Gays of Our Lives: A Strange New Romance For Finn on ‘Emmerdale’?

Emmerdale  (U.K.)

screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-12-32-28-pmI hope this leads to a story and a love interest for Finn.  He deserves both after going so long without either.   I suppose I understand why Finn would be visiting the crash victim.  He wants some good to come out of a day of tragedy.  There’s a ton of different ways this story could go.  

If I were writing it, I’d go with the classic amnesia victim trope.  Finn would help him recover and they would fall in love while they try to discover his real identity.  And there’s a dozen different ways they could go with that aspect as well.   He could be married with kids, gay and have a lover, on the run from the law or something.  This could be a good story.

Don’t screw it up, show.

Eyewitness (U.S.)

vlcsnap-2016-11-07-07h58m16s341The old ‘sleeping with your girlfriend so no one will think I’m gay’ only works if you keep sleeping with her.  I mean, she doesn’t strike me as the kind of girl who would only want to have sex once.

I guess it’s good that Helen and Gabe didn’t care that Philip was gay, but you’d think they’d have some reaction, some feeling about it, even if they only discussed it with each other.  They were just like ‘meh’.

So all the gang members just burned Sita, not had sex?  That’s a ritual I’ve never heard of.  But I have heard of gang members passing women around as part of an initiation.  I wonder if they cleaned it up for the American audience.

Why did Sita set up her sister with the drugs she was supposed to give to the gang?  I’m confused about that one.

I still think poor Matt is going to get to close to the truth and wind up dead.  That just seems like it’s destined to happen.

People of the Valley  (Wales)

Hmm so unless it’s a red herring, I guess Courtney dies?  But, why have her find out she’s pregnant right before?  Killing her does make sense though since Ed foolishly told her all his secrets.  That makes no sense BTW, telling a teenage girl about how you murdered someone and now your wife is controlling and abusing you. Those scenes just didn’t ring true at all.  Very contrived to fit the plot, a problem on this show lately as I’ll say later.

snapshot-9Still, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a soap domestic abuse storyline where the woman was the abuser.   And Sinead has always been controlling and verbally abusive.   When I started watching the show ten years ago she was in jail for having run over poor Kevin (who oddly enough, is now in jail himself) and manipulating poor dumb closet case Scott.  Not shocking she would cross the line.  

It’s hard feeling sorry for Ed after all the horrible things he’s done, though. Like Scott, Ed has always been dumb but pretty.  I guess Sinead has a type.  I still remember that ep Ed stripped down to his boxer briefs in the kitchen.  Sure made me hungry.  Or something.

I  loved that brown shirt on Tyler.  Yum.

Tyler and Iolo brought up having kids.  Sigh.  I’d hope they’d dropped that story point since they hadn’t mentioned it when it was raised a few months ago.

I still don’t understand why Iolo didn’t tell Sion what Gwyneth did to the plumbing, especially after he thought she’d poisoned him.  Keeping that quiet is not in his character at all.   Like the thing with Ed and Courtney, it’s being done for story purposes, not because it makes sense.

I wish we’d of seen more of the wedding ceremony.  I think after building up to it for months we should have.  But at least they got married and I thought that would never happen.

Rownd a Rownd  (Wales)

What can I say?  We know where this is going, just waiting for it to get there.  I’m guessing David will be jealous about Rhys’ date, moving this story forward?




  1. Merli is fantastic and we are a lot to love the teacher and the grandmom. The two last episodes were super great .

  2. It’s so weird watching Derrick be a chaste third wheel between Paul and Sonny as the two of them come up with reasons why they can’t get back together. There’s no reason not to put Paul and Derrick together after Sonny said he didn’t want to get with Paul. That would make Sonny’s conflict about wanting to be with Paul more interesting and their eventual reunion more explosive.

    I hope Emmerdale is thinking like you. That would make a good story that would finally give Finn some good drama.

    I want Philip to get away from Lukas. Lukas is completely focused on his own needs in their relationship and has repeatedly gotten physical with Philip. If he isn’t willing to take Philip’s needs and desires into account, Philip should find someone who will.

    Did James make a rimming innuendo in front of both of their mothers?

  3. Soaps don’t really do female domestic violence stories that much, but a few – Gianni de Marco and Jackie Owen (EE), Rachel Breckle and Sam Dingle (ED), Kirsty whatever her last name was and Tyrone Dobbs (Corrie). I think Hollyoaks also had some story where Mandy would beat up on Tony Hutchison because of some trauma.

  4. I’m surprised by Elias’ death, but I suppose that’s why he and Lari were reunited, to satisfy those fans with a reunion. But then getting back together never made sense given the past two years. For Lari to say “I’ve always loved you” didn’t make a bit of sense for anyone who watched Lari reject Elias time and again. I personally don’t think they needed to put them back together. Lari had moved on, even if Elias had not. But why kill off Elias? He could have just left town like he planned to a million times. And watching Lari mourn Elias won’t be fun. Honestly though I had stopped watching once they put Lari and Elias back together. I never liked them as a couple.

    I wouldn’t say I liked Skam. But I do have my thoughts about the most recent episodes and I’ll share them next week’s column.

    I’ve never seen Merli.

  5. I kind of wish Kasim would have shown up a few months from now and not known who Finn was .. that kind of thing. Finn’s in such an impressionable state at the moment it would be nice if he was in a better state of mind for a relationship. Though, I think, even a friendship would be nice at this point ..any kind of story away from his family and Victoria.

  6. Anthony? You’re not weighting in on the Elias ordeal? It sort of came out of the blue, for me anyway.

    While I’m here .. What are your thoughts on this season of Merli? Do you think we’ll see Nicola before the it’s over? I’m in the “Pol gets jealous once he sees Bruno and Nicola together” camp… even though I know it’s completely unrealistic ;p

    Did you get a chance to fall in love with Skam? I’m not sure about anyone else, but I have been through four translators (for some reason I think the Skam enthusiasm overwhelms them). I have never seen such a fervor. Add in all of the crazy upload times for the clips and the characters texts and social media posts .. it just sort of adds to the addiction.
    Just to clarify things .. full episodes go up on Fridays, and those are mostly made up of the clips plus whatever happens on that Friday. The clips that come out all happen in “real time” which is why they pop up whenever it is that the story is taking place. Pretty much all of the YouTube videos are being taken down due to legalities, but ..for now … two sites remain for your viewing pleasure. One was posted in last weeks comments or you can try
    Good luck and best wishes .. and as always, thank you for your hard work. It’s certainly appreciated :)

  7. The title to each section is the link .. or you can go to
    That’s usually where the videos show up, but he sometimes uses other accounts*
    “Eyewitness” clips can be found on “The Nomad” channel on YouTube.
    I think that’s the only link I don’t see in the current line up.

  8. The title to each section is the link .. or you can go to
    That’s usually where the videos show up, but he sometimes uses other accounts*
    “Eyewitness” clips can be found on “The Nomad” channel on YouTube.
    I think that’s the only link I don’t see in the current line up.

  9. Finn’s reasons for visiting Kasim work for his story but would seem contrived for someone else. I would rather see a situation where Kasim came looking for Finn to thank him rather than a potential story with Finn pining for someone whom he knows nothing about. I don’t get the impression that Finn harbors romantic thoughts at this point even though he already remarked how attractive Kasim is. I like the seeds of this story and am interested to see where it leads.

    I was disappointed that there was not more Iolo & Tyler on their wedding day. Gwyneth is another of those soap characters that make me wonder why anyone tolerates her. Half the village would believe Iolo if he told the truth about her. Courtney’s death for me is a distraction from the characters I want to see. The people affected by her death are all characters who don’t interest me so it may be a slow week. It wouldn’t surprise me if her death is the situation-of-the-week that prompts a disagreement between Iolo & Tyler.

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    It’s possible to have some links for the other stories, thanks you.

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