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‘Shadowhunters’ Preview: 10 Teasers from ‘A Door into the Dark’

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Previously on Shadowhunters, Jace made a major choice when he helped an injured Valentine rather than take the opportunity to kill him or turn him over to the Clave.

In episode two, “A Door into the Dark,” Aldertree is not amused.

Neither is Clary, who wants to know why her mom tried to kill her own son.

What else happens over the course of the hour? Arguably, even more than what went down in the season premiere.

Here are 10 teasers to ponder until Monday:

1. We learn additional details about what Valentine did to his unborn son. Do they justify Jocelyn’s actions?

2. The werewolves continue to despise Simon and leave him with an unpleasant picture of his future.

3. Several new magical objects are introduced. Hello, new mysteries for season two.

4. Valentine targets a specific group of mundanes for his army. Alec and Izzy infiltrate them in order to set a trap.

5. Everybody hates Clary. Or so it seems, leading her to make a drastic decision about where she belongs.

6. Raphael’s return leads to Simon facing off against one of his biggest fears.

7. Izzy tries to help Alec, but there are consequences when his emotions get the better of him.

8. After agreeing to help Simon, Magnus seems to have his own agenda while searching for Camille.

9. Luke provides valuable assistance that unleashes an event that could have lasting effects. As in the fatal kind.

10. Jace and Clary’s reunion hits a snag thanks to Valentine’s manipulation. What Clary shows Jace could change everything.

Shadowhunters airs Monday, Jan. 9 at 8/7c on Freeform.

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