Gays of our Lives: Kissing Cousins

Redwater (Scotland)

Incest isn’t exactly a new subject for soaps.  Nearly every soap has done an incest storyline where relatives fall in love despite (or not knowing) they are related.  But I don’t think I’ve seen an incestuous relationship between two gay men before this is something new.

Usually the show avoids intimate contact between the couple, but not only did Keiron and Andrew kiss, it seems obvious they’ve had sex in the past, probably during Andrew’s visit to see Keiron in America.  And given how clearly hungry they are for each other after that scene in the bathroom, I wonder if it’ll happen again.

One thing that’s amusing to me is the chatter that viewers want to see them together in the end.  I’m like… what?  Am I bothered that they are cousins in love?  No, not really.  I’ve known gay twin brothers who were romantically involved.  I don’t judge.  Not usually anyway.  But society does and there’s no way these guys are going to get a happy ending.  Not only are they cousins, Andrew is a married man with a baby on the way.  So, no.  They’re not going to wind up together when the show ends in a few weeks.  In fact, I have the feeling one of them will wind up dead.

Don’t forget there’s a killer priest on the loose and he seems to know or at least suspect about Keiron and Andrew.  I’ve just got a bad feeling that knowledge will come into play and lead into one of them being murdered.  At any rate, things are not going to end well for these guys.  But I’ll be watching.  The show is interesting and there is a lot of good acting.   I just don’t expect the gay couple to ever be, you know, a couple.

I do think it’s funny that only the daughter can see the fairly obvious attraction between the cousins.  But she doesn’t seem that surprised by it.  Does she know her dad is gay?  Hmmm….

River City (Scotland)

I get that the show is trying to show how desperate Robbie has become, but I don’t understand why Robbie didn’t say from the start he needed the money for an emergency and would pay it back.  His mother would understand and it would have been dropped.  It made no sense other than to keep the secret of Robbie’s drug addiction.

Even worse was Maggie protecting Robbie and didn’t tell the whole story.  What good does it do for the truth not to come out, especially for Robbie.   Maggie said she was an addict so she should know Robbie needs help. Moreover, she gave up her entire life and the reunion with her estranged family to protect Robbie?  Why?    Even if she was trying to stand up for Frankie that plot point really made no logical sense.  Seems like it was done to keep the story going and there were other more believable ways to accomplish that.

I guess Stevie is really starting to care about Robbie.  He seemed disappointed when Robbie said he wanted to be alone.  It makes me think that Stevie hasn’t told Robbie he’s HIV.  I hope Robbie doesn’t pay the price for Stevie keeping that secret.

Rownd a Rownd  (Wales)

Poor Dani.  I know she’s upset, but begging a man to stay with you is not a good look.  I actually was surprised when she said she’d forget the whole thing and they’d stay together.  And even still when she talked to her parents later she was still holding to getting David back.  Well, at least she saw sense and left David’s place.  I wonder if David will be crass enough to ask Rhys to move in with him?  Probably.

As for Mecial punching Rhys, once again, a gay character can’t defend himself.  Sure, Mecial is a lot bigger than Rhys, but still.  That just bugs me.



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  1. Scott and Kyle’s date ends in tragedy? Did Scott ruin his credit while he was in the bathroom and forget to leave enough to pay the bill?

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