Gays of Our Lives: The Danger Is In The House


Greenleaf (U.S.)
Hey, isn’t that Kyle from Living Single playing the fired choir director’s husband?

I haven’t watched this show since mid-point the first season. It’s not that I didn’t like it, I guess I just sort of lost track of it. But I see they haven’t dropped the gay storyline, though I wonder if we’ll ever see the married couple again. Personally, I don’t know why they’d go back to that church after what how they were treated. But to be honest, I’m not religious and the whole going to church and all its trappings is lost on me. But it’s very realistic that there are gay folks in the church and everybody is cool about it… until they aren’t.

As for Kevin, it’s an interesting beat that his wife really doesn’t believe Kevin can change his sexuality. From the start of the show, we’ve seen she’s been around enough gay men to know better. Maybe she realizes the marriage is doomed, even if Kevin can’t or won’t see it.

Hollyoaks (U.K.)
I love that this show has all four of its gay characters involved in different stories. It’s so much more compelling than when they’re all sleeping with each other.

I’m glad we’re still seeing James in story with JP gone and he needs more stuff with his family. But I thought Marnie knew about the abuse of James and ignored it when she got back with Mac?

It’s an interesting beat in the Elle/Nick rape storyline that Holly would believe rape because as she said, she got drunk, cheated on her boyfriend and accused him of rape when she couldn’t face having slept with another guy. Great of Hollyoaks to remember a valid story beat and use it. That was a nice scene with James and Elle where he helped her deal with what happened to her. It’s going to be hard to prove it was rape though. I guess that’s the point of the plot since they both have the same story from different viewpoints.

Why is that awful Scott still on this show? James was brutal to him, but he was so totally honest. JP never loved Scott and that Scott is still clinging to that relationship, which was over months and months ago shows how pathetic Scott is. And Mercedes needs more to do than pal around with Scott. She’s better than this. The actress is pregnant though (and the character is not) so they are probably limiting her screen and story time for the moment.
I did think Tony going through his very long list of ex-lovers was funny. But Diane and Tony are far too casual about Scott committing identity fraud. I know James didn’t go the cops and turn Scott in for plot reasons, because as a lawyer, James should know that Scott would probably go jail for what he did. There’s no reason for James not to turn Scott in other than for story.

BTW, I hope the show isn’t even thinking of pairing Scott and James. A guy like James would never go for Scott. It would be as implausible as JP and Scott were. Thing is all the gay men on the show are single now. I hope the show just get lazy and start mixing and matching. Just bring on new men please? Though Harry and James were pretty hot. But eventually Harry would probably eventually cheat on James with Ste. So never mind.

I had thought the show was going to reveal that Diane was Scott’s mother. I was surprised to learn Scott was adopted. Clearly he’s going to begin a search for his mother and she would have to be someone on the currently on the show. Myra, Frankie and Marnie are the only women old enough. So which is it?

Who is Ste to judge Ryan for cheating on Amy? Ste has cheated on every boyfriend he’s ever had, including his current one. I guess we’re supposed to think well of Ste for convincing Amy to marry Ryan, but we know he only did out of guilt and so Amy wouldn’t learn what he’d done. I’m not looking forward to the next beat in the story, which is Amy’s death. I’ve always liked Amy. I’m going to miss her. But I won’t miss Ste weeping and whining for the next few months. I know we’re in for plenty of that.

Neighbours (Australia)
Well, David and Aaron are still plodding along, I guess. They share scenes, but the show is soooo dragging out them getting romantic. Maybe once David learns the truth about his dad next week that’ll change things. I hope so. Still though, I’m not sure if they are even right for each other.
David is okay, but he’s not Mr. Personality. The show keeps pairing Aaron with these bland nice guys, one after another. I don’t think that’s what Aaron needs. Someone fiery with a bit of spice. Or maybe a bad boy trying to reform. But they’ll probably but David and Aaron in a dull coupling and then not know what to do with them.

People of the Valley (Wales)
Well, Tyler got the job. So perhaps the show is going somewhere with this. Let’s hope so.


Anthony D. Langford
I watch a lot of television, probably too much. But can you really watch too much TV? I've yet to find out. Anyway, I especially love TV when they give us positive portrayals of gays, something that has gotten better but we're still fighting for. I've written about gays in television for many years first at the much missed After Elton, then New Now Next and now at TV Source. It's kind of a passion of mine and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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  1. I notice you’re always talking about how theres no build up before sex. Why do you think people need to build up for that? I’ve always been attracted to this guy I use to work with. We barely talked at work because we worked different departments. One day we were at a party together and bam, sex happened that night. We’ve been together for 3 years now. No build up was needed. :)

  2. People seem pretty pissed off about this cheating storyline with Aaron and Robert. But what did they expect? Robert was bound to cheat. Someone even stopped uploading their clips on youtube because of this storyline. I guess I’m not able to see the appeal of this utterly dull romance between the two of them. The show simply can’t manage to make them interesting without making their storylines as dark as possible.

    Days of our lives continues to be horrendous. It seems like it just gets worse with each writer switch. Let’s hope the next one actually improves it. I can’t believe that it was renewed, to be honest. I can’t even watch the show anymore, even the Paul/Sonny clips.

  3. I looked up how Aaron was able to appeal when that first came up. Apparently, they have a different process for appealing a guilty verdict (which would have had Aaron out of prison immediately after the not-guilty verdict) and appealing the length of a sentence (which is why he’s getting out after only six weeks– three months with a day off for every day served). They were appealing because their lawyer was expecting only a few months and the (first?) judge threw the book at him.

  4. Ben and Johnny have much better on-screen chemistry than I anticipated, probably more noticeable because they were being unusually lighthearted and…well…normal for guys their age. It was a refreshing development on a show that tends to be downbeat much of the time. I like that they didn’t immediately decide they are love’s young dream even though it’s likely the show will have them grow closer and become a couple. We need to see more of this Johnny away from his family and the pub.

    I also like that Tyler has a story outside of his relationship with Iolo. It’s completely like the Tyler we met early on to use Ffion to essentially write his application for this new position. Now that he’s settled into the community and got his man, it’s logical that some of his bad-boy tendencies would resurface. As long we don’t learn he murdered someone in the past or was sexually abused or fathered a child, I’m pretty open to whatever stories the show wants to give him.

  5. David Ames has such a sad puppy face. It is hard to watch him be an unbelievably stupid diptwad when it comes to Syed 2.0. I hope Sosia pushes the bastard down an incinerator chute, rescuing Dom and getting him into a good forever home.

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