Gays of our Lives: Kissing Cousins


Casualty:   Jez and Mickey’s relationship could be at risk when Mickey’s brother Scott shows up back in town and comes face to face with Ethan.  Certain that Scott killed his brother Cal, Ethan begs Scott to confess to what he did.  Scott refuses and he and Ethan comes to blows.  But what does this confrontation mean for Jez and Mickey?

Emmerdale:   Finn is worried about the family when they are turned down for a loan to save the farm.  Finn tells Leyla that he spent a lot of money during his vacation in Australia and wonders how he’s going to come up with the cash.  Remembering when he was dating Nathan, who turned out to be a escort, Finn decides to try the job himself.

However, Finn is unable to go through with having sex with his client and takes the money and runs.  When the client wants his money back, Ross threatens to tell the man’s wife if he doesn’t leave Finn alone.  Later, Finn and Ross finds a rather large marijuana farm and wonder if that might solve their woes.

Holby City:  Hooked on steroids, Dom’s behavior grows more erratic and his career becomes at risk.   Lofty tries to help Dom and makes a shocking discovery.  As a result, Dom makes a life changing decision.

Hollyoaks:   Harry realizes Ste is in danger when another inmate Woody, tells Harry that unless Harry smuggles drugs he’ll hurt Ste.  James offers to help by moving Ste to another prison, but Harry decides to call the police and tell them about Woody’s threats.  During the transfer, Ste escapes from jail and is on the loose.  Ste goes to see the kids, but is he planning on taking them on the run with him?

Meanwhile, Ryan continues sleeping with Mercedes.  Nosy Scott figures out Mercedes is seeing a new guy and wants to know who it is.   Suspecting it’s Ryan, he follows him.  While, Kyle corners Ryan in the bathroom and begs him not to give up on their relationship.   Ryan is tempted, struggling with his feelings for Kyle.  Before anything can happen, they hear a noise.   There doesn’t seem to be anyone there.    But was Scott listening?

Neighbours:    Aaron is embarrassed about stripping again and is even more upset that David knows about it.   Aaron might be able to put it behind him by getting involved in promoting Shane’s new mower.  David, meanwhile, is anxious to take the next step in his relationship with Tom, but after getting some shocking news about Tom, David wonders if he made the right choice.  

Redwater:  Keiron is forced to face his fear of water, resulting in a rush of difficult memories.

Rownd a Rownd:   Rhys considers making a formal complaint against Meical for attacking him.  Things get more complicated when Rhys and David go to David’s house and find Dani there with her parents getting Dani’s things.  Will there be another violent attack?


Emmerdale: Robert looks for revenge against Ross.

Hollyoaks:   Kyle and Scott’s date leads to tragedy; James is furious by his mother’s actions.

Neighbours:    Aaron gets a job offer.

River City:  Stevie realizes his mother knows he’s HIV.

Shortland Street:  Jack gets a surprising offer.

That’s it for this edition of Gays of Our Lives.   Please share your comments on the thoughts and opinions expressed in this week’s column below.  See you next week!


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  1. Scott and Kyle’s date ends in tragedy? Did Scott ruin his credit while he was in the bathroom and forget to leave enough to pay the bill?

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