Gays of Our Lives: A Strange New Romance For Finn on ‘Emmerdale’?


A Place to Call Home:  James and Harry spend the evening together.

EastEnders:  Ben learns the results of his psychological assessment.

Finn’s like: You’re marrying the guy who tried to kill you. Don’t give me dating advice!

Emmerdale:  Robert may finally get what he wants when it’s revealed that Chrissie did set up Andy for attempted murder.  The truth might be out, but whether Robert is able to get Andy back home is still in question.  Meanwhile, Aaron learns that Finn has been paying visits to the man he rescued during the car crash.   Aaron warns Finn to stay away from the stranger as Finn knows nothing about him.  Finn promises Aaron he won’t visit the mystery man again, but will Finn keep that promise?

Eyewitness:  Feeling their secret is safe, Philip and Lukas grow closer than ever, but Lukas’ anxiety threatens to get the best of him.   Philip thinks it’s because of the murder and warns Lukas it’s time they told what they know before things get worse.  Plus, Philip’s mother comes to visit.

Another trashy McQueen girl. She’ll be gone/dead within a year.

Hollyoaks:  John Paul meets the newest member of the family; James issues a warning to Joanne.

People of the Valley:   Tyler and Iolo struggle to deal with the fallout from the tragedy on their wedding day.


Eyewitness:   Lukas is on the verge of living his dream, but does that include Philip?

Neighbours:  Aaron and David grow closer, but David’s behavior could ruin everything.

River City:  Gary and Robbie try to put the spark back in their relationship.

That’s it for this edition of Gays of Our Lives.   Please share your comments on the thoughts and opinions expressed in this week’s column below.  See you next week!



  1. Merli is fantastic and we are a lot to love the teacher and the grandmom. The two last episodes were super great .

  2. It’s so weird watching Derrick be a chaste third wheel between Paul and Sonny as the two of them come up with reasons why they can’t get back together. There’s no reason not to put Paul and Derrick together after Sonny said he didn’t want to get with Paul. That would make Sonny’s conflict about wanting to be with Paul more interesting and their eventual reunion more explosive.

    I hope Emmerdale is thinking like you. That would make a good story that would finally give Finn some good drama.

    I want Philip to get away from Lukas. Lukas is completely focused on his own needs in their relationship and has repeatedly gotten physical with Philip. If he isn’t willing to take Philip’s needs and desires into account, Philip should find someone who will.

    Did James make a rimming innuendo in front of both of their mothers?

  3. Soaps don’t really do female domestic violence stories that much, but a few – Gianni de Marco and Jackie Owen (EE), Rachel Breckle and Sam Dingle (ED), Kirsty whatever her last name was and Tyrone Dobbs (Corrie). I think Hollyoaks also had some story where Mandy would beat up on Tony Hutchison because of some trauma.

  4. I’m surprised by Elias’ death, but I suppose that’s why he and Lari were reunited, to satisfy those fans with a reunion. But then getting back together never made sense given the past two years. For Lari to say “I’ve always loved you” didn’t make a bit of sense for anyone who watched Lari reject Elias time and again. I personally don’t think they needed to put them back together. Lari had moved on, even if Elias had not. But why kill off Elias? He could have just left town like he planned to a million times. And watching Lari mourn Elias won’t be fun. Honestly though I had stopped watching once they put Lari and Elias back together. I never liked them as a couple.

    I wouldn’t say I liked Skam. But I do have my thoughts about the most recent episodes and I’ll share them next week’s column.

    I’ve never seen Merli.

  5. I kind of wish Kasim would have shown up a few months from now and not known who Finn was .. that kind of thing. Finn’s in such an impressionable state at the moment it would be nice if he was in a better state of mind for a relationship. Though, I think, even a friendship would be nice at this point ..any kind of story away from his family and Victoria.

  6. Anthony? You’re not weighting in on the Elias ordeal? It sort of came out of the blue, for me anyway.

    While I’m here .. What are your thoughts on this season of Merli? Do you think we’ll see Nicola before the it’s over? I’m in the “Pol gets jealous once he sees Bruno and Nicola together” camp… even though I know it’s completely unrealistic ;p

    Did you get a chance to fall in love with Skam? I’m not sure about anyone else, but I have been through four translators (for some reason I think the Skam enthusiasm overwhelms them). I have never seen such a fervor. Add in all of the crazy upload times for the clips and the characters texts and social media posts .. it just sort of adds to the addiction.
    Just to clarify things .. full episodes go up on Fridays, and those are mostly made up of the clips plus whatever happens on that Friday. The clips that come out all happen in “real time” which is why they pop up whenever it is that the story is taking place. Pretty much all of the YouTube videos are being taken down due to legalities, but ..for now … two sites remain for your viewing pleasure. One was posted in last weeks comments or you can try
    Good luck and best wishes .. and as always, thank you for your hard work. It’s certainly appreciated :)

  7. The title to each section is the link .. or you can go to
    That’s usually where the videos show up, but he sometimes uses other accounts*
    “Eyewitness” clips can be found on “The Nomad” channel on YouTube.
    I think that’s the only link I don’t see in the current line up.

  8. The title to each section is the link .. or you can go to
    That’s usually where the videos show up, but he sometimes uses other accounts*
    “Eyewitness” clips can be found on “The Nomad” channel on YouTube.
    I think that’s the only link I don’t see in the current line up.

  9. Finn’s reasons for visiting Kasim work for his story but would seem contrived for someone else. I would rather see a situation where Kasim came looking for Finn to thank him rather than a potential story with Finn pining for someone whom he knows nothing about. I don’t get the impression that Finn harbors romantic thoughts at this point even though he already remarked how attractive Kasim is. I like the seeds of this story and am interested to see where it leads.

    I was disappointed that there was not more Iolo & Tyler on their wedding day. Gwyneth is another of those soap characters that make me wonder why anyone tolerates her. Half the village would believe Iolo if he told the truth about her. Courtney’s death for me is a distraction from the characters I want to see. The people affected by her death are all characters who don’t interest me so it may be a slow week. It wouldn’t surprise me if her death is the situation-of-the-week that prompts a disagreement between Iolo & Tyler.

  10. Hello i know that we can follow Robron, Ste or JP, Paul and Sonny storyline on YT.
    It’s possible to have some links for the other stories, thanks you.

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