Gays of our Lives: Here’s Looking At You


Coronation Street:  Todd worries Phelan’s reckless behavior will lead to everyone finding out about their involvement in the building scam.

Days of Our Lives:   Paul heads to Prague to help in the search for Stefano.

EastEnders:  Abi and Johnny plan a party at the bar, but when Ben gives Abi a hard time, Abi gets mad and storms out, leaving Johnny alone.  Will Ben come to Johnny’s rescue?

Emmerdale:  Finn is heartbroken over losing Kasim and Tracy comes up with a plan to cheer him up.  She takes Finn out to get a new haircut where he meets a cute guy named Nathan.  The stud asks Finn out for a date, but Finn doesn’t know that Nathan is really an escort that Tracy paid to date Finn.  Finn shows his new date off to Kasim, hoping Kasim will be jealous.  And Tracy is left in a bind when Finn wants to see Nathan again.

Ronnie walks out on Lawrence after finding out about Lawrence’s involvement in framing Andy.  Ronnie returns and learns that Lawrence plans to expose the entire story and take the blame himself.  Ronnie tries to get Lawrence to change his mind and when that doesn’t work, Ronnie locks him up in the office so he can’t leave.  When Lawrence collapses, Ronnie fears his actions have caused Lawrence to have a heart attack.

Holby City:  After their last fight, Dom and Issac are getting along so when Dom’s parents come to visit him at the hospital, the last thing Dom wants is for homophobic dad to find out about his relationship with Dom.  Naturally the truth comes out and causes problems for Dom with both his parents and with Issac.

Hollyoaks:  It’s Ste’s birthday and he wants to spend time with his kids.  While, Amy throws the McQueen boys out of the Bean and they want revenge. Amy and Leah come to the party where the mother and daughter get into a playful food fight over Ste’s birthday cake. Hunter and Prince tape the scene.  Later, Amy is the victim of a nasty charge by Social Services.  Amy and Ryan are outraged when he learns who made the mysterious call.

While Ste finds out about Ryan sleeping wth Mercedes and wonders how he can use it to his advantage.

Rownd a Rownd: David wants Rhys and is having trouble hiding his feelings, but Rhys makes it clear he and David can have no relationship until David breaks up with his girlfriend.  But before David can say anything, Dani puts them both in an awkward spot.

The Haves and The Have Nots:  Jeffery’s joy at Wyatt waking up from his coma changes quickly when Wyatt reminds Jeffery how much he hates gays. While, Justin faces being blackmailed by Candace into helping to hide Quincy’s body or she’ll reveal he and Jeffery’s affair.

Shadowhunters:  Alec and Isabelle launch a search for Jace, hoping to get to him before the Institute does as they plan to shoot Jace on sight.  Meanwhile, Magnus is approached by Simon for help after Simon and Raphael become at odds.


Emmerdale:  Finn’s secret is revealed; Aaron’s jealousy gets him in big trouble.

Neighbours:  David’s night out ends in disaster; Aaron gets a new job.

River City:  Gary and Robbie grow further apart.

Rownd a Rownd:  David is forced to answer uncomfortable questions.

That’s it for this edition of Gays Of Our Lives.   Please share your comments on the thoughts and opinions expressed in this week’s column below.  See you next week!



  1. A big part of Finn’s problem is his mother. Finn was clingy, but Emma was practically taking his measurements for a wedding tux. Plus her constant attacks on Leyla meant that Pete was too busy defending his girlfriend to notice what was going on with Kasim. Meanwhile, Ross has always struck me as supportive but uncomfortable about his brother’s sexuality, so his default response to Finn’s relationships will to be happy for him but inattentive unless Finn asks for his advice. I expect Aaron to help if only because he’d be prone to chafing under that type of smothering and could get what was feeling.

  2. Finn could definitely benefit from a gay mentor for guidance. I’m not sure any of the gays on the canvas currently qualify, though. Aaron might be okay but as far as we know he doesn’t have much experience dating either. His mother and brothers are cheerleaders but don’t have much useful advice for him.

    I have little doubt Robert will cheat on Aaron at some point in the future, probably after they are married. It would not surprise me if he cheats with a female. It would be more interesting than them playing happy families in their new home with Liv – where Robert will presumably be living rent-free and can be kicked out.

  3. I assume Clary takes for granted that every guy is into her (although she probably sees it as acting normally) and considers guys like Alec who don’t give her deference are jerks.

    How long until Tracy bankrupts David with her free spending? Her having no savings to pay rent after months of working full time and living rent free at the B&B should have been a red flag.

    What Finn really needs is for a friend to tell him that his and his mother’s clinginess was the entirety of his problem with Kasim. I guess getting him laid might help with his confidence, but it looks like he’s just going to repeat his same mistakes with the next guy.

    I’d be a bit insulted by Robert’s explanation of why he wouldn’t cheat if I were Aaron. Aaron should be proud of building up his own business. It might not have been as lucrative as seducing an aging closet case and his miserable daughter, but that’s no reason to belittle it. Besides it really didn’t address Aaron’s concerns. Does anyone believe that Robert wouldn’t hop into bed with someone else if there were enough profit in it for him (or even if he were just frustrated with Aaron at the moment).

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