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In this week’s Gays of Our Lives….

  • Checking in on Days of Our Lives, just as the new writer is about to take over, Demois has been murdered (yay!).  But did Sonny do it?  Has he taken all that grease out of his hair?  Do Sonny and Paul ever get to kiss?   No is the answer to all those questions, I’m thinking.
  • Jack and Charlie’s relationship hits the skids on Shortland Street, but is Jack ready to move on with sexy cop Darryl?
  • Todd gets a new job with sleazy, sexy lawyer Adam Barlow on Coronation Street, all to help poor orphaned Summer.  Todd vows to keep his hands clean, but Adam may not make that so easy.
  • As Rhys faces prison on Rownd a Rownd, David has a surprise that gives Rhys hope for their future.
  • Hot fashion designer Jakob Fine is back on Nashville.   And he’s looking to stir up trouble for Will and Zach by exposing one of Zach’s secrets.
  • Jeffery finds out he’s still a baby daddy on The Haves and The Have Nots.  And he’s not happy about it!

All this and much, much more!


Casualty  (U.K.)

So Jez is going to be the one to turn Scott in?  That won’t go well.   Clearly the truth will come out.  Will Mickey dump Scott over his betrayal?  Or will Mickey suffer the consequences from what Jez has done *and* the reveal of his affair with Jez?  Mickey is truly afraid his brother would kill him if he knew the truth.   This is going to end badly of course.  

I know Mickey’s stint on the show is winding down, I just hope it doesn’t end up with Mickey dead.   Whatever happens, Mickey and Jez won’t have a happy ending.  Mickey is a minor character on a limited run so one way or another, it’s going to be over very soon.  But no dead gays please.  

I do wish this story had been more about Jez and Mickey’s relationship instead of all the other storylines surrounding it and we’d seen more of them.  

As for Ethan and Alicia, Ethan might be a little obsessed, but his brother was brutally murdered and the killer did get away with it.  Most people wouldn’t and couldn’t just let it go.  I don’t think Alicia is being very understanding giving him ultimatums.  If she really loved him, she’d be a lot more supportive than she has been, if only to be there for him when it all blows up in his face.  Sometimes, that’s the best thing you can do for a person you know is headed for a fall.

Coronation Street  (U.K.)

The show is, frankly, being super manipulative with Todd’s sudden turn on a dime about Summer.  It would be much more interesting if Todd hadn’t budged about being a father, but we couldn’t have a gay man who doesn’t want kids, period, could we?

And I don’t want to pick on a kid, but that girl playing Summer is a bland little thing who has no screen presence.  It’s only going to make it more awful watching a story centered on her.

Todd had no way to get Summer’s address other than to enter a business deal with Adam?  So contrived.  There’s a dozen ways he could have learned the girl’s address.  The church would have had it since they hosted Drew’s funeral, right?   He could have gotten it from there.

I mean I want Adam and Todd to work together, but the way of doing it completely stupid.  That said, Adam is so hot.  I’d love for he and Todd to have an affair.  It’ll never happen, but they’ve got chemistry and it would be a fun story.  Oh well….

And why isn’t Todd telling Billy about Summer?  I’m sure it’s being done for dramatic reasons, but it actually makes no sense.  There’s no reason for Todd not tell Billy.  More contrivances.

Days of Our Lives  (U.S.)

I haven’t watched Days in awhile, but with the new writing about to start, I figured I should get in tune with the stories.

Not much has changed.  Still awful writing.  This Demois murder is terribly done.  Sonny’s flashbacks and his ‘Oh my God’ was hilarious.  I don’t think the show was going for that.

We know Sonny or JJ didn’t do it since they both have confessed.

I still hate the Sonny the businessman story.  It’s a bad idea for Sonny and I just don’t buy this arc for the character.  And if I’m honest, Freddie Smith can’t pull it off.

Well, at least Sonny is still a fairly decent guy.  He did the right thing about the murder.  His keeping quiet would have been too far gone.

But the show has removed any sort of suspense by constantly repeating that whoever did it was drugged so they’ll never be prosecuted.  So we’ll have months of ‘drama’ with the conclusion forgone already.  Let’s hope Ron ends this story or fixes it.  Something!

Gabi’s booty looked fantastic in that blue skirt.   Camila Banus is a truly stunning young woman.  But then, since that’s what I fixated on during a dramatic scene, that tells you how entertaining this story is.

Nashville  (U.S.)

I’m not feeling Will and Zach.  They’ve never worked for me as a couple.  I don’t think they have chemistry and Zach is both boring and unlikeable.   While, Jakob is a fun character and he and Will are hot together.  Curious why the show won’t go there with them.  They are really wasting the marvelous Murray Bartlett with this throwaway character.

I agree with Will.  What Zach did was horrible and cruel.  It’s probably not the first time Zach has dumped somebody like that.  And it probably won’t be the last.


Anthony D. Langford
I watch a lot of television, probably too much. But can you really watch too much TV? I've yet to find out. Anyway, I especially love TV when they give us positive portrayals of gays, something that has gotten better but we're still fighting for. I've written about gays in television for many years first at the much missed After Elton, then New Now Next and now at TV Source. It's kind of a passion of mine and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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  1. I don’t watch The have nots, but is there 2 Justin’s on the show?

  2. Totally agree. I’ve never gotten the impression that Todd 100% never wanted kids, he just wan’t sure about taking on this kid in this situation at this point in his relationship with Billy. In addition to the history with the baby he and Sarah lost (I remember a scene when Sarah was about to have her current baby and Todd getting lost in memories on how old their son would be now, what he would be like, etc.), he’s always shown a real paternal side with Bethany as well.

    That said, the young actress playing Summer isn’t wowing me, but I assume she’s the age she is because she’s going to be thrown in with Amy and Simon.

  3. The way Robert treats Aaron’s relapses into self-harm as an offense against him is reason #2342 that he shouldn’t be with Aaron. Robert’s schemes and his cheating is the primary source of the stress that leads to these relapses, and having to worry about keeping it from his fiance just makes it worse. Why does Robert treat Aaron’s relapses as worse than how Aaron treated Robert cheating on him?

    It seems inevitable that Jez and Mickey’s relationship would blow up. At some point, he’ll need to make a choice, and if he weren’t going to choose his family, he would be working to create enough distance from them to survive choosing Mickey.

    I can’t blame Alicia for not wanting to be with Ethan when he’s like this. She can’t give him the support he wants in crossing lines to pursue Scott.

  4. As far as Corrie goes, I don’t think Todd never wanted to be a dad; he was just initially pissed at having a preteen girl suddenly dumped on him and Billy in the circumstances they were. I did like how the show history was used with Sarah having miscarried she and Todd’s child in the past, which kinda led to his initial response in the first place. That was good IMO.

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