Gays of Our Lives: Arresting Developments


Rownd a Rownd  (Wales)

I wonder if this Bali thing is going to be a major plot point. Rhys and David have decided to vacation there, assuming Rhys doesn’t go to jail and we know Dani has her tickets and can go now that David paid for his half.  Seems like the show is setting up for something to happen there.  

I’m guessing David, Rhys, Dani and someone else will all wind up in Bali together and there will be drama.  Hopefully, once the trial is over (I think Rhys will wind up getting off easy), we can get into David and Rhys being a couple and dealing with relationship woes.  After all the drama of getting together, it’s time to see how they deal with being together.

I’m starting to find Rhys to be a very hard character to sympathize with. I have very little patience with people who create their own misery and then sit around and whine about how unfair life is.  Like his affair with David, Rhys was the one who chose to break the law (and involved his innocent little brother), got caught and then sat around and pouted for weeks and refused to face the fallout of a problem he created while everybody else tried to help him.  I’m glad his father stepped up to keep Rhys’ garage running while Rhys may be away, even if Rhys didn’t appreciate it, at least at first.

I just hope that’s an aspect of the character that changes.  It’s really hard for me to take.  I don’t see how David, who is a far most sensible guy, deals with it.

Shortland Street  (New Zealand)

So.. is that it for Jack and Charlie?  Because that breakup was kind of lame.   Why did they break up?  It wasn’t like their relationship depended on drug use because Charlie said (and has said so in the past) that he just wanted to hang out and forget that stuff.

Or did they just want to give Jack a reason to start up with Darryl?  I mean that scene in the elevator where Charlie teased Jack about he and Darryl wanting each other was like an anvil and two scenes later Jack and Charlie are split (or so it seems) and Jack and Darryl are flirting.  So I guess that’s where we’re headed now.

As for the story, I’m not advocating drug use, but if Jack and Charlie had gotten drunk a few times and partied no one would have batted an eyelash.  I just think they made way too much of things, though I get this is a sensitive subject for Mo.  I am glad that in the end he just stood back and let things play out.  That was the right thing to do.

Overall though, this whole drug story arc was a story that threatened to go somewhere but never really did.

The Have and The Have Nots  (US)

I missed the first couple of episodes of this show’s new season, but that means nothing since it all moves so slowly.

The ‘Goddamn it” look on Jeffery’s face when the doctor said he and Melissa’s baby would live was everything.  It was the kind of realistic honesty in soap characters we never get to see.

Equally fun was the doctor’s ‘this bitch is crazy’ look on his face when Veronica was babbling about the baby.  Ha!

I thought it was funny when Kathryn said she hadn’t seen Wyatt for days, when it’s been at least a full season of the show.  LOL…  It’s time for Wyatt to be more than strung out though.  That storyline is old and played out.




  1. Totally agree. I’ve never gotten the impression that Todd 100% never wanted kids, he just wan’t sure about taking on this kid in this situation at this point in his relationship with Billy. In addition to the history with the baby he and Sarah lost (I remember a scene when Sarah was about to have her current baby and Todd getting lost in memories on how old their son would be now, what he would be like, etc.), he’s always shown a real paternal side with Bethany as well.

    That said, the young actress playing Summer isn’t wowing me, but I assume she’s the age she is because she’s going to be thrown in with Amy and Simon.

  2. The way Robert treats Aaron’s relapses into self-harm as an offense against him is reason #2342 that he shouldn’t be with Aaron. Robert’s schemes and his cheating is the primary source of the stress that leads to these relapses, and having to worry about keeping it from his fiance just makes it worse. Why does Robert treat Aaron’s relapses as worse than how Aaron treated Robert cheating on him?

    It seems inevitable that Jez and Mickey’s relationship would blow up. At some point, he’ll need to make a choice, and if he weren’t going to choose his family, he would be working to create enough distance from them to survive choosing Mickey.

    I can’t blame Alicia for not wanting to be with Ethan when he’s like this. She can’t give him the support he wants in crossing lines to pursue Scott.

  3. As far as Corrie goes, I don’t think Todd never wanted to be a dad; he was just initially pissed at having a preteen girl suddenly dumped on him and Billy in the circumstances they were. I did like how the show history was used with Sarah having miscarried she and Todd’s child in the past, which kinda led to his initial response in the first place. That was good IMO.

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