Gays of Our Lives: Going Around The Bend


Does everybody in this town’s boyfriend get arrested at some point in the relationship?

Emmerdale:  When Lawrence goes out of town, Chrissie becomes suspicious of Ronnie when she spies him giving money to a mystery man.  Chrissie confronts Ronnie and while Ronnie explains his behavior, Chrissie isn’t convinced.  Later, Chrissie is upset to hear that Lawrence is including Ronnie in his will and plots to expose Ronnie as someone who can’t be trusted.  But is Chrissie only going to wind up making a fool of herself?  

Aaron and Robert realize they won’t be getting any conjugal visits.

Robert visits Aaron in jail where they are forced to hide their relationship so Aaron doesn’t face retaliation from homophobic prisoners. But when the two share an intimate moment, the secret could be out.  Aaron has further woes when it’s revealed that Gordon is his father and he’s targeted as the son of a child rapist.

Rhys may not be smiling after he hears about David’s plan.

Rownd a Rownd:  Rhys insists that he and David end their affair, but David isn’t ready to let Rhys go.  Rhys can’t end the affair as easily he’d like and agrees to hook up with David at a hotel.  But after another close call, Rhys has enough, until David comes up with an idea that could solve their problems.

Will Jack realize that Cam’s doesn’t share his feelings?

Shortland Street:  When Jack doubts Cam’s level of commitment to their relationship, Cam becomes determined to prove to Jack just how much he loves him.

Justin gets an enemy in Veronica and that won’t be pretty.

The Haves and The Have Nots:  Jeffery gets himself out of the sticky situation of holding a gun on Justin, but in the process, Veronica discovers the affair between the cop and her son.  Veronica warns Justin to stay away from Jeffery or else.


Emmerdale:  Aaron is attacked in jail; Finn thinks about moving to Australia.

Hollyoaks:   James asks John Paul to marry him.

Rownd a Rownd:  David decides to tell Dani the truth about he and Rhys, but tragedy gets in the way.

Shortland Street:  Jack has to make a big decision.

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