Gays of Our Lives: Ready To Move On?

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

I wish I could care more about Scott and his search for his parents. But Scott is such an awful character I can’t help but feel sorry for them when he does find them. We can already see he’d take advantage if they were rich or successful.

I am starting to agree with despite how it’s playing out so far that Marnie is probably Scott’s mom and that’s why the show has Scott and James sharing scenes the other week. They’re clearly building to something. I’d rather them be brothers than lovers, that’s for sure. Though knowing this show, they’ll tease them sleeping together before the reveal. They did it before when Danny and Ste nearly had sex before learning they were father and son. Why not again?

And even if it’s not Marnie, Scott’s parents has to be someone already on the show. Otherwise, what’s the point?

So Nancy’s ex-boyfriend Kyle is gay, huh? Well, I figured once John Paul left it wouldn’t be long before a new gay character would come into town. That’s how it usually works on this show, one queer leaves and another shows up. The show says that Kyle has other connections in town so I’m going to guess he’s an ex-boyfriend of James’. That would make the most sense. They’re about the same age, Ste and Harry just came out in the last few years (and neither of them had been with men before) and the show made it clear that John Paul was Scott’s first and only boyfriend.

At least I hope he’s an ex of James’. Maybe his first love, the one that got away. Perhaps they broke up when Kyle got sick? I could see James walking away rather than dealing with something so heavy. I just hope they keep Kyle away from Ste. I get tired of every gay man on this show being into Ste (except for James, who rightfully is appalled by Ste). And James needs a new love interest. Fingers crossed.

Neighbours (Australia)

Yay! David finally came out. It took way too long and made little sense after he made the decision months ago, but didn’t because he found Aaron in the middle of a hookup. I liked Leo’s response. It was obvious he knew and has always known, but was waiting until David was ready. Leo was happy for David and it made me mist up a bit. It was a strange way to close out the week, but it was a long time in coming.

And I liked David and Paul bonding, which led up to David finally coming out. It’s not a shock that Paul is cool with having a gay kid. He’s close to Steph (who is bisexual), he was very friendly with Chris and he and Aaron get along well. I liked Paul encouraging David to do what makes him happy. One of David’s fears was that his father, if he ever found him, wouldn’t accept him for being gay. It was a really sweet scene and David needed to hear it.

I guess they’ll finally get Aaron and David on a romantic track. With Matt Wilson and Takaya Honda saying they’d like to see their characters get married and Aaron wearing that pro-marriage t-shirt, I’m guessing that’s where David and Aaron are headed. I’m not happy about it and I hope they don’t do that so quickly. I’d like to see them date for a while, have some romantic drama. Maybe David date a guy or two other than Aaron before they are married off. Sadly, that’s not how these things usually work. Newly out gay men always want to marry the first guy they kiss.

Aaron stays the best dressed man in town. No matter what he wears, suits or casual clothes, it’s always on point.

Rownd a Rownd (Wales)

David really should have told Rhys about he and Dani buying a house and not let Rhys hear it on the streets. This is such a small town he was bound to find out. I did like the trapped look on David’s face when after convincing Wyn that he and Dani shouldn’t buy a house, Wyn made it possible for them to do to. It was funny. Poor David. He’s getting in deeper and deeper.

Shortland Street (New Zealand)

I admit I haven’t been watching much since Cam left as Jack has mostly been in supporting stuff with his family dramas or work issues. But when the show picked up with Jack and Charlie’s romance last week I figured I should tune in.

Well, it seems like the show is rushing Jack and Charlie. When we last saw them after Jack and Cam split, Jack made it clear that he had no interest in Charlie, but after a few scenes this past week, they’re sleeping together and making it as if Jack was always into Charlie. I know this show puts relationships on the fast track (they did the same with Jack and Cam), but I wish they’d gave us a few scenes of Jack and Charlie here and there over the past few weeks to build up to this. Show them getting to know each other, you know?

However, I don’t think the show would even be going here if Cam weren’t coming back soon. Cam was only supposed to be gone a couple of months so he would be returning in a few weeks. Are we about to have a triangle? Or is there another story in the works for Jack?




  1. There’s a lot of potential for a Kyle and James story, so I hope your suspicion is correct. I’m keen to follow it as long as it doesn’t involve meddling mothers.

    The teaser for EastEnders sounds encouraging. The show is telling some pretty good stories at the moment, and Johnny deserves to have one.

  2. I kind of wish there’d been more build up with Jack/Charlie too because the chemistry really isn’t there at the minute. The actor isn’t great either and I feel like Reuben (who has improved a lot from his early days) regresses. Their interaction is just kind of wooden. BTW, Cam won’t be back any time soon. Last we heard he’d be staying longer in Wellington (for 6 months Vinnie told Jack) so I don’t think there will be any triangle – at least not yet.

  3. Meanwhile, on “General Hospital”, Brad and Lucas decided to buy a condo! Except Lucas was completely off-screen, as will their new home most likely. The show also continues using Brad to engineer sympathy for Michael Easton’s latest character, which…booo.

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