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Gays of Our Lives: Odds and Evens

In this week’s Gays Of Our Lives, we take a look at Skam, a Norwegian drama that features the love story of two teenage boys, Isak and Even.  There’s the typical coming out tale, but a main complication goes deeper than one would assume.  I managed to watch the last two episodes and have some thoughts.  Plus, Days of our Lives was actually enjoyable this past week, but not because of Sonny and/or Paul, of course.  Also the latest on Emmerdale, EastEnders, Rownd a Rownd, Eyewitness and lots more.


Casualty (U.K.)


I haven’t watched this show since Jamie left with the cute Iranian refugee who held him hostage and then they fell in love.   Only in television!  I think that might have been this show’s last gay regular character.  I remember Ric Makarem when he was on Emmerdale and he is still as hot as ever.

I don’t know where this story is going, but I doubt anything will happen between Dylan and Seb.  I assume Dylan has been on for awhile and has had romantic relationships with women?  Let’s just hope Seb moves on from his crush and finds a new guy soon.  But Dylan and Seb do have chemistry and Dylan definitely has that gruff daddy thing going on.  Who wouldn’t like that?  LOL….

Days of Our Lives  (U.S.)

paulI actually found all this drama watchable mostly because of Judi Evans’ strong performances.   I’ve watched her in soaps for about 30 years and she’s always delivered.  Adrienne’s confusion over which man she wants is juicy drama.  I just wish the storytelling before all this had been as solid.  So much of this story happened off screen — or not at all.  Still, a classic soap triangle complicated by Adrienne’s cancer could make for powerful soap opera.  I just hope this show is able to deliver.

The show’s handling of Paul and Sonny continues to be disappointing.  The Adrienne storyline is full of drama, angst, heartbreak, love and history.  They could be playing all of that in the Paul/Sonny story, but they’re choosing not to.   That backrub scene was a reminder of the chaste nonsense we used to get from Luke and Noah back on As The World Turns.   It was dumb then, and Luke and Noah were teenagers.  Paul and Sonny certainly are not.  These are grown men who have had a long term serious relationship, but you couldn’t tell by any of their scenes.  You’d think we’ve come so far in depicting gay storylines, but Days is here to remind us we haven’t.  And in our current political climate, it’s only going to get worse.

EastEnders (U.K.)

Clearly Lee set up that robbery.  He’s been wanting to get his hands on some money.  He was desperate to get out of the house with Whitney (showing very little concern to what could have happened to his family) and hid what the robber dropped when they get away.  Of all the dumb things he’s done, this was the dumbest.  And it’s really cruel given his parents have done everything to support and be there for him.  We know the actor is leaving the show, this must be his exit story.  I just wonder how it’s all going to play out.  Does the truth get revealed and he goes on the run or goes to jail?  Personally I hope his family turns him in.  Idiot.

Poor Johnny was only there to get hit.  He still has no story, despite the show’s promises.  Maybe once Lee leaves?  He’ll be the only Carter child left then.

Emmerdale  (U.K.)

This was a pretty good week.

vlcsnap-2016-12-05-10h31m12s945So Emmerdale can tell the romantic lives of three different gay couples.   Some shows can’t even do one.  Amazing.

Though it is unrealistic to have that many queers in a little village with only one road.  LOL…

I really did enjoy the Lawrence/Ronnie scenes.   Ronnie is just what Lawrence needs in his life.  I know they’ve got a long and difficult road ahead and there will be lots of drama, but I really want them to work it out.  You never see gay storylines involving old folks and I credit the show for telling this story.  We all need love when we get older and it only gets harder as the years go by.  This is one I’m really looking forward to watching play out.vlcsnap-2016-12-05-10h29m19s635

But, it is kind of a silly that there are constant dramatic reveals played out in the local pub where everybody can see.  I mean it happens on this show at least two or three times a week.

The hypocrisy of these characters is astounding.  Usually it’s Chrissie and Lawrence that have me shaking my head, but Robert and Aaron need to have a seat as well.  Robert saying that Lachlan deserves prison for shooting Lawrence is rich given that Robert (accidentally) killed Katie, covered it up and got away with it.  Not to mention attempted murder, hiring hitmen, kidnapping and a list of crimes.  Oh about that kidnapping, Aaron judging Finn for his obsession over Kasim is a bit much given that Aaron is marrying his kidnapper/abuser.  Please!

Robert and Aaron do need to move out though.  Aaron’s stance on not using that money is ridiculous.  Using it to make your life better is a good thing.  Not using it and hurting yourself gives Gordon control IMO.vlcsnap-2016-12-04-21h24m17s763

Robert agreeing to help Rebecca bust Lachlan out of jail rather than tell Aaron he kissed her is just stupid.   I’m glad he didn’t go through with it, but after everything they’ve been through he should have known Aaron would be mad about that kiss, but get over it.  He’s forgiven much, much worse.   Rebecca is not going to give up on Robert though.  She wants him bad.

I loved that scene with Finn, Pete and Ross where they teased him about his getting ready for a date. I’ve always loved how they have supported Finn and have always wanted him to meet the right guy and be happy.  On the other hand, that was a really crappy thing to do for Pete to embarrass Finn like that in front of the nurse. Pete has done worse for love. It’s pretty obvious that part of Finn’s attachment to Kasim is because of his father’s death and Finn’s being unable to accept that it was suicide.  No, he shouldn’t be so into a man in a coma, but it does make a weird sense.


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