Gays Of Our Lives: Just Say No

People of the Valley  (Wales)

Wow, I never expected to see Macs again. I thought the actor had moved on to greener pastures. I wonder if he’ll be around for awhile or is this a quick visit?  IIRC, Macs left after it was revealed he had hepatitis, which he had gotten after he was raped by Scott and didn’t bother telling any of his lovers.  I might be mixing up stories though.  It’s been a long time since we saw him.  Well, at least we know we’ll get to see more of Iolo with Macs around.  Though it’ll be Iolo playing support of Mac’s storyline like always.  He still needs a story of his own.  And a shave.  That heavy beard is not flattering!

I doubt if Gwyneth and Macs are lovers though, even if Macs was a slut who slept with anything he could get his hands on.  It’s probably part of Gwyneth’s revenge.  I’d feel sorry for Sion, but Iolo did warn him over and over.  And remember Sion even disowned Iolo because he wouldn’t accept Gwyneth?  I’m surprised Iolo did tell Sion ‘I told you so’.  The White men love to be right about stuff.

But I thought Iolo and Macs made peace?  Didn’t Iolo go and stay with Macs when Iolo was having trouble a few years back?  I forgot which storyline it was, but I thought for sure they weren’t at odds anymore.  Now they are again?  Or has the show forgotten that?

BTW, I need someone to mention Iolo nearly married a guy looks a lot like Macs.  Remember William?  He was played by Rhys Bidder’s (Macs) real life brother.  Come on show, do it for me!

RedWater (Ireland)

So Keiran and Andrew actually had sex, which kinda surprised me.  I didn’t think the show would go there with them.  My only question is: just where and how did they do it?  They were on the side of a deserted road, the car was buried in mud.  So did they do it in the car, on top of the car, where?  It’s really bugging me.  LOL…

Of course, Andrew being so angry and blaming Keiran post sex is no surprise. It’s what these tv closet cases always do.  Violence always seems to the answer too, at least on television.  I’d like to know how Keiran lied and tricked Andrew into having sex with him on the side of the road.

I do love the story though.  It’s provocative and scandalous and the guys do have chemistry.  It’s different and we don’t get enough of that in gay storytelling.  It helps that Peter Campion (Andrew) is a total stud.  If he were my cousin, well….

But since Dermott knows about the tryst I wonder how soon it’ll be revealed to everyone.  Or will it be revealed?   The writers were clearly planning for multiple seasons because there is lots of story to be resolved and I don’t see how they’ll wrap it all up in an hour.  I know ratings weren’t good and renewal is unlikely.  I have the feeling we’re going to end on a big unresolved cliffhanger.  Just no dead gays, please.


Shortland Street  (New Zealand)

Well, who didn’t think from the minute Charlie mentioned taking drugs and Jack’s totally over the top reaction that eventually Jack would wind up taking the drugs himself?  And who doesn’t think that Jack will very quickly become addicted?  You have watched a soap before, right?  My guess is that this will be like Jack’s last storyline where his Grandfather came back, had cancer, was revealed to have been abused as a child, made peace with the family, accepted Jack for being gay and left town all in the matter of a week or so.  

The show never really does anything long term for Jack.  Even his romance with Cam only lasted a few weeks before Cam left and Jack went to the background.  And his romance with Charlie played for about a week or so before again, Jack went to the background.  Here Jack and Charlie are again, but only so Charlie can be the one to give Jack the drugs.  I suspect their relationship won’t survive this storyline.

Shame because I like them together.  I think they have chemistry.  And Charlie is sort of charming.  I did like that bit where they talked about Jack getting benefits that others don’t because he’s a minority.  I never really think of Jack in that respect, but I guess it’s true.  I know some viewers were offended by it, but I thought it was a realistic beat.




  1. Regarding your wish that there’s some growth and change with the Scott character on Hollyoaks now that he’s gone through a suicide attempt, perhaps that ties into them introducing his brother, Damon Kinsella (actorJacob Roberts). Recall, Scott found out about Damon’s existence during the suicide episode, and the character will be introduced during the show’s upcoming trip to Ibiza featuring several regulars.

    Jacob Roberts:

  2. I never got the impression that Todd was 100% against having children, just not this child in these circumstances at this moment in his relationship with Billy. I still hope that this story ties back more to the child Todd lost with Sarah, that maybe he feels opening his heart to another kid diminishes that loss or something. I also think it’d be more interesting if they flipped expectations and had Summer take to Todd right away versus Billy.

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