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In this week’s Gays Of Our Lives…

  • Toby and Adil share their first kiss on The Halcyon, but this week when Toby fears that Adil is a casualty of war, has their newfound love met a tragic end?
  • On Days of Our Lives, Sonny and Paul have some private time together in Prague.  Will their relationship finally move forward?  And will any of these scenes take place on screen?
  • Open relationships is the topic of discussion on River City, as Robbie realizes that maybe he shouldn’t have agreed to it when it looks like Louie and Gary are getting very close.
  • Magnus and Alec finally have their first date on Shadowhunters.   Will these two finally get their relationship off the ground?
  • Plus the latest on Rownd a Rownd, People of the Valley, Emmerdale and EastEnders!

All this and much more!


Coronation Street  (U.K.)

I’d love it if this was the start of a new story for Todd, with he and Adam starting up a legal firm.  It could lend to all sorts of things for them and like Todd said it would put his real talents to good use.  Let’s hope this is going somewhere.

EastEnders  (U.K.)

Ben needs to grow up.  It’s long past time to move out.  I’m glad Phil did the right thing for a change and let Ben live his own life.  I think my favorite bit was the throwaway line of Ben saying he couldn’t cope if Jay had to move far away.  

I love Ben and Jay together.  That scene of them being excited about the future was really sweet.   They have such chemistry.  I know a lot of fans want them to be more than friends, but that would ultimately run their bond.  They work just the way they are.  

Meanwhile, meanwhile Johnny still isn’t doing anything of interest.  Neither is Steven.  All this show’s gays/bisexuals are currently languishing on the backburner with no story.  And that includes Ben.  Come on show.

Emmerdale  (U.K.)

Robert and Aaron bickering about decorating was pretty cute.   I liked Aaron’s teasing Rebecca about losing the ring.  Though Aaron seemed in good mood for someone facing a prison sentence.

I like Robert and Rebecca together.  They really are well matched and she accepts Robert for who he is and doesn’t want to change him.  Sorry, Robert/Aaron fans.

Loved Victoria and then Lawrence telling Chrissie off.  It’s about time.  She needed to hear about all the terrible things she’s done, especially from her dad.    Though, Lawrence is part of the problem because he’s always enabled her.   Rebecca does it too though.  No matter how badly Chrissie treats her, Rebecca makes excuses and forgives her.  And Chrissie doesn’t deserve it mostly because she’s not ever really sorry.  That’s why Chrissie’s sudden reversal was hard to believe.  It’s either bad writing… or she’s up to something.

Robert’s default in any situation is to lie, isn’t it?  He can’t help it, it seems.

I have never, ever liked Debbie and I hated her and Ross together.  They’re like Robert and Aaron in that they have no business being together, but the show is convinced they are soulmates.  But at least Robert and Aaron have chemistry.  Debbie and Ross are painful to watch together.  Her return and screen time sucking his not good news for me.


Holby City  (U.K.)

So not only does Isaac cheat on Dom, he basically says it was Dom’s fault it happened and that Dom is the one with the problem if Dom can’t get over it.  Isaac’s ‘honesty’ is all about manipulation of course.  What Isaac did to start all this doesn’t even seem to be up for discussion.  Isaac is never at fault for anything.

However, Dom opening Isaac’s mail and stealing his phone to check it is not appropriate.  And it’s a sign that maybe you need to get out of your relationship.  Of course, Isaac uses all that and reminding Dom was a loser he used to be when he was younger to break up with Dom so Dom will have to go begging to take him back.  Which is exactly what happened.  And it’s pretty clear Isaac wants to separate Dom from his friends or anyone else in his life.  He hates anything or anyone Dom has in his life that Isaac can’t control.

Isaac has Dom exactly where he wants him and it’s only going to get worse from here.  This emotionally abuse relationship is all too realistic and painful to watch at times.  I hope Dom gets out before it’s too late.  But I doubt it.

People of the Valley  (Wales)

Iolo pouting about Sion and Gwyneth getting married has been going on for months now and I’m just bored.  Iolo and Tyler need a story that is about them.  They’re a young gay couple recently married.  Surely there’s more for them to do than Iolo fret about his father’s love life.  That said, it’s pretty obvious Gwyneth is up to something.  The show wasn’t exactly subtle about Sion changing his will to include Gwyneth and the grin on her face.  I just wonder how long it’ll take to finally get to it.


Anthony D. Langford
I watch a lot of television, probably too much. But can you really watch too much TV? I've yet to find out. Anyway, I especially love TV when they give us positive portrayals of gays, something that has gotten better but we're still fighting for. I've written about gays in television for many years first at the much missed After Elton, then New Now Next and now at TV Source. It's kind of a passion of mine and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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  1. I’m really loving Cam and Jack. I do think it makes sense that Cam seems more serious about Jack, because he’s always been excessively fond of him. It was clear back then that the show was going to go there with them because they purposefully never had Cam say he was straight, and all those lingering looks? It just so happened that he was super into Kylie at the time. I do agree that it’s probably doomed. Every relationship on this show is. The amount of partner swapping going on within the space of 6 months on this show is astounding. I think they’ll be together for a while yet though, they have great chemistry, there’s been decent build-up, neither has any other romantic options, and there’s plenty of scope for good stories given Mo’s feelings on the whole thing.

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