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Gays of our Lives: You, Me and Him

The Fosters (U.S.)

The world certainly has changed since I was in high school. Kissing your boyfriend in the hallway, holding his hand? I know this happens in real high schools across the country without it being an issue and that’s wonderful.

Kerr Smith brings back some nice Dawson’s Creek memories. He looks yummy with the gray hair.

Tuvak! I haven’t seen that actor in years. I was a huge Star Trek: Voyager fan. Yes, it was my favorite ST tv series. Not ashamed to admit it.

Uhh, is there anybody happy on this show? Everybody is miserable. I think this show is way too heavy on the angst this season.

The Haves and The Have Nots (U.S.)

I’m loving that Jeffrey and Justin are starting to realize that their relationship is more than just sex. I nearly fell over when they (very briefly) kissed before making out and taking their clothes off. That’s more than some TV gay couples get!

But there is no way that bad ass Justin would demand sex from Jeffery by saying ‘make love to me’. No, no, no. Men don’t talk like that to each other. I’m not sure the couples do. That’s such a throwback to old school soap opera with guys and girls. T he show could have gotten their point across without Justin saying something so jarring. Took me right out of the scene.

Rownd a Rownd (Wales)

Oh well, I’m kind of disappointed that Rhys gave in and willingly entered into an affair with David after insisting he wouldn’t be ‘the other man’. At least he knows it’s wrong and that he’s probably making a mistake. I can’t see the affair staying a secret for too long. John and Barry already know and as we see, it’s such a small town, they’ll have a hard time meeting in secret before getting caught.

I kinda feel sorry for Dani, she totally doesn’t deserve to have a gay boyfriend who sleeps with other men. I’m wondering why David insists on staying with Dani. We’ve seen that David really wants to share his life with a man. What’s keeping him with Dani? Is it his job? What?

On a side note, I’m glad that Lilo and Iolo finally broke up. Iolo a bit of an idiot (and he really should do something about those eyebrows), but Lilo’s nagging and whining was so unfair and annoying. He deserves better.

Neighbours (Australia)

So David is starting to realize that maybe pretending to be a baby daddy to hide the fact that he’s gay isn’t such a good idea. I’m glad as this story has dragged on long enough. It would be nice if we had some scenes between David and Aaron to show the feelings between them and make David realize what he’s denying himself.

Speaking of which, why didn’t we get any scenes between David and Aaron after Aaron found that that David was supposedly the father of Paige’s baby? It just seems like a lot of scenes are missing out of this storyline. We know where this story is going. I just feel like a lot of it isn’t being played out on screen.


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