Gays of our Lives: Here’s Looking At You

Nashville  (U.S.)

I loved the intro scene with Jakob.  Jakob was so sexy and swaggering and just damned smoking.  His outrageous flirting was fun and hilarious.

Seeing Murray Bartlett makes me miss Looking desperately.  I loved that show.  It wasn’t perfect, but that Patrick and Richie focused episode in season 1 might be the most beautiful half hours of television I’ve seen in my life.

Back to Nashville, I think Will went to that party wanting and hoping for something to happen with Jakob and then chickening out at the last minute.  That near kiss between them was pretty hot.  But moving in with Kevin won’t stop Will from wanting other men.

Thing is, Kevin is Will’s first boyfriend after coming out.  That usually never works out anyway.  Kevin and Will are doomed.  And Kevin is awfully secure and trusting given he and Will’s rocky history.  Kevin has been around the block a few times, no way would he be this wide eyed about Will.

I still love Gunnar and Will scenes.  “If you need help screwing up your relationship, I’m your guy.”  LOL!   I wish they’d end Gunnar and Scarlett though.  She is an eternal drag, even though she finally cut her damn hair.

River City  (Scotland)

I haven’t watched this show in awhile.  I didn’t know Robbie’s mom had moved in with him and Gary.  I gotta admit I agree with Estelle, Gary is boring and Robbie and Gary’s relationship isn’t all that interesting.  I think the storyline of Will possibly giving Robbie syphilis and Robbie being upset that Will cheated on him is indicative of that.  Will hasn’t been on this show for over a year and I think the show is stretching for Robbie and Gary to have something to do.  

The main stories they’ve had was Robbie’s mother coming to live with them and now this.  This show has always done something interesting with their gay characters, most notably Rory and Nathan’s love story and Will and Robbie’s tumultuous relationship.   But it’s been kind of boring since Will left.  There was Patrick, but the show decided to make him bisexual and then he had the whole molestation storyline.  Maybe it’s time for Patrick to get a interesting new boyfriend.  Cuz the gay side of River City isn’t good tv right now.

And I’m kinda bugged about the reveal that Will cheated on Robbie.  Will and Robbie’s marriage went through a rough time because of Robbie’s infidelity.  It took Will forever to get past it.   I’m just having a hard time believing the Will we knew would have cheated on Robbie after everything they’d been through and worked so hard to get their marriage back on track.  It just reminds me of the awful way they wrote Will in those final few months, destroying all the character growth they’d spent so much time developing.  For me, this is more character destruction.

The Haves and The Have Nots (U.S.)

Is Justin willing to risk his career for Jeffery?   That ‘D’ must be damn good.  I kinda wondered if Justin was turned on when Jeffery told him he murdered somebody.  Justin seems like that kinda guy.

So they finally let Wyatt out of his coma after he lie in a hospital bed all of last season.  He’s still a jerk and he still treats Jeffery like crap.  Here’s hoping that Jeffery is finally over it.  Probably not though.

I do think this show is way, way, way over the top now, not that it had far to go.  Nearly every character on the show is a murderer, a sociopath or both.  I think soaps should have some good and decent characters on the canvas to balance out all the crazy.  But I think TV feels like those types of characters are boring and hard to write for. I say they aren’t trying hard enough.

Shadowhunters  (U.S.)

Any episode that has Matthew Daddario shirtless has my attention.  But since they had Harry Shum Jr. shirtless also, why couldn’t they have them shirtless together?  I have the feeling it’ll be forever before these boys have sex, which is kind of hard for me to believe in a guy like Magnus.  He doesn’t seem like the type who waits around to get laid.

I do appreciate that this show plays Alec and Magnus heavily and their romance is given as much attention as Jace and Clary’s.

I don’t care how much this show tells me that Jace and Alec have this special bond I just don’t buy or believe it.  Whether it’s lack of chemistry or bad acting, it’s all words.  It’s not even a good bromance.

Clary has no idea that Simon is into her?  I guess she’s more clueless than I thought.

I wonder how long this show is going to play the Jace and Clary are siblings storyline?  Obviously they are going to turn out not to be related since they’re the show’s central couple.  Though I wouldn’t mind if they stays sibs given the awful chemistry between them.

I’d like to see Lydia stick around.  She’s the most appealing out of all the female characters.




  1. A big part of Finn’s problem is his mother. Finn was clingy, but Emma was practically taking his measurements for a wedding tux. Plus her constant attacks on Leyla meant that Pete was too busy defending his girlfriend to notice what was going on with Kasim. Meanwhile, Ross has always struck me as supportive but uncomfortable about his brother’s sexuality, so his default response to Finn’s relationships will to be happy for him but inattentive unless Finn asks for his advice. I expect Aaron to help if only because he’d be prone to chafing under that type of smothering and could get what was feeling.

  2. Finn could definitely benefit from a gay mentor for guidance. I’m not sure any of the gays on the canvas currently qualify, though. Aaron might be okay but as far as we know he doesn’t have much experience dating either. His mother and brothers are cheerleaders but don’t have much useful advice for him.

    I have little doubt Robert will cheat on Aaron at some point in the future, probably after they are married. It would not surprise me if he cheats with a female. It would be more interesting than them playing happy families in their new home with Liv – where Robert will presumably be living rent-free and can be kicked out.

  3. I assume Clary takes for granted that every guy is into her (although she probably sees it as acting normally) and considers guys like Alec who don’t give her deference are jerks.

    How long until Tracy bankrupts David with her free spending? Her having no savings to pay rent after months of working full time and living rent free at the B&B should have been a red flag.

    What Finn really needs is for a friend to tell him that his and his mother’s clinginess was the entirety of his problem with Kasim. I guess getting him laid might help with his confidence, but it looks like he’s just going to repeat his same mistakes with the next guy.

    I’d be a bit insulted by Robert’s explanation of why he wouldn’t cheat if I were Aaron. Aaron should be proud of building up his own business. It might not have been as lucrative as seducing an aging closet case and his miserable daughter, but that’s no reason to belittle it. Besides it really didn’t address Aaron’s concerns. Does anyone believe that Robert wouldn’t hop into bed with someone else if there were enough profit in it for him (or even if he were just frustrated with Aaron at the moment).

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