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Gays of Our Lives: Will Iolo Survive His Wedding Day on ‘People of the Valley’?

Welcome to this week’s Gays of Our Lives.   Tyler and Iolo finally have their wedding on People of the Valley but will they survive it when there’s a tragic accident?  Plus, Finn visits the life of the man he saved on Emmerdale.  But why?  And on Hollyoaks, James and John Paul’s on again off again relationship continues.  Where do they stand this week?  All this, and more!


A Place To Call Home (Australia)

vlcsnap-2016-10-31-17h50m37s458So…. who’s going to kill Richard?  Lots of suspects being set up.

I figured Regina would get addicted to morphine and blackmail Henry into being her supplier.  This can’t end well.

James and Harry have such delicious chemistry.   As much as I like Henry I really want to see them explore the relationship they were afraid to the first time around.  And it would be hot.

Not surprised Olivia decided to leave the baby with James, but I suspect she won’t be leaving Ash Park anytime soon.  I think she’s going to find out that Lloyd is cheating on her.  And with her talking about being jealous about James and Henry having careers, I think she’s probably going to look into finding herself a job of some sort.

Class (U.K.)

vlcsnap-2016-10-31-09h51m12s617Hmmm…. Charlie and Matteusz’s relationship is moving awfully quickly.  They’ve only had a few scenes (none really about their relationship until this past week) and they are already in love and moving in together?  Look, I’m just gonna keep it real.  I expect Matteusz to be killed off by the end of the season.  

I’m sure people will scream that they’re ‘killing off the queers’, but significant others and boyfriends and girlfriends never last on these shows. They offed Ram’s girlfriend in the first episode.  With death surrounding these people, it’s bound to strike very close to home.  He’s cannon fodder to some insidious evil.  Charlie will mourn, fans will write nasty letters, but he’ll love again next season (if there is one).  I’m sure of it.

As for this past week, it was creepy and weird and emotional.  Really very well done.  And I like Ram and April getting together.  Wonder how Tanya will feel about it.  Ram was right when he said that he and Tanya are closer than he is with the other kids in the group.  Will Ram and April dating affect his friendship with Tanya?  It would be very real if it did.

EastEnders  (U.K.)

Not much to say as this is the start of the story arc.  Buzz has it things will climax around Christmas time so I guess we’ll see Ben progressing forward in his plans to help Phil.  Personally I don’t think Phil deserves it and we all know he’ll be drinking with that new liver in a year or so and telling Ben to f*ck off.  That’s as predictable as the sun rising tomorrow.

Emmerdale  (U.K.)

Chas being okay with Aaron marrying Robert seems unrealistic given their ugly history.   Robert murdered her best friend!  I think she should always be suspicious of/not care for Robert. She should have the same stance Paddy does.  She doesn’t like or trust him, but keeps the peace for Aaron’s sake.

snapshot-2I did enjoy the reveal of Rebecca and Robert’s affair though.   It was fun as hell.   These people always have their stuff aired in the middle of the pub, don’t they?  LOL…

How long before it’s revealed that Emma killed James?  Probably a while, unfortunately.

I need a story for Finn.  Please.  I’m willing to beg.  Now would be a good time with his father having just died and his mother having killed James.  Finn will probably figure it out, but I want more than that.  Why can’t he have a messy, complicated romance like Robert and Aaron?

I really want Lawrence and Ronnie to get together.  Come on show, make it happen!

I like Robert the most when he’s being an asshole, like in those scenes with Chrissie.  That’s why his soppy relationship with Aaron doesn’t sit well with me.  But Robert can’t be who he really is with Aaron without Aaron nagging.  I know the fangirls like what’s going on with Robert and Aaron, but I just don’t.  I miss that bad boy who stirred things up.

I think I’m going to enjoy the sister rivalry between Chrissie and Rebecca.  It’s fun, classic soap drama.


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