Gays of Our Lives: Going Around The Bend

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

John Paul and Ste talking about their marriage like it was this sweet thing belies just how ugly and dysfunctional it was.  They had no business being together then and it makes less sense now.  I really, really, REALLY hate this show writing this out of nowhere Ste/John Paul redux as soulmates ‘settling’ for the guys they’ve been involved with for over a year.

They spent the past year building JP and James (and even more time on Harry/Ste) to toss both pairings aside and make JP/Ste the one we should care about about?  Umm… no.  And this is not the story I want James Sutton to be written out on.  I mean, Gregory Finnegan was terrific in James’ ‘I love you’ scene to JP, which should have been the turning point in their relationship.  Instead we’re to believe JP is only staying with James because he feels sorry for him?  Blech.

James’ synopsis of the plot of the ‘Wizard of Oz’ was hilarious.

I actually didn’t think the Finn story arc would end like that.  I thought he’d get out and cause some havoc.  Maybe later?  It just seems anti-climatic.

I’m glad James forgave his mom, even though she totally didn’t deserve it.

Why is Sienna living with the McQueens?

Okay, why is Scott still on this show?  Saying that, I’m interested in whatever secret Diane is hiding from him.

Warren stays hot.

Lysette Anthony (Marnie) is one of this show’s best actresses.   She has been fierce in this storyline about Nathan’s death.

Neighbours  (Australia)

So David was ready to come out, but when he learned Aaron had some random guy at his place, he’s back in the closet again, hemming and hawing about being gay?   And why didn’t Aaron ask David why he showed up at his apartment the other night when he saw him later?  It just seems like it’s a question that Aaron would ask.  This show is dragging out Aaron and David getting together to the point of it being ridiculous.

At least Leo tried to talk to David about his being gay.  I don’t think he’s done that before.  Usually they talk around it, or simply ignore it.

Does every gay man on TV have to want kids?  That line from Aaron about wanting to be a father someday… I just didn’t buy it.  Aaron has never shown any interest in children and his character doesn’t seem like the type.

I don’t know that much about the history of this show, but Leo and David’s father must somehow play into the show’s past if they’re making the search for him this big mystery.  This storyline has been running for awhile now and it’s only getting bigger.

People of the Valley  (Wales)

Sion is willing to throw away his relationship with the only son he has left that speaks to him?  He’s gonna regret that big time. On the other hand, Iolo just needs to accept the marriage and stop with the public fights and confrontations.   

Iolo hated it when his Dad did it during Iolo’s love affairs with Alun and William and here he is doing to his father.   Sion, like Iolo, always dug his heels in and stuck with his love interest.  But at least this is consistent in their story over the years.   Iolo and his father are far too involved in each other’s romantic lives.  

River City  (Scotland)

So Gary and Louie both exit (separately) just like that?  What a bummer.  I guess this story arc was simply to break Gary and Robbie up and usher Gary out of town.  It’s not the ending I quite expected.  But in the end, the truth was that Gary was boring and he and Robbie’s relationship was a bad idea.  I guess the show realized it too.

I’ll miss Louie though.  He was fun.  I would have liked to have seen him stick around.  I guess Robbie isn’t going anywhere, I suppose.  Let’s hope his next storyline and romance is more interesting than this.  I still think the show needs a new leading man in it’s gay storytelling.  They just haven’t found anybody as intriguing and appealing as Will.



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