Gays of Our Lives: Going Around The Bend

In this week’s Gays of Our Lives:

  • Aaron and Robert have their big gay wedding, but there’s no honeymoon as Aaron is shipped off to jail the next day.  Just how bad will prison life be for Aaron?
  • David and Rhys steam it up on Rownd a Rownd, but Dani throws cold water on their tryst.  And Rhys has had enough.
  • John Paul and Ste come to a decision about their future on Hollyoaks, but is the right one for themselves and for Harry and James?
  • Toby and Adil face danger in the season finale of The Halcyon.  With a bombing, a murder and a suicide attempt, one of them may not survive.
  • Two gays make their exits on River City and it’s not a happy ending for anyone.
  • Plus, the latest on Days of Our Lives, The Haves and The Have Nots, Holby City — and more!


Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

Well, we know that Vincent Irizarry, who plays Deimos is going to be written off, probably in a big murder mystery.  I guess all this is the setup?

It still gets to me that Adrienne railed and ranted at Deimos for kidnapping Sonny while Paul just stood there and held her back.  You think Rafe or John or Steve would have such a calm reaction if their loved one had been taken and they were facing the man they thought did it?   Nope.

Freddie Smith plays the darker side of Sonny well, but this quest for revenge will probably be as ineffectual as anything else his character does.  And I don’t see this show really letting Sonny play the mob boss.   To be fair, I’m not interested in seeing that.  I want a new story direction for Sonny (and for Paul), but not that.

I know I complained last week about the gay guy always getting beat up, but that dude was twice Sonny’s size!  What did he think would happen?

If JJ had a gun, why didn’t he just pull it on the thug and make him get out of the way?  BTW, JJ needs to go back to cop school for getting taken down by that bad guy so easily.

EastEnders  (U.K.)

Still no story for Johnny.

Lee should have cleaned up his mess rather than leaving Whitney to deal with the fallout of his financial issues.  He really was a jerk.

Ben and Jay’s moving in together is pretty fun so far.  But with all of their relatives and family, no one can give them some kitchen ware and things?  Ben’s mother owns a restaurant for Pete’s sake.

I liked Whitney saying ‘I’m through with men… but I don’t mean women either’

Emmerdale  (U.K.)

Well, I will credit this show for one thing.  They’ve always treated Aaron and Robert like any other couple.  Hell, on this show the gays get better writing and stories than everyone else.   That’s nice for a change.

Now, frankly, I don’t know why the show couldn’t have written it so the marriage is actually legal, but it seems to me they did that so they can garner more attention with a second wedding. Got to give the fans something to hold onto, I guess.

Readers know I’ve never been that big a fan of the couple, mostly because they’ve changed Robert so much to keep them together.  I think the idea of them getting married is silly given their history.  So much of their past has to be muted, swept under the rug or simply forgotten.   And I hate how the show writes Paddy as the bad guy for being against the wedding.  Robert did try to kill him and threatened his child!

And well, I loved the scheming philanderer.  That Robert was far more interesting.  This guy and this whole story is the product of letting the fans dictate story.   The show has even admitted as much.  But it doesn’t mean it’s compelling television.   Not that this is boring, but I just think they’ve twisted and contorted the characters, Robert especially, to make the story work.

To be fair though, even I felt a little something during Robert and Aaron’s emotional goodbye scene before Aaron went to jail. Aaron and Robert do have chemistry, but the relationship was more interesting to me when it was an illicit affair.  I honestly don’t think the writers ever planned on it going this far.  They just lucked out, I guess.  If you can call what we’re getting lucky.

Does anybody think Aaron will actually serve a full year?  I’m sure there will be a plot twist to get him out early.  I also don’t think Robert will remain faithful.  He has to have something, or someone, to do while Aaron is gone.

Of course much of this story is to watch Aaron suffer, which this show loves to do.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Aaron is sexually assaulted while he’s in jail.  That’s just the kind of thing I could see happening.

The bald top dog in the prison is hot.  I’m okay with Aaron having a prison romance.  As long as it’s consensual of course.

Why is there a question of whether Liv goes to Dublin or not?  They should be packing her bags.

Holby City  (U.K.)

Wow. Talk about manipulative.  Isaac really knows how to play all the right notes to get Dom to do what he wants.  My jaw dropped when Isaac told that fake story about his being abused as a child.  And Dom fell for it.  Now whenever Isaac pulls some crap he can blame it on his bad childhood.


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