Gays of Our Lives: Dropping the Balls


Coronation Street:  Billy is determined to help Shona, even though Todd doesn’t like or trust her.  Billy wants Shona to crash at the Grimshaws temporarily, but when a wallet at the house turns up missing, she’s tossed out.  Billy leaves with her and they end up spending the night on the street.  Todd is upset when he sees how far his boyfriend is going to help this girl.  Later, Todd is applying for a job at Roy’s cafe, only to find out that Billy has already helped Shona get the job.

Emmerdale:  Kasim breaks up with Finn, but after Emma interferes, Kasim softens the blow by telling Finn that he’s going back to his ex-boyfriend.   But Finn blames Emma for his breakup and refuses to give up on Kasim by sending numerous texts.

Elsewhere, Aaron is worried by the amount of time Robert is spending with Rebecca.   Liv spies Robert and Rebecca being close and takes a picture that she shows to Aaron.  Aaron is determined to confront her.  The tension thickens when Chrissie warns Aaron that Robert will eventually cheat on him. However, it turns out Robert was secretly planning a surprise for Aaron’s birthday.  But has Aaron’s anger and jealousy gotten the best of him and ruined Robert’s plans?

River City:  Robbie and Gary’s life is turned upside down after Robbie gets a surprising text from Will.


Casualty: Seb is caught in his web of lies.

Days of Our Lives:  Paul goes to Prague to help search for Stefano.

Hollyoaks:    Ste learns what Ryan is hiding while a revelation of James’ is about to be revealed as well.

Holby City:  Dom tries to keep his relationship with Isaac a secret from his parents.  

People of the Valley:  Tyler is warned not to get too close to Ed.

Rownd a Rownd:  Rhys tells David they can’t be together until David breaks up with his girlfriend.

Shadowhunters:  Alec and Isabelle search for Jace while Simon seeks Magnus’ help.

That’s it for this edition of Gays of Our Lives.   Please share your comments on the thoughts and opinions expressed in this week’s column below.  See you next week!



  1. I cant believe you think Finn and Kasim have chemistry. I think you just like the fact they gave Finn a love interest. Also Kasim needs to cut his hair. Lol

  2. I hope Finn & Kasim can find their way back together, but Emmerdale is annoying me again with the same thing they did when Aaron & Jackson were getting together. This one has too much Emma & Tracy, and that one had too much Chas and Hazel. I empathize with Kasim feeling crowded, and Finn seems pretty tone deaf not to notice it. Of all the issues Lawrence and Ronnie face in trying to get together, at least there’s no overbearing mother. Ross & Rebecca could be a good duo of troublemakers if the show develops them well. And Brenda’s input about Kylie Minogue and gays did make me chuckle.

    So glad we got back to the Iolo & Tyler that I love. Iolo being mean to Gwyneth doesn’t bother me so much because a) I don’t like the character and b) I once had a stepmother I didn’t care for. If Sean wasn’t so self-righteous, Iolo and Gwyneth could jib and jab one another and play it for comedy. When Iolo called the gift “that voodoo thing,” it made me wish the show was in English because I’m sure it was funnier without the subtitles.

    DOOL wasn’t as bad as I feared, but I was struck by how engaged Sonny seemed when chatting with JJ at the house and how detached he seemed when chatting with Paul at TBD.

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