Gays of Our Lives: The Danger Is In The House


Coronation Street: Phelan gets violent with Todd.

Greenleaf: A visit from Kevin’s mother creates a stir.

Holby City: Dom and Isaac bicker over a patient’s care, leading Dom to rethink his relationship with Isaac. When Dom takes a firm stand against his boyfriend, Isaac’s temper gets the best of him and he lashes out at Dom. Will Isaac hurt Dom and if he does, will this be what convinces Dom to get out of this relationship?
Hollyoaks: Ryan and Amy get married and plan to move to America right after the wedding. But they feel guilty about leaving town and taking the kids away from Ste. Amy in conflicted about what to do and she fights with Ste about it. Later, Amy is found dead. And Ste has had one of his blackouts and don’t know what happened. Things get worse when, in the wake of Amy’s death, the kids disappear.
James finds out that Scott and Mercedes have been using his credit cards and warn them to pay back the money or he’ll go to the police. Scott and Mercedes break into James house planning to steal things to sell and use that to pay him back. They find some embarrassing videos of James from his law school days when he was on the Law School Drama Society and plan to use it to blackmail James.

Neighbours: With their mother about to visit, David and Leo hope to finally get answers on who their father is. David and Aaron team up and find evidence that leads David to believe his father is Scott Robinson, Paul’s brother. But is are they on the right track?

Rownd a Rownd: David deals with Dani’s return home from the hospital.

Shortland Street: Jack won’t give up on his ideals.


Days of Our Lives: Paul and Sonny have sex.

Holby City: Dom’s friends try to help him.

Neighbours: David bonds with his newfound father.

Rownd a Rownd: David faces Dani’s wrath.

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  1. I notice you’re always talking about how theres no build up before sex. Why do you think people need to build up for that? I’ve always been attracted to this guy I use to work with. We barely talked at work because we worked different departments. One day we were at a party together and bam, sex happened that night. We’ve been together for 3 years now. No build up was needed. :)

  2. People seem pretty pissed off about this cheating storyline with Aaron and Robert. But what did they expect? Robert was bound to cheat. Someone even stopped uploading their clips on youtube because of this storyline. I guess I’m not able to see the appeal of this utterly dull romance between the two of them. The show simply can’t manage to make them interesting without making their storylines as dark as possible.

    Days of our lives continues to be horrendous. It seems like it just gets worse with each writer switch. Let’s hope the next one actually improves it. I can’t believe that it was renewed, to be honest. I can’t even watch the show anymore, even the Paul/Sonny clips.

  3. I looked up how Aaron was able to appeal when that first came up. Apparently, they have a different process for appealing a guilty verdict (which would have had Aaron out of prison immediately after the not-guilty verdict) and appealing the length of a sentence (which is why he’s getting out after only six weeks– three months with a day off for every day served). They were appealing because their lawyer was expecting only a few months and the (first?) judge threw the book at him.

  4. Ben and Johnny have much better on-screen chemistry than I anticipated, probably more noticeable because they were being unusually lighthearted and…well…normal for guys their age. It was a refreshing development on a show that tends to be downbeat much of the time. I like that they didn’t immediately decide they are love’s young dream even though it’s likely the show will have them grow closer and become a couple. We need to see more of this Johnny away from his family and the pub.

    I also like that Tyler has a story outside of his relationship with Iolo. It’s completely like the Tyler we met early on to use Ffion to essentially write his application for this new position. Now that he’s settled into the community and got his man, it’s logical that some of his bad-boy tendencies would resurface. As long we don’t learn he murdered someone in the past or was sexually abused or fathered a child, I’m pretty open to whatever stories the show wants to give him.

  5. David Ames has such a sad puppy face. It is hard to watch him be an unbelievably stupid diptwad when it comes to Syed 2.0. I hope Sosia pushes the bastard down an incinerator chute, rescuing Dom and getting him into a good forever home.

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