Gays Of Our Lives: Just Say No


Coronation Street:   Todd and Billy spend time with Summer as Todd tries to get to know the girl.    Todd begins to warm to being her guardian and they are shocked when the girl admits she knows Drew wants Todd and Billy to take her in after he dies. But things take a turn when Summer overhears Todd joking about sending her to a home, though he doesn’t mean it.  Summer immediately shuts down and before they can find out why they get word from Drew’s mother.  Drew has suddenly died.

Later, Drew’s mother Geraldine drops by to tell Todd and Billy they aren’t welcome at Drew’s funeral and must never contact Summer again.   Billy is devastated.

Holby City:   Lofty and Dom have a misunderstanding that puts their new friendship at risk, but a new patient makes Dom see things in a new light.

Neighbours:   David and Tom go to Amy’s party with David planning to introduce Tom as his new boyfriend, but both David and Tom get a big surprise.  

RedWater:  As the series comes to a close, Andrew and Keiran struggle with their feelings for each other and the cousins are unaware of just how many people know about their relationship.  While, Keiran shares his suspicions about Dermott with Bernie, leading to a violent, shocking conclusion.

Rownd a Rownd:  As the town finds out about David and Rhys’ affair, Rhys is embarrassed and doesn’t want to face the town.  David and Barry convince Rhys to go out, but how will things go when they run into Dani’s family?  While Rhys starts to lose business as a result of the affair.

Shortland Street:  Jack struggles with temptation and is determined not to take more of the drugs that Charlie gave him.   But can he do it?  It all leads to a disturbing, unexpected encounter for Jack.

Emmerdale:  Robert and Aaron get their revenge on Ross by stealing his taxi and putting it through the crusher at the auto yard.  Ross steals Robert’s car in hopes of forcing Robert into getting them a new taxi.  Later, Ross and Finn are busy getting ready to sell their cannabis, but Robert and Aaron get to it first and steal it.  Ross goes to confront them, but Robert and Aaron have already destroyed the stuff.  While, Finn is kidnapped by the dealers who owned the weed who want him to take them to their drugs.  On the way they spot Ross’s car and the dealers run it off the road.  They then drag the driver out and stab them before running off.  Finn runs to the victim’s aid and is horrified to see who has been attacked.   



Hollyoaks: Ryan’s secrets are exposed.

Neighbours:  Tom and David have a messy breakup.

People of the Valley:  Iolo struggles to forgive Macs.

That’s it for this edition of Gays of Our Lives.   Please share your comments on the thoughts and opinions expressed in this week’s column below.  See you next week!



  1. Regarding your wish that there’s some growth and change with the Scott character on Hollyoaks now that he’s gone through a suicide attempt, perhaps that ties into them introducing his brother, Damon Kinsella (actorJacob Roberts). Recall, Scott found out about Damon’s existence during the suicide episode, and the character will be introduced during the show’s upcoming trip to Ibiza featuring several regulars.

    Jacob Roberts:

  2. I never got the impression that Todd was 100% against having children, just not this child in these circumstances at this moment in his relationship with Billy. I still hope that this story ties back more to the child Todd lost with Sarah, that maybe he feels opening his heart to another kid diminishes that loss or something. I also think it’d be more interesting if they flipped expectations and had Summer take to Todd right away versus Billy.

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