‘Days of Our Lives’ Pick and Pans for the Week of May 22, 2017

Sonny can’t fly a plane and nearly kills everyone. (JPI)

Pans of the Week

Baby Boss

Sonny Kiriakis brought unanimous groaning from DAYS viewers this entire week. The second he stepped foot in Greece, he was bossy and entitled and unconvincing as a tough guy no matter how much hair grease he wore. Many viewers were wondering who this guy masquerading as Sonny was, while I sat rolling my eyes. It’s no secret that I am no Sonny fan, never have nor will I ever be and this last week just highlighted so many things wrong with the character. Some people say he was acting out of character while I say he had none to begin with. Sonny is a Mary-Sue, a character used to perfectly fit every situation with little to no explanation. And I don’t care what anyone says, he’s been like this from his introduction. Though one has to wonder, did Will Horton’s sudden death break him more than we thought? Is that why he’s become even more unbearable than he was before?

Sonny went from surveillance expert to perspective CEO to private jet pilot in the course of a week, each development more laughable than the last. In the past, there were just little instances of him magically being able to fit ever mold but lately it’s been ridiculous. Sonny has been a business owner for a majority of the time we’ve seen him but does it make him qualified to helm a multinational company like Titan? I think not. The whole reason Sonny went on the trip was in hopes of slipping Deimos up in order to seize control of Titan. Decked out in purple Joker business suits and hair grease, Sonny went about the mission like the entitled brat I’ve always taken him for. Thank God for Paul Narita though. While the two were running surveillance on Deimos (out in the open!!!), he had to check his partner (boyfriend?) on his sudden lofty ambitions with shady motives. Not that it helped much but it was refreshing to know that the viewers weren’t the only ones thinking Sonny was being over the top.

The perfect metaphor for Sonny supposedly being a multitalented Everyman was him getting into the pilot’s seat and immediately crashing the plane. Was it any surprise to a single DAYS viewer? Not at all but for some reason the characters on board didn’t figure the same way. And now because of this faith in Salem’s Mary-Sue, they’re all trapped on a desert island.

They should have listened to me!

It’s A Boy Girl Thing

Ciara is horrified to learn of Theo and Wyatt’s lie. (JPI)

I have to start off by saying that I am happy the teenagers have finally had some age appropriate drama, the teens were integrated too quickly into adult drama and were swept away. But they ultimately made the pan list this week because the story just wasn’t any good. Some DAYS viewers feel that Ciara Brady overreacted upon discovering Theo Carver had enlisted Wyatt as her perfect boyfriend and I disagree with them. I do believe that her reaction to the news was appropriate to a certain degree… it just wasn’t enjoyable to watch. The show hit the emotional beat correctly but the story didn’t line up, we had no clue these trust issues had developed within Ciara over time. Didn’t she give her rapist a pass a few weeks after the incident?

What most people forget is that most people are sexually assaulted by someone close to them, that kind of trauma becomes a breeding ground for distrust. The second someone else betrays the victim in any way, it can bring up feelings of violation similar to the rape. The show got that right in my eyes.
Ciara’s actress just was not capable of conveying the emotional weight of these scenes so the impact was so low. I’m so tired of these shows trying to put forth so much low impact drama when viewers know they’re capable of more, they’ve seen them do so much more in the years gone by. These scenes set up Vivian Jovanni’s exit as Bo and Hope Brady’s daughter; I hope the character’s exit is more temporary than the actress’. Maybe after a short break the character will come back with her original edge, the one that made Lauren Boles’ portrayal so devilishly charming. Plus without her daughter in town, Hope is going to really act up. I foresee her and Rafe Hernandez becoming even more unbearable than they are now. Please bad girl Ciara, come back soon and bust up this unholy union.

Also what a bright spot that Scott Shilstone was as Wyatt! I said it before, it’s such a shame the show wasted him on this quickly crafted bit part when he could do so much more with more material. When Claire Brady actually decided to think about someone other than herself for once and stood up for her wronged aunt, there was a really great chemistry between them. Theo and Claire are cute, but there’s nothing like a couple that starts off as enemies before lovers. They reminded me of an early Lucas Horton and Sami Brady, right down to the hatred bordering on desire for hate sex.

V For Vendetta

I am so confused with this whole Tripp storyline. Why is he suddenly so invested in avenging the mother he never knew? And wasn’t he all Team Kayla Johnson just a few weeks back when he wanted to grow up to be just like her? Jade Michaels jumping in with her lies about Kayla’s involvement in Ava Vitali’s death should not have flipped such an intense switch inside the young man’s head; he’s become hell bent on destroying Kayla while viewers are scratching their heads.

I wish someone would tell the poor boy his mother was a psychopath and that pillow to the face was for the greater good.

Steve treats Kayla to some pampering, unaware that Tripp is out for revenge. (JPI)

This story is taking too many roundabouts, adding in drama where it really isn’t necessary. I think this is one of those instances where the simple foundation laid (half-brother murders other half-brother’s mother and hides the truth) is more than enough for entertaining drama. The story is right there! Not only are these two brothers caught up with the same girl but there’s this deadly secret connecting them too. Tripp’s motivation for bringing Joey down should also stem from the fact that he’s just a rebound for Jade, that Joey will always be first in her heart. From there you have Steve unable to reach out to Tripp who can’t believe he’d cover for Joey and Kayla who surprisingly becomes a source of support for Tripp, ultimately mending the bridge broken between the brothers.

All of this sidetracking is so contrived and silly!