Gays of Our Lives: At Last?


Rownd a Rownd (Wales)
Rhys needs to get a backbone. He let Dani’s mom totally ruin his day by strong arming him into taking her to the hospital and then sitting there while she visited. She kept saying ‘it’s only going to take two minutes.’ Rhys should have said ‘your two minutes are up’ and bounced. Well, it’s what I would have done. LOL…
As for the other scenes, this past week, Rownd showed again that why this story works so well despite its obviousness and predictability is because of the natural and easy chemistry between Rhys and David. The actors just click.
The scene where David shoves Rhys against the wall and kisses him was cute. And I loved the bit in the cafe where David and Rhys playfully flirted with each other with the people around them not having a clue. That made it even hotter.

People of the Valley (Wales)

Man that shirt Tyler had on was tight. He’d be my favorite teacher!
I didn’t realize that Tyler and Iolo had taken each other’s surnames after they got married. A couple of weeks ago Kelly referred to Tyler as Tyler Davies-White I thought she was joking because they were bickering. But then Iolo answered his phone Iolo Davies-White. I love it.
But again, I just wish these guys had a story. They’ve done pretty much nothing since they got married. I’m just afraid when the show does finally give them something to do it’ll be about their marriage imploding. And I’d hate for that to happen. I mean, eventually they’ll have marital problems, it’s a soap. But there are other stories to tell with them first.
I wonder if Iolo having to get a new apprentice or Tyler possibly getting a promotion there might be story there. One can only hope.
Gethin being annoyed with Tyler reminds me that Tyler and Gethin share a sister in Dani (but they’re not blood related to each other). Remember when Tyler first came to town and Gethin hinted that Tyler had a shady past? The show never did anything with that. Now would be the perfect time for Tyler’s past to cause trouble, don’t you think?

The Fosters (U.S.)
I like the bit that a lot of the kids who came to the sex ed class didn’t get permission slips from their parents because they’re not out yet. That’s a realistic touch.
It’s too bad the show can’t be a bit more explicit about sex and what people can do or not do. The vagueness is a tad annoying. The show got it’s point across, I guess. And we should be glad it’s being discussed at all on a mainstream television show.
I guess we’re to assume Jude and Noah did ‘other stuff’ right then and there? I do think Jude and Noah are cute together and they have some nice chemistry. But now that they’ve resolved the sex issue (for the moment), I’m ready for some different drama for them.

The Haves and The Have Nots (U.S.)
Eww! They’re going to have to throw those sheets out. Veronica will not like that. Well, it looks like Jeffery may not have to marry Melissa after all. Even if she lives, she has no reason to go through with the wedding with her father dead. And Jeffery might wriggle out of those murder charges. Guess we’ll find out when the show returns in July. I do hope we get more of Justin and Jeffery’s relationship and see it go forward when the new season begins. That’s really the only thing keeping me watching.


Anthony D. Langford
I watch a lot of television, probably too much. But can you really watch too much TV? I've yet to find out. Anyway, I especially love TV when they give us positive portrayals of gays, something that has gotten better but we're still fighting for. I've written about gays in television for many years first at the much missed After Elton, then New Now Next and now at TV Source. It's kind of a passion of mine and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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  1. Yeah, I mean Robert’s first major storyline back in the day was getting his brother’s wife to have an affair with him, and then he cheated on her with a cougar (the awesome Sadie King). This is not something new to the character.

  2. I’m definitely one of those not thrilled with the Robron storyline. And it has nothing to do with bi-erasure (though, honestly, it seems like bisexual is really just a cool way of having Robert cheat with and on Aaron, because we really never see him interested in other men).
    I agree that a pregnancy storyline is classic soap. But if we are praising classic soap, then a bad boy who can commit and love only one special person is also very classic soap. And something they really did set up with Robron. Not to mention the showrunner constantly confirming they are going to stay together, they are soul mates etc etc. I get that you think Robert is a more interesting character as a cheater constantly pursuing new relationships, but it is clear that is not what they are trying to write here. They are just trying to throw bumps into the never-ending road of Robron. And doing so poorly.

    If their goal is for Robert and Aaron to remain this big love story (and we know it is, they have confirmed it), then they should have written Robert as HORRIFIED the next day. Guilt ridden and disgusted. Instead, he was just really sorry for hurting Rebecca’s feelings. (And let’s note – this is clearly not the return of bad boy Robert, because bad boy Robert is not playing nice with his conquest the next day.)
    I sometimes wonder if the problem is the writing or Ryan Hawley. Like, we always KNOW how Aaron feels. But we never know with Robert. Which sure, is part of his character to not be as heart on the sleeve as Aaron. But what were the writers showing with Robert at the end of the last episode? Was he jealous about Rebecca/Ross, or just wanted to get away from her? Was it the writing not telling us, which is shitty, given that they aren’t setting up a Aaron/Robert/Rebecca love triangle, so there is no reason to make us wonder if Robert is jealous. Or is it Ryan failing to show what Robert is feeling properly. Like is the writing so all over the place that I am now blaming the actor, or is it somewhat the actor? I have no idea. And that is a problem.

    Anyway, I hate it, I think a cheating storyline could have been done much better, and I think that Robert sure as hell better finally get some comeuppance for this one.

    This one the heels of the end of the JP/James totally wasted potential is just too damn much soap disappointment!

  3. Scott needs help getting over JP? JP hasn’t been with him for months, and when they were together, JP treated him with the same respect he would a hot water bottle warming his bed. Scott needs some self-respect.

    It will be nice ifb Johnny starts doing something more than studying and picking up shifts at the pub.

  4. Robert had less character development than people think. It was only a few months ago that he was sabotaging the ropes course in a way that could have killed Chrissie for no better reason than the spiteful desire to humiliate her. This was after the abuse revelation that is his supposed turning point. Rather than Robert changing, it was his circumstances. Things were going relatively well, and he was with someone he liked rather than someone he was using for their money. However, he has a long history of cheating, and they did nothing to figure out why he did it before and make the changes to avoid repeating his history. Without an underlying change, it was inevitable that he would cheat when he was sexually frustrated, angry at Aaron, and generally stressed out.

    I was really suspicious of the bisexual representation arguments. Robert has a long history of cheating, so it’s far too late to avoid the cheating bisexual trope. That makes me suspect they only are mad that it threatened their ship.

  5. Scott is Paul’s younger brother in neighbours.

  6. Honestly, I feel like the main problem was just the pacing of it all. Putting all the “Bisexual representation” blah blah aside, any character development Robert had over the past year or so was just thrown out. And over what: Cause Aaron said something SLIGHTLY mean to him, once, while he was high off his head. If you wanna write a cheating storyline, great: fucking milk it though. Don’t, all of a sudden be like “He was sad, soooo he slept with this girl” after you just spent the entire year talking about how Robert’s “changed” and how he’s ALREADY turned down Rebecca’s advances multiple times. I think it’s less of an issue of THAT it happened, and more of how it was written.

  7. The outrage over the Aaron/Robert story last week was so OTT. I mean, in one sense I get it, ship fans are passionate and the cheating coming so quickly after the wedding would be hard to swallow (I’m sure I would have ranted up a storm had this been Kyle/Fish back in the day), but…it’s soaps, this is what happens on soaps, this is the genre, there aren’t lasting happy endings where they buy a house and adopt a dog and smile and hold hands all day, and it shouldn’t not happen with Aaron and Robert because they’re gay/bisexual. And funny how there was no worry about the show’s portrayals of bisexuals as cheaters when Robert was cheating on Chrissie left and right. To be honest, the entitlement of this fan base – and the catering to it both by the show and web sites like Digital Spy do – has put me off them.

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