‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Parental Guidance Advised

The Corinthos siblings take Avery for a walk.
The Corinthos siblings take Avery for a walk.

Charlotte’s Web

Maxie is suspicious of Charlotte’s parentage.

Maxie is suspicious of Charlotte’s parentage.

By the amount of promos focused on the Claudette story, I guess we’re all suppose to be excited about it. It has the elements to be good but so far it’s not quite launching. I get what the writers are doing – slowly dropping breadcrumbs until a big reveal – but I feel we’re not getting enough of the characters in it. I’d rather the audience know what’s going on and watch to see how the characters figure it out. The way it’s playing now has too many unanswered questions that feel like holes and missed beats rather than mystery.

Claudette introduced Charlotte to Nathan and he is instantly smitten with his “daughter”. However, Maxie calls fowl on the whole thing stating Charlotte has no resemblance to Nathan and is clearly not his. Maxie is a lot smarter than Nathan. I mean I like Nathan but come on! He’s much too trusting of Claudette. I don’t buy for one minute that Charlotte is Nathan’s daughter. I was glad to see Maxie, in a very Maxie move, play the supportive girlfriend only to grab up Charlotte’s juice box for her own DNA test later.

I feel like this story line is going to drag a bit until Valentin shows up. Then more can be revealed. Could Valentin be Charlotte’s real father? Could he be Nathan’s real father? Could Charlotte be Lulu’s thermos baby? Does Valentin have the thermos and will he give it to Nina? I’m sure whatever tricks Valentin will bring  with him will be more of a treat than the current story.

General Hospital: The Next Generation

GH has a bit of a young adult problem. The late teen/20 something crowd is a bit of a mess and not in a good way. There is something very uneven about that particular generation of characters after a decade or so of poor planning. We have very little Quartermaines, Serena Baldwin and Cristina Collins still remain off screen despite constant fan requests and the Webbers never age. That really leaves only Corinthos, Davis girls, TJ and Kiki dominating the younger scene. The Corinthos and Davis families are so intertwined that they can’t even date each other and Kiki has spent her three years in Port Charles bouncing between the Corinthos brothers.

It’s not just the lack of romantic options that is an issue. Writing has typically ranged from weird to bad. Michael is pushing 30 but is mostly written like a teenager. Not much effort is made to give him a strong romance and build a super couple pairing. Hopefully Nelle can spice things up for him…that is unless she spices things up for his dad instead. Kristina was given an intriguing story line about her sexuality but it has completely disappeared. TJ had a socially relevant racial profiling story that was dropped and a who’s the daddy story in which the reveal happened via eavesdropping months after Shawn went to prison.

The kiddie quad from a few years ago was over played but that at least appeared to be a set up for an interesting teen set later down the road. Right now Spencer is in boarding school, Emme is in California, Cameron went to the attic to get skis and Joss is the world’s most boring teenager (Eden McCoy is a great young actress though). Maybe in a couple years they’ll all be the same age again and can have more age appropriate romantic entanglements.

The scenes Thursday between Dillon, Kiki and Michael were very good. There was a ‘90s soap vibe to the interaction – angsty adults dealing with very real issues. It was a good look for the young and in love soap characters. They are all employed and, for the most part, independent. Remember when being in your 20s on a soap meant you were in med school or a reporter or a lawyer or working at your family’s company? When it meant struggling with making the right choices and often making mistakes? I want more of that.

Couples of the week: Kiki and Dillon, Ava and Morgan, Carly and Sonny, Nathan and Maxie

Lines of the week: ”I have a very strong sense of fashion. What’s your beef with me?”-Scotty “I don’t really have one. You just remind me of your son.”-Nina “Alright, you know what? Let’s go. You have very good fashion.”-Julian

“Our son just died and you’re going to leave me?”-Sonny “What choice do I have? You made a decision and because of that decision our son is dead.”-Carly

“Of course I have a key. I live here! Just kidding!”-Franco

“Sonny set up that bomb to kill me and instead he killed his own son.”-Julian

“Dante, where’s Sonny?”-Jordan “I think he went home to tell Carly that her son is dead.”-Dante

“Let’s just go home and be with our son and be with each other and be thankful we have each other.”-Jason

“We had some problems. We both know that. A baby wasn’t the answer.”-Franco “It was for me.”-Nina

“I’m so sorry.”-Kiki “Yeah. I’m sorry too.”-Michael

“Oh yeah the hospital – another one of Paul’s victims.”-Liz

“Did they find his body?”-Ava “No but…”-Julian “But what?”-Ava “Ava, there’s just no body to be found.”-Julian

“Sam and I are never going to be friends and she has a really good reason for that.”-Franco

“If something like that happened to my baby I would know Sonny. Because a mother knows these things.”-Carly

“Now that I see that girl…Nathan, I know that there is no way she’s your daughter.”-Maxie

Videos of the week: Ava breaks down.

Michael lashes out at Kiki.

“Our baby boy is dead and you killed him!”

Franco tells Jake he hurt Sam.

For a look at what’s ahead, check out our General Hospital Spoilers.

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