Gays of Our Lives: Spies Like Us

In this week’s Gays of Our Lives….

  • Toby and Adil’s secret affair takes center stage on The Halcyon when Adil’s passing on of the secrets in Toby’s documents leads to Toby being arrested for treason. Can anybody come to Toby’s rescue?
  • Magnus and Alec had their first date on last week’s Shadowhunters, but this week will the boys finally hit the sheets?
  • On Emmerdale, Aaron’s impending court date has him facing a health crisis while Finn’s obsession with Kasim explodes into violence.
  • Things are heating up between Jeffery and Justin on The Haves and The Have Nots, but is their lust turning into love?
  • Rhys and David are going Rownd a Rownd. When fate lands them in a hotel room together, they are unable to resist resuming their affair, telling lies to spend secret time together.
  • Plus, the latest on General Hospital, Hollyoaks, Days of Our Lives, People of the Valley — and more!


Coronation Street (U.K.)

I’m sure Todd and Adam will eventually wind up working together. There’s a lot of story potential for that not to happen. I’m glad Todd still doesn’t like Shona. He’s not the only one. I hate that they play Billy as so gullible. Just because he’s a vicar doesn’t mean he’s stupid. I wish she were out of Todd and Billy’s lives. But then if she were, I guess Billy would never have anything to do. I guess the real issue is that Billy needs a story. Still.

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

Days has former One Life To Live and General Hospital head writer Ron Carlivati penning the show now. I can’t imagine things won’t get better cause he is truly talented. But it’ll be 6 months before we see any of his material. I wish it were sooner. After this dreadful week, more than ever, this show needs new writers.

So this whole Stefano adventure was a scam to help get Hope out of jail and away with murder? He was never alive? She actually did kill him? She did frame someone else for the crime? Basically she’s guilty of everything she was convicted of and we’re supposed to be okay with that because she’s the show’s lead heroine.

I really think that’s gross and disgusting writing. It’s hard to ever cheer for any of these ‘heroes’ given they have aided and abetted murder. What makes them any better than the ‘bad guys’ they are always chasing? I can’t believe this trash was ever approved, but when you keep hiring the same crew to write your show, this is what you get. The whole point to all this was to salvage a story the show never should have told to begin with and they did it in the worst way possible. And yes, it was a terrible end to Stefano’s story. After all he has meant to the show, they and the fans deserved better.

I just hate the way this show plays Sonny and Paul’s romance. It’s so tepid and timid. I just don’t feel any real desire or passion or love between these two and with their history it should be there. I don’t think it’s the actors, they’re fine and just playing the material as it’s written. It’s just not written very well. I honestly don’t think they can make much of what they are given. Hopefully that changes.

We know Ron can write solid material for gay couples. He did it on both GH and OLTL until the show wouldn’t let him. I hope he gets a real chance here.

EastEnders (U.K.)

Ding, dong. The witch is dead. Well, not really. I’m sure she’ll be back to cause more trouble. But she should have been gone long ago. I don’t think most folks would have put up with her. I can’t handle people talking about how bad Lee feels. He sicced thieves on his family, robbed them. Someone could have gotten hurt real bad. He should be thrown out right alongside Babe, IMO.

Johnny still doesn’t have a story.

Emmerdale (U.K.)

Eric encouraging Finn to chase after Kasim is terrible advice. Finn and Kasim aren’t together because Kasim is closeted or anything like that. It’s about Finn being obsessive and stalking Kasim. They’d be together now if it weren’t for Finn’s creepy behavior. I really am annoyed with this show for taking Finn in this direction.

It’s obvious they never really were going to give him a real romance. It was doomed from the start. And they’ve totally forgotten the reason why Finn acted the way he did; he wasn’t dealing with his father’s death.

But instead of that compelling storyline they’ve chosen to ruin Finn’s character with this nonsense. And I’m just sick of Finn’s pouting and being sad and staring into his phone hoping for a text. I just don’t feel sorry for him because he created this. He used to be one of the more likeable, appealing characters on the show. Now I don’t even want to watch this mess anymore.


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