Gays of Our Lives: Worth the Wait?


In this week’s edition of Gays of Our Lives….

  • It’s been nearly a year since Sonny came back to Days of Our Lives and he and Paul have (sort of) been romantically involved since then. But the romance (hopefully) heats up when Paul and Sonny finally have sex. These boys must be bursting.
  • Ste is arrested for Amy’s murder on Hollyoaks. But did he do it?
  • David finally learns who his bio-dad is on Neighbours. And it’s not what he expected.
  • Rhys gets a mysterious letter on Rownd a Rownd. Who is it from and will it have an effect on his relationship with David?
  • Plus, intriguing teasers for next week on Emmerdale that will change Robert and Aaron’s lives forever.

All this and more!


Holby City (U.K.)

I’m disappointed by the show’s decision to have Isaac start beating up Dom. Yes, it’s realistic, but mental abuse was a much more intriguing and interesting angle for the story to take. I also think it’s harder for someone to break away from than being physically abused. I just think it’s a lazy route for the story to go. I’m assuming it means Isaac won’t be around much longer. Marc Elliot’s stint with the show was to be 6 months and we’re probably about there. So the physical abuse is probably the beginning of the end.

What I’m puzzled/confused by here though is why Dom stayed after Isaac attacked him. Dom was leaving him. Why would he stay after being beaten up? It doesn’t make much sense. Hopefully the show will explain it.

Coronation Street (U.K.)

Billy and Todd still don’t have a story. And that awful girl is still living in Eileen’s house? Ugh.

Well, Todd has definitely changed. He actually came forward with the evidence to clear Phelan? I hope it’s part of some overall plan rather than being ‘nice’. I don’t like ‘nice’ Todd.

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

So I guess this is the end of the cancer story. The show barely played it and then wrapped it up rather suddenly. But I doubt if it’s really over. I guess this is Adrienne’s decision ‘for now’. I mean, there’s not much story in Adrienne and Lucas as a couple, is there?

I did like Anne’s saying ‘go ahead’ and stepping back when Adrienne said she and Justin and Lucas were in the middle of something. LOL!

Neighbours (Australia)

Between the bad writing and the very poor acting of the woman playing David and Leo’s mom, those were some dreadful confrontation scenes. They haven’t seen their mom for months and David’s first words are “You have to tell us who are Dad is”? Not even a hello? But the bad acting really took a lot out of those scenes. I know the show wanted to get the actress who played the role of Kim Taylor all those years ago, but maybe looking how poorly played those scenes were they might have rethought that decision. Very monotone delivery during some highly emotional moments.

And how come Aaron and David’s scenes aren’t played with a hint of romance or attraction. David goes to Aaron for help. But why? I guess because Aaron helped him before, but there is no acknowledgment that these two have been playing this will they or won’t they for months now. This show has always been conservative about gay relationships, but not this much. What gives?

Emmerdale (U.K.)

Hey Liv doesn’t have to come back as far as I’m concerned. If we never saw her again I’d be just fine.

Greenleaf (U.S.)

So you take something to make yourself sick every time you think about sex or rather sex with another man? Terrible. That’s right up there with electro shock therapy. And sad these practices still happen today. Is this guy running the meetings a doctor or professional? He needs to have whatever license he’s got yanked.

Kevin keeping away from his mother because of his sexuality is very realistic. A lot of kids pull away from their parents rather than have to deal with them knowing they are gay. I wonder though if Kevin’s mom would accept it rather than lose her son if he chose to come out. I got the feeling she would.

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

I don’t believe Ste killed Amy. As much as I don’t like the character and would like to see him gone, the show loves him (for some reason) and this is just the start of a long story. My guess is Ste will go to jail to cover the actor’s reported paternity leave and then come back when Ste ‘remembers’ he didn’t do it after all.

Welp, this show is going to pair James and Scott. James’ motivation for not turning Scott into the cops is weak at best but it’s clear why they are keeping them in the same orbit. I hate it. It makes no sense and there’s no way that James would ever want to be with someone like Scott. But it looks like they are going to go there. Yuck.

I should have figured that despite everything Harry would wind up going back to Ste. He’s even got Tony, who was right about everything he said in regards to why he didn’t want Ste with Harry, pushing them back together. I will never buy that a father would want their son with a guy like Ste.

No judge would give Ste a court order keeping Amy, temporary or otherwise, from taking the kids. Amy has custody. Ste lost custody because of his numerous issues. Yes, it’s all about plot. Certainly not about plausibility.

So I’m guessing eventually they’ll pair Ryan and Mercedes?

I’ll miss Amy. She’s always been one of my favorites. It’s not a bad story though. I’m interested in finding out who did kill her. I hope it’s not Ryan though by the way it played out so far I don’t see how it could be.


Rownd a Rownd (Wales)

Dani’s family take a lot of liberties. Making a key to a house they don’t live in and then Dani’s Grandmother coming over to ‘visit’ and not being helpful. She’s better off without them!

I guess now that he’s affirmed he’s gay (at least with Rhys), David isn’t interested in anything romantic with Dani. He ‘helpfully’ decided to stay in the other bedroom to make it more comfortable for her and he flinched when she touched him. He also didn’t reply when she said she loved him.

But where is Rhys? He hasn’t been on for a couple of weeks. The show seems to be hinting that when David ‘goes to the gym’ or going to some meeting he’s off with Rhys. But why aren’t we seeing it? I know Rhys is back on this week and going forward. But still…. I just hope is completely vanishing isn’t going to be a pattern.

The Fosters (U.S.)

I disagree with Noah here. You can’t be nice or only ‘fight in the right way’ with people who harass and bully you. You take these people down in any way you can and take them down so they can’t get back up. Jude was right to play dirty. I wouldn’t have let Noah guilt trip me. He can either accept it or walk. Playing the rules gets you nowhere. If life has taught us anything in this past year it’s taught us that.


Anthony D. Langford
I watch a lot of television, probably too much. But can you really watch too much TV? I've yet to find out. Anyway, I especially love TV when they give us positive portrayals of gays, something that has gotten better but we're still fighting for. I've written about gays in television for many years first at the much missed After Elton, then New Now Next and now at TV Source. It's kind of a passion of mine and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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  1. With Dani pissed off at her friends, co-workers and family over them hiding the fact that Sophie was filling in at the salon, David is now further stuck as her sole support system. You could see the look of guilt, frustration and sadness on his face when she said that he was the only one that she doesn’t hide things or lie to her! Ouch.

  2. Diane and Kush are the main thing keeping me from taking a break from EastEnders until this Michelle mess is over.

    I think Ste may still be Leah’s legal father. I wasn’t watching at the time, but from what I’ve read, Amy initially told Ste that he was the father. If his name were on the birth certificate, he would remain her legal father until someone initiated legal proceedings to change it. Furthermore, now that he’s raised her as his daughter for so many years, he probably would have rights based on it being in the best interests of the child to continue her relationship with the primary man she has known as her father.

  3. 100% agree with you on the Michelle/Preston story. The show hasn’t made me care about either character, and they lack any kind of chemistry to make me believe they would be in love. Diane and Kush, on the other hand….

    As for James and Scott, I have read some speculation among fans (not official spoilers) that it’s being played up because Scott will learn that Marnie is his birth mother. In Hollyoaks, any adoptee who finds his birth mother will inevitably learn it is one of the three or four women he knows in Hollyoaks Village. James and Scott would be as bad a pairing as Ste and Harry, so making them brothers would put that idea to rest once and for all.

    Has Ste ever had legal custody of Leah? He’s not her biological father and would have no legal right to prevent Amy from taking her. Her father showed up years ago (played by Michael Parr from Emmerdale) when Doug & Ste were about to leave for America. In fact, they were taking Leah and Lucas with them without any mention that Amy had been informed. Wouldn’t Leah’s biological father have legal responsibility for her now that Amy is dead? Ste would have a claim to Lucas, but with his history it’s likely that Amy’s dad could gain custody.

  4. I think the custody battle went exactly how it should. Amy was being really shady by planning to move the kids out of the country without telling their father. I could see a court giving Ste a temporary injunction to give it a chance to weigh in before the kids are out of its jurisdiction. Of course, once it actually takes a close look at Ste’s file, it would side with Amy.

    I hate that Harry covered for Ste. Given Ste’s history of blackouts involving violence, he has no reason to be sure that Ste didn’t do it. He especially has no reason when he should still be mad about Ste cheating on him.

    If James gets with Scott, I might need to take a break. I can’t deal with all the gays being in horrible relationships.

    I’m surprised that they dropped the prison drama so quickly. They threw Aaron into an extreme situation and then just ended it. If he was fiending for drugs, could he just stop? Would his dealer let him? Would they return to trying to torture him into committing suicide? It seems like a heavy-handed way to set up a cheating/baby story.

    EastEnders is trying my patience with this Michelle Fowler storyline. It seems to think that there is nothing wrong with a fifty-something teacher sleeping with her seventeen year old student. To quote Bad Education: “ILLEGAL, Chantelle!”

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