Lawrence for dead. That made no sense.

  4. I see three options: 1) Robert can give up his scheming ways and become boring, 2) Aaron can embrace the scheming and become a different character, or 3) they both stay the same and Aaron accepts with little (doormat) or minor (nagging) resistance. The show has to address the tension between their moralities somehow.

  5. Aaron only has to be a nag and a doormat if the show makes him that way. He wasn’t for the best years of the character. He also hasn’t been this year.

  6. Robert was loathed by many viewers last year, because the show never tried to give him sympathy the way they did with Ross or even Charity. He was there to try to kill people, and was repeatedly treated as a vile abuser. I genuinely don’t believe he would still be on the show if they hadn’t wanted to keep him with Aaron. I wish they had never done what they did last year, but they did, and it will always follow the character.

  7. Robert would be fine without Aaron. He’s pretty similar to Ross or Charity in how they push the boundary while having enough charm to bring the audience back to him once it’s over. It helps a lot that he tends to own his scoundrel nature.

  8. A problem is that Aaron and Robert aren’t that well suited. Even ignoring the events of 2015 (which should have had Aaron mark Robert as permanently undateable), there is a mismatch between their temperaments. Robert is a schemer by nature. When he sees an opportunity to advance his interests through underhanded means, his instinct is to pursue it. Meanwhile, Aaron will get his hands dirty if the situation gets desperate, but he’s not going to be looking for trouble or try to screw someone over just because he can. This means that either Robert has to give up the scheming that makes him interesting or Aaron has to become a nag and a doormat as he tries to get Robert to change.

    I’d like to see more Aaron and Finn scenes as well. They’re connected through Adam and through Victoria/Robert, so it’s a bit odd that they don’t spend more time interacting as friends of friends at the least. It would also help fix the lack of Aaron and Adam scenes.

  9. If he wasn’t with Aaron he would just be a one-note panto villain who would be killed off within a year. He was boring with the Whites and mostly just stood in the background when he wasn’t listening to Chrissie yell. The only reason they keep him around is likely because of the relationship with Aaron. The scenes with Chrissie were mostly cheap camp that couldn’t sustain if they were the entirety of him. Similar to that awful, awful attempt at ripping off Kim Tate when he left Lawrence for dead.

    I’m not even that interested in his relationship with Aaron, but we’ve repeatedly seen a darker side to him this year without Aaron nagging him. It’s not that rare.

  10. A Place to Call home: So Harry promissed to everyone he wouldn’t want to be with James, but when James went to talk to him, he had a sexy pose, a sexy smile and was playing with the cigar as he was hinting James how much he wanted to taste his dick.

    I think Henry will break up with James because the blackmailed. The relashionship is too dangerous for him. And then James will go to Harry’s sexy arms. I hope James and Henry end up together, because I don’t see how Harry and James could work long term. I just want they have sex.

  11. You hit the nail on the head about Robert. He’s a more interesting character without Aaron. The Chrissie/Rebecca story is spiced up by the fact that Chrissie is not Lawrence’s biological daughter – and that they all know it. I kind of like that it was Lachlan who blurted out the Robert/Rebecca secret in the pub.

    So Aaron & Finn are going to have a scene together? I’d forgotten they even knew each other, much less hooked up. I hope it’s not a one-off because they should be friends.

  12. I had to watch the scene of Iolo & Tyler at the suit shop twice. On the first viewing, I got distracted hoping for an up-kilt shot of Iolo and didn’t pay attention to any of the dialog. My impression is that Gwyneth is attracted to Sion’s status and relative affluence in the community as well as the nice house, and she objects to his plumbing aspirations because it doesn’t fit her image. Is it too much to hope that she dies at the wedding disaster – especially if she is the cause of it? If not her, maybe Sheryl just because she’s so annoying. Fingers crossed.

  13. I feel somewhat better about Finn’s storyline now that I know Kasim is in a coma. I was worried that Finn was having his entire love interest storyline happen offscreen. At least now I know that they haven’t skipped over any dialogue between the two.

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